Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gangstalk Yoga + PC Sabotage

I did my first yoga in five years, and there were about seven in the class plus the instructor. This did remind me of the two years Before Overt Harassment (BOH) when "I" (read mind-controlled me) took aerobics and cardio kick classes mostly, largely in place of the 3 hours per week swimming I was into for the 10 years before that. This is not going to give me aerobic exercise, and that is OK as the perps have constrained this for the past 4 years, After Overt Harassment Onset (AOHS). I have mentioned the futility of running and swimming in past blogs and how the perps constrained these in ways that were heretofore unknown to me, but plain and blatant.

In the case of running, they somehow caused me to be depleted in being unable to make any effort, and when being rendered into a limp rag after one block, without any medical reason, it was quite clear to me that this mindset/physical disability was being applied remotely.

In the case of swimming the perps panicked me; remotely invoked panic sensations in the pool that I had swum in for the previous ten years with a new sensation that had never occured before. And as it turned out, when I left the pool early, the 8 - 10 male gangstalking assholes that were swimming or loitering around me, came out in file like marching soldiers outside the men's change room. As it "turned out", that was my last swim because ever since then, as "I" never felt like (read, mind-controlled volition) going swimming again. (And as I typed that, the vacuum cleaner started up outside my door in the hallway, aka a "suck job" as these happen so often, e.g. street drains, mobile cleaning services, adjacent neighbors etc.)

After the above preamble and history, the yoga class seems like a return to the more aerobic classes I was taking when in Everett and Seattle, WA, USA. And this one had its own special blend of lighting that is popular with the perps. A backlit instructor with overly red hair, no room lights on, and the plasma and maser pulses that I see all the time now. All others were women, and that was likely the most salient item that I recall from the above mentioned aerobics and cardio kick classes. And I predict that the perps will filter some men into the class, then some brown skinned race members. This latter event has begun at my Qi Gong class, and again for the record, I really don't care about the racial make up of anyone, but it is only mentioned as this is a big deal for the perps and their brown color games that go on routinely everywhere I go.


In case you are wondering where I went, I had a unexpected computer failure. And in the current view of all such matters, read sabotage. All of my PC components are less that a year old, and while I haven't heard back from the repair shop, as they had it on the bench by mid 020-03-2007 (yesterday, Saturday), they somehow neglected to inform me as to what the exact problem was. I spoke with the technician before it was sent in, and the problem seemed to be a failure of the hard drive, one with the boot capability (a C: drive partition). This causes the bootup process to not be able to find the hard drives, all of them, which seemed to be the case.

Anyhow, it cannot be a coincidence that I am on my parents' PC that also "failed" earlier this week, and was retrieved on 02-02-2007 (two days ago) from the same repair location as mine. What that means for the perp objectives I don't really know, but they do like to have family members' belongings arrive and be retrieved from the same physical location.

And in the process of logging into Blogspot today (at my parents'), they forced me into the new Blogger (no choice) and I discovered nearly 100 messages/comments that I did not know of. So a very big apology to all those who sent messages as I will publish those that are legit. (There are quite a few spamming messages to get rid of, and that will be part of the exercise.) I was under the impression that the comments were going to be sent on as messages to my email, but it "so happens", that is not the case anymore. And as I have mentioned, I cannot access any blog hit counter from my version of Blogspot, and have no idea as to my readership. So, all this is quite a surprise, and is typical of what goes on. Should this TI life ever make it to book form, it will be titled, "Born Under a Black Cloud", which is true in metaphoric terms and the reference to top secret technology and its applications in trashing my life from the get-go, and those of many thousands of others, referenced in a past posting.

An update for today was that I went to the Victoria Art Gallery to see an exhibition of the so-called baroque period, which were loaned paintings from the National Gallery in Ottawa, where our tax dollars go in Canada. Anyhow, it was a total gangstalk fest, as there were at least 60 people there, circulating around me with the security staff in the center doing sentry duty, some kind of referential energy markers. And at least 20 black leather jackets which are the Number #1 gangstalking oputside apparel item. They even had couples each with a black leather jacket, hetero and homo pairs. The dumbest hat award goes to this woman in a blue fuzzy cap (Andy Cap style), and she stuck with me for at least four paintings work.

This is blog off time, and may be for a few days until the PC is repaired, and I am hoping it is a simple hard disk problem instead of a motherboard. The ideal PC case for a TI is one with a handle on top for the extensive toting that is incurred by the sicko's having a juvie moment.

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