Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Noise Flurries and All-Quiets

It is a pre-mealtime noise flurry; the hallway bonhomie and cell phoning operatives are pacing the length of the hallway, the concentrated periods of building egress continue as if a frat house is emptying for a class, the next door bathroom door and seat slammings, the coughing and hacking in the hallway that erupts outside my room, the front door slammings and strange consequence of shaking this room, and then there are the outside noises in concert. Often simutaneously or serially; errant vehicle beepings, perforated muffler noise, coffee time natterers outside in the adjacent parking lot, aircraft noise when there is no assigned flight path over this area of the city, sirens, higher pitched than normal seagulls (as if being strangled), vehicular egress as if in a gravel parking lot when it is paved, the vehicle door closures that all sound the same now when they didn't when I first moved in and so it goes. Then there are all-quiet times, when adjacent streets and thoroughfares don't have any noise, this rooming house goes quiet, and very few sounds are permitted to be heard/or created. Today, while shaving, the all-quiet order went out; the reasons could be the combination of a new blade and a just laundered face cloth as the excitement factor of the perps. I don't go too deep (or else I am governed not to be) on the reasons, I note the coincident events and ponder if they may be significant.

An appointment with my case counsellor is scheduled for later today; no doubt that will be a big gangstalk event with the perps having contained me inside for the day until then.

Dental fuckery has erupted; my gums are going red and are sore, this one week after my teeth being cleaned by a hygeinist, which doesn't add up. Theoretically, they would be sore prior to being cleaned, and any infections would be relieved by the cleaning. This time, it "happens" in reverse, which tells me that perhaps another visit to the dentist is scripted for me. The perps seem to have a hangup about me going to visit the female dentist, even though she wasn't there last week as I was scheduled for the hygeinist only.

This entire dentist and gender fixation the perps have does make me wonder about the fate of my former male dentist at that very same office who had to retire early because of back problems. No doubt he was aiding the perps on a covert basis prior to 1999 when I moved to Everett, Wa, but he was always professional and a fun guy. I took on a new dentist in Everett, and while there his back pain came on and he sold his practice to the now current female dentist.

When I returned to Victoria in 2003, I went back to the same practice and made an appointment. I was comfortable with her abilities and professional manner, so I continued to go there. There isn't anything of my history that I can be sure about as to whether it has being arranged or not, so I won't make a call as to the deeper possibilities of my dentist's gender being arranged by design.

My appointment to see my case counsellor began 30 minutes late, and that is at least the third time in three years that I have had extended waits there while the parade of color coordinated gangstalkers goes by. They even put an East Indian pretend head case that looked supiciously like the one in the laundromat yesterday, save skin color. This is consistent with their practice of making small changes to their extant gangstalkers and see if I notice. On the way to the bus stop, Mr. Passport Tosser "happened" to be walking in the opposite direction in a red shirt and a white ball cap, the "in garment" for male gangstalkers. This is his seventh appearence as a gangstalker; today he looked respectible and hadn't the do-rag stupidity on his head as he did for two stalkings in the same day.

And I am beginning to wonder if the white hat head wear act isn't part of a graduated exercise in the perps conditioning me to like white head hair, per the past traumatizations that they have taken on to remediate without my permission. They have tried to back light natural white head hair on their gangstalkers, and thereby reduce the contrast and image assimilation, but with the white hatted gangstalker operative in the hallway last week, who sat there waiting for my entry and exit from the bathroom, the perps may have taken on a new method to detect the responsible neural correlates for my white hair loathing. And the profusion of grey haired males gangstalking downtown when I was there with my mother two days ago (11-20-2006), also makes me suspicious that they are also attempting a grey to white hair transition/acclimatization in this respect. If I don't like white hair, why the fuck can't I be left alone in my long distant traumatizations as it is causing no harm to anyone? Why are there 100's of ambulatory male gangstalkers swarming about me with their best grey and white hairdos plus hats on any given visit to a pedestrian areas of this city?

There are more grey gangstalking vehicles in the adjacent parking lot, one has been under my window since noon and is still there presently.

The case counsellor appointment wasn't a big deal; no one is going to bust me out of this cell because it offers so much more harassment opportunity. The hallway stalkings, noise and vibration, the bathroom visitations next door, and the rest of the noise and ganstalker activity (detailed above) are too good to give up. I am quite positive that the perps are making big progress while I am confined here. The proof is in the brown test; there are many more gangstalkers and vehicles that are brown nowadays when it was a once per outing event. And more than likely, they are building this up with more brown skin exposures as well.

And the perps put an operative right on the tail of my case counsellor when walking from the waiting area to the consult room. I suppose it was better her than me, because I would of gone orbital. This after waiting a half hour suggests that the perps are sucking wind and knowing how my energetics change when transitioning from one location to another. They also put a female gangstalker following me when I was walking back with my groceries, and as I got further ahead of her, the noise of her boots on the pavement did not diminish any, but kept the same volume. This is what they are doing to vehicle door closures now, they are nearly always indentical in volume and frequency combination.

And my case counsellor's habits in the consult were straight out of my mother's perp training instruction; her hand over her face on various poses, then an odd tilted head pose that for some reason caused some kind of impaired visual cognition, so I shifted my head to rid myself of this, and then she moved her head right away.

Then they had four operatives on me at the bus stop when returning from my appointment; the pacing back and forth dudes are giveaways (especially when going downtown at 1800h), and one looked very much like the dude that got off the bus at my stop some 70 minutes before. This would make it the third time on this route that one of my off-the-same-stop gangstalkers "happened" to be taking the same bus back as I was.

Yet again, I found myself to be stuttering and stammering and at a loss to formulate the word choice that I typically have. These must be test sessions where they are running me 100% and then the perps learn from me as to what was going wrong. Word retrieval impairments of this nature have a long history of "happening" only at that hospital, as an out or in patient. It is very curious as to why that happens there each time.

Enough to call this a blog, as I am getting dithered in making corrections.

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