Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post Spreadsheet Perspective

I have done some 6 hours of spreadsheet activity today, and have concluded that I, or anyone else, can be roundly mind-controlled over every minute aspect of select, copy, cut, paste, keystroking, selecting and applying fill colors, copying, merging and demerging whole cells, font changes, border changes, finding my place after looking at another spreadsheet and the rest of the Excel experience. And plenty of recall obliterations of read cell content as well. There is no end of mileage the perps get from forcing me to make mistakes, from the smallest to largest, no matter the context, the minutae of Excel to major life decisions.

I also had a noise and activity coincidences; the exact moment that I picked up a green binder (plastic), a woman burst forth from her office, the door locks making an excessive clicking noise, and she parading past in her hideous orange outfit. The background noise of the German male speaking heavily accented English was back, as were a few other individuals, and the excessive coughing and sneezing passbys. I was also rudely followed in the office; I was let in through a locked door, and this pony-tailed dude ended up instantly on my heels walking at my same fast pace, following me around the corner, still on my ass for some 30 linear feet of travel. He had to of been teleported to get on me without hearing his approach. Nothing new there, but as a volunteer to aid their laudable public activities, I am pissed off that this is how I get treated. Two days ago at the same location and doing the same activity I was subject to getting a copper colored vinyl handbag stuffed in my face. Fucking outrageous, being kept there as stalking bait, the thankless jerks.

A forced "forget" to post this last night; without any editorial review even.

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