Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cracking Joints and Other Absurdities

A phone call from my mother was cause for the perps to engage in another round of room shaking via the absurd "cause" of the front door closure 20' away. It is a noise and vibration that never happened when I first moved in, for all of September 2006. The frat house level of 2 to 5 departures a minute for 5 minutes and a distant siren noise was tossed into the sound/vibration mix. And to add insult to injury, two major cracking sounds erupted beside me when I logged into this site to record this inanity. My joints have never cracked, and if there is any noise associated with joint movement, I never feel anything. In other words, it is of no organic origin.

And an amazing happening in the night, a first; the perps woke me up for a half hour but there was no noise being made, or that "I" (read, script constrained and mind-controlled) was allowed to recall. And no moon either, something they like me to see if it is in the western sky at night.

Enough for now, in the hope that the room shaking will stop; every new activity goads them on to create another round of it, even if no supporting noises of egress occur with the front door crashing and room shaking.

And if the parade of room shaking wasn't enough, the perps have launched a round of building door slamming in the adjacent parking lot, 30' away. This door is rarely used as most vehicle drivers walk through the parking lot to the sidewalk. Anyhow, it all smacks of the perps attempting to extrapolate in-house energetics measurements and determinations to those outside.

And no reprieve from the intensity of the room shaking as my mother, who said she would come by this morning, "happened" to change the story to that of picking me up later on the way to my brother's for a New Year's Eve dinner at his place. More morphing plans without explanation, nothing new there, and why would I believe anything from that quarter when she sold me into this depravity from the get go, the number one sicko in my book. And my father is too far down the Alzheimer's road, or the facsimilie thereof, to know what is going on, save his bizzare newfound habit of standing nearby, as if he doesn't know what a chair is for, which I find hard to believe. All part of the game of cutting off sources of knowledge and empathy, which is complete. Even my nodding acquaintance level perps have been pulled from circulation, and now only the grim faced ones get any face time, save the building manager.

More noisestalking; now it is the shift for overhead clanging and clunking. This following a rare phone call from my ex about the Christmas present from our daughter of the toaster oven. I was underwhelmed which was true, and the mental script that was running, and likely planted, was that "I" percieved that this was a harbinger of more extended harassment into 2007, and that I don't give a shit about Christmas anyway as the harassment issue is number one, and everyone pretends that it isn't happening.

Another overhead clunking noise flurry while I putz on the PC reading deep dark conspiracies stories. I have become a reluctant convert this this perspective on world events, and was disinclined to even think that the 9/11 event was anything that what it seemed. However, this entire harassment changed everything and I am seeing many more technical connections than I did before. And still there are many I don't want to admit to myselff as this entire new take on my history and world history, is almost too much to accept.

Enough for 2006, and a non-harassed New Year for all the Targeted Individuals who deal with this constant and insufferable assault from the cast of the depraved perps.

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