Thursday, November 09, 2006

Laundry and Other Stalkings

Laundry activity means no major hardship; a three block walk with my gunny sack to the laundromat and hanging out in the gangstalk parade that unfolds before me, usually while reading the magazines. And they had some new ones thankfully. I had a co-laundry gangstalk that was a little different; a blonde woman brought in a large bolt of black cloth, 5' long, to be laundered on the heels of my arrival and washing machine loading. My laundry was a double load owing to sheets this week. Anyhow, she got hers started within an minute of mine, and later took the wet cloth to her next destination, not using a dryer. With all the MIB action around me, it now comes down to LIB, Laundry In Black; meaning a proximate load of a single black colored fabric at about the same start time and running the same duration as mine. Not a big deal as the entire gangstalk action goes, and she did make at least two circuits of the laundromat before getting her completed load from the washing machine.

There were the men in grey hair gangstalkers; one with a pony tail, another perp obsession, and a strange woman about 60 years old, pretending to not know what social distance was, just "happened" to come in and drop off a magazine within 6" of me, and then pulls the "sorry, dear" as explanation for the "inadvertent" social gaffe. She had no laundry to do and came only to gangstalk.

And the adjacent parking lot was full of their red, white, black and grey vehicle clustering games, with at least 10 or more cruising or stopping in front while I was seated in the laundromat. This was to continue their game of placing one colored object or person in front of another, or color stacking as it seems.

Normally, laundry gets cleaner when I get it back, but not entirely this time. Some kind of faux blood flecks arrived on my sheets that weren't there this morning when I put them in, and it should be clear that these spatter marks would never occur should I have bled in bed, which I didn't.

Some strange plasma games are going on in front of this LCD panel as I type, a bright buff color is floating, as if it came from the LCD bezel, and then it develops an arc in it. Plus myriad red plasma beams are shooting the length of my keyboard as I type this, in and out of my fingers. This is not the hot plasma one associates with welding, but seems to be an outcome of this highly magnetized field that I am being kept in. That has been measured in the past to be >200 Gauss, and it could well be 1000 times that now, as one can see by looking at me there is a vibratory nature to my appearence and surrounding objects. And maser "floaters" are also apparent in most places I go, and all this is relatively normal and not of great concern as it doesn't have the directed enragement objective the perps often use to get me cranked up.

Other examples of like kind are the "arrival' of olive oil on the clean fry pan, usually overnight, and it is dripping from the pan and handle, being hung up on a cup hook. Or at least it has the look of olive oil, though I have never tested it. Past games of dumping olive oil below the burner of the hot plate, and when I finally cleaned it up, it had a rubbery and sticky nature to it that suggested something else. What, I don't know, as I have no such like substance in my single room.

I see that I got flamed again on the MCActivism group on Yahoo; it is simply amazing that the number of times I write something that is purely informational and I get this kind of response from someone I expect to be reasonably measured. In the past I have had others defending me even. If you read the Mr. Matthews and the Air Loom speculations blog, that covers the contents. Anyhow, nothing new in the TI's life, just more orchestrated inanity. In saying that, it may well be that I am being kept in an entirely managed "intranet bubble", and the real author did not write that, only it has the appearence of it. More "who knows" from the netherworld of the Potemkin life that I lead, and not by choice.

Two other emails on related topics were positive, and it may well be that this was some kind of test; one crap-upon email (from a male TI) and two appreciative emails (both from women TI's) on other topics. Anyhow, nothing is what it seem is the usual rule, and only in hindsight will I have a better understanding.

More PC internet surfing time, and I have found out that my phone doesn't work when buttons are pressed to respond to menu commands. This is discovered when my pharmacy switches over to menu system from a personal response. That and the dysfunctional voice mail which "I" have somehow neglected to attend to has meant that the phone follies of the past months are not yet over. What the attraction is to the perps besides annoyance I don't know, but it fits the pattern.

And more silliness; when the front door is slammed in this rooming house, the coins in my pockets simutaneously "slip". The latter is a long running game anytime I sit down; I can always count on this happening at least once, if not more. As the incidence of these coincidences continues, there are less people in my circle who want to hear about them. More of the orchestrated "go-quiet" act that applies to all communications as well as the noisescape in its cycles. And yesterday, even with the window open, the perps had the heat cranked up to the level that it served as their cover story for my PC mouse hand to develop sweat on it for some hours, quite a feat at this time of year. And today with the outside temperature getting cooler, the room heat has dropped off considerably. I wonder if they are due to repeat the Halloween experience where they created a reason to keep the window open (dumping plumbing water on the floor) and chilling down the room for the night.

The perps have a temperature angle to the harassment activity; they will have gangstalkers posted at the coolers who will move toward me in a measured way, and my mother gets in on the act with a bogus trip to the freezer ask a question about a switch, requiring a visit, before we set off.

And plenty of runny noses now, not just at my room when handling brown food anymore but also out in public and especially the laundry. And there is usually some kleenex nearby, one of the very favored environmental setups I came to learn very early on. And I don't have a cold or any other possible condition that could be the cause, especially when the coincidence with coffee, chocolate and tea is so high. The runny nose annoyance is also applied to anytime I am handling olive oil; pouring, cleaning etc. often with explicit concurent noisestalking; e.g. people shouting, vehicle horns, loud mufflered vehicles, aircraft noise etc. The perps yanked the olive oil off the fridge again, this time I was allowed to see it in time and catch it before it fell to the ground. More banality.

Another on/off harassment is to seize up my right hand function only when reaching for and holding the dishsoap bottle. I always buy the same color and make of dishes detergent, and yet the perps have sometimes done this for weeks on end. I am only allowed to barely grasp it and any manipulation is highly impaired as well. They started it up again yesterday for the last of the old bottle, and they haven't yet needed to apply this situational impairment of right hand function to the new bottle of dishes detergent. But they have also taken to slopping around detergent; it somehow appears outside the bottle splattered onto clean dishes. At least 6 times per day I clean up this juvenile jerkaround. Again, no ostensible cause as to how some got outside of the bottle.

A rare nightime grocery shopping outing. And eight to twelve ambulatory gangstalkers at each intersection about 10x more than normal. The grey or white haired men in red raincoats again, a particular combination the perps like to put on me. Also a red hatted operative hanging about at the pinch point in the aisle where I needed to get peanut butter, and then he got to the tortillas ahead of me and hung around there in advance of me picking some up.

It was the usual furtive mindset of "wanting" to get out of there, and I have no choice in how I react to the red hatted or red cloaked brigade that expressly wander into my path or loiter in advance of where I am headed.

Currently and idling diesel truck is parked beside this rooming house, and it is the third instance today. Opposite my parents' place when I am there, the neighbor idles his diesel truck for 20 minutes or more, and then shuts it down again. There is some kind of extra assay opportunity the perps ascribe to diesel engines as they use them frequently, and not only as a cover story for shooting their stinking exhaust smells up my nose.

More knee torquing torture tonight; and to no surpise, the there are noises added to accompany the discomfort that stop when they release my knee for another cycle. I am being rendered down into a indolent grumpy state, so I will call this a posting for today.

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