Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vision Impairment Assault

Each day brings a variation of what has preceded before, and today so far, the has been this veil of maser tracks; greyish wispy objects that cover my field of view, and move in a coordinated fashion. Then there are some kind of eye perturbations forcing me to blink often to clear them. And last, but not least, there are the fuzzy grey balls that flit about, often in paired formations. That is the maser lineup, then there are the ubiquitous full time plasma beams replicating a retinal burns with ghosting of images on the LCD panel as I click through web pages. And the in-my-face plasma beams that occur without any ostensible cause, especially those over the keyboard. All of these have been seen in a mirror at one time or another, so it is not an organic problem.

More interesting associations as to words I read and a simutaneous overhead pounding, proximate coughing eruption and/or next door bathroom activity, all transient noises coordinated with what I read or say (usually cursing at the mind-control intrusions like constant typos that never ever occured in this frequency before the sickos unloaded on me). In the noisestalking vocabulary are the terms: impeachment, army, federalists, war, police and some more I cannot recall.

And many more to come. Sometimes pictures of celebrities get noisestalked as well, especially those who I am only marginally interested in. Naturally, blonde photogenic women get more noisestalked as I see their pictures on web pages.

Onto my parent's place tonight for a Feral Family Gangstalk.

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