Saturday, November 25, 2006

Recall Depletion

I read a piece on about Britany Spears' divorce filing. I had read it a week before and subsequently the perps removed the purple colored link annotation signifying a previously visited web page, and set it back to blue. This is on top of all my visited links color returned to blue when they pulled when the PC takedown stunt over September and October. (The motherboard, memory and CPU all replaced). But that isn't my gripe, either by degree or in total because it happens frequently. What they did today was blank me out (dynamic cognitive impairment) in reading the above web page for the second time so that "I" kept reading as if "I" didn't know who Ms.Spears was. And so "I", in the mind-controlled and fucked with sense, was kept reading, not allowed to make any of the normal associations and context development. This is a new level of situational cluelessness being applied dynamically unless anyone else can offer a reason for 1) not remembering that I read this before (which I would of), and 2) not making any recall and association with the event and in reading the name of Ms. Spears (which I did before).

This is fucking outrageous and just another example of the intense minute by minute intrusion that goes on, with an agency that uses other's minds as a playground for these vile exercises in trashing their target's lives constantly. Fucking sick and depraved.

Another dull day unfolds where a slow motivation slump comes on in the afternoon, and is then trumped by an onset of rain. So.. a shut-in day replete with the noise flurries and parking lot egress flushes that go on. The perps got daring and put a mid-red 4 door vehicle in the #2 closest adjacent parking lot location, but parked their very favorite silver-grey pickup and factory canopy S-10 in front of it, effectively blocking egress (without benefit of an assigned stall), and adding to the suggestion that these vehicles are ordered and configured by design all day and night.

And more mind-fuck blank-out examples, though at least 20 or more go on each day related to some task that I am doing. This one is a daily regular in some form; they blank me out as to what I am headed for while continuing to walk toward the item, and then "wake me up" (make me aware) when I am within reach of the item. Another variant is to mind control me to start walking without me having a clue as to what I am headed for, and then "enlighten" me when I get there. It is fucking obscene to be invaded like this.

And the overhead pounding and squeaking is on while I type this, it "arrived" for tea and chocolate this afternoon, and has stayed overhead, noisestalking specific words as I type, or thoughts if ungoverned. More obscenity. This is addition to the noisescape of diesel vehicles arriving in the adjacent parking lot and idling their engines, constant thumping of vehicle doors from outside, the hallway coughing always outside my door, the extended floor squeaking in the same context, and the next door bathroom use that erupts into protracted serial events. There are other noises as part of the sound mix, but the overhead pounding is the most annoying as it must be accompanied by a mild zapping that immediately unsettles me more than any noise itself of that volume would cause.

And the pit lamping continues to increase; this is the case of vehicles that "happen" to train their lights on one. Some five vehicles with headlight and tailights on came to "arrive" in the adjacent parking lot while I was standing up at the sink doing the dishes for tea. They are really jumping on me if and when I eat chocolate, especially now that they choked the supply down to be that containing hazel nuts which is a cover story for increased eating noise even if not moving my jaws. They are that desperate to violate their own credo of having a cover story.

And there is decidedly more streetside silliness going on outside; a navy blue vehicle arrives in the entrance of the adjacent parking lot, pit lamping me, then backs up the way it came in mid street, then backs up too far, and then drives forward through the streetside parallel parking area (through three stalls) and takes the east most parking stall. It stays there all of two minutes and departs, and then within 10 seconds, a silver grey and a deep metallic red vehicles arrive in file, driving through the same parallel parking area to park over top of the first vehicle's former location. And all this was while I was at the counter, the few minutes of the day I am there, and very likely intended for me to see this inanity and possibly write is up for all the typo sabotage and noisestalking that erupted while attempting to describe this.

Such is my life; describing the organized inanity of the vehicular back and forthing outside. Imagine what I don't see, though the perps did let me in on it once, likely by design. My parents dropped me off at a bus stop, and there were at least 100 vehicles for the next 20 minutes involved in trailing them, going by my knowledge of the residential neighborhood.

The ceiling pounding is going on, ever since it erupted for the first time today mid-afternoon, timed for tea and chocolate. It has been tracking my eating (brown tortillas, reheated from lunch time), the fixing of the myriad typos that continue to plague me, web site choices and displays, uncontrolled thoughts (by them), and selection of cut and paste blocks. It is driving me scatty because it has a zap that is simutaneously added in, or else the perps are mind-controlling me to be substantially more reactive than I ever am. Either way, I am getting extremely pissed at them and all the assholes who abet their depravity.

The hallway and next door bathroom activity has increased at the same time, so this is at least a three front noise and vibration assault. They even put on the glass bashing act in the hallway, and no cover story to go with it. Someone bashing two vessels of glass together as they went by. Fucking idiotic.

The perps pulled a rain for this evening, and that is at least a cause for road traffic noise to make the characteristic swishing sound as it goes by, very possibly enhanced for greater volume before it reaches my ears.

I was reading about the COINTELPRO activities of the FBI in the 1960's and was reminded as to how invasive the FBI were in chasing down their supposed "radicals", never mind killing a few along the way. This is not intended to be a brag, but that level of surveillance was nothing like this, where every move, thought and utterance is under the purview, of not the direct control of the Black Operations assholes. (The perps begin overhead pounding and ringing the church bells as I type this). Any surveillance is an outrage, but this most of all, I suspect most wouldn't believe this, unless they were involved in it.

And make no mistake, for those who are abetting this travesty do not appear to have read this blog and nor have they read my story, on paper or online. They uniformly fabricate excuses and never indicate that they have read this in any detail. (My case counsellor being an example; I said, if you want to know about me, read my blog. She hasn't yet, now 8 weeks). That should be strange enough, except that all the visitation statistics are stripped from my version of this site, and I never get to see them, assuming I that they would be accurate, and not spoofed.

Every minute I am on this computer the perps are running processes I cannot delete, flashing plasma "ghosting" images, firing some kind of bright white light emanations at me, floating masers at me, corrupting my intentions of selecting specific sites, pounding and zapping me at every mouse click, and none of this intrusion is legal in any way. What to the police do? Why they are tapped into the perp's information system, which I know from the swim club member who was bragging about this (but not the reasons why), and parade their vehicles about in the vehicular gangstalk formations that are ubiquitous everywhere I walk.

1950h -And what follows is a situational highlights reportage of how my evening of harassment progressed.

More overhead pounding, exactly when I was reading the word "Nazi" -a noisestalking word that I didn't know about before.

The coincident coughing act is still playing; just like my last apartment, the "neighbors" never seem to get well.

More glass bashing in the hallway; no cover story has evolved. And again (2030h)

And a crashing noise in the hallway with a simutaneous zapping. This zapping is an extreme piss off.

And a well timed stunt; just as I was clicking on a link, the hallway squeaking started up and the perps zapped me again. I am getted extremely pissed at being zapped tonight and don't appreciate this depraved intrusion one bit. Go fuck your own kind, I have been fucked enough; 52 years of this. Though it seems that other noises and the hallway location have assumed the role of being coincident with zapping as the overhead clunking, squeaking and zapping combination has ended. 2140h

Shooting ass pains are now upon me; this has been a recent torture innovation, thankfully they are transitory. They may be attempts to replay their games of 50 years ago when I was toilet training, and they set up a stunt that has given them grievious problems and may have begun the entire brown problem they created for themselves when torturing children (me).

And paired maser zingers are consistently coming at me in a sweeping arc, each originating either side of the Bookmarks Manager search box as I delete the name of a movie that I was searching for. This has happened over 50 times tonight, these fuzzy grey balls that fly at me from the LCD panel in formation and disappear inside a second, somewhere in front of my face.

The street singer is at it again as I was meant to overhear; this is her fourth "show", the last one while directly walking at me and putting on the oblivious act. Fucking tiresome; time to blog off.

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