Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daily Detritus

The perps got me enraged during breakfast preparations, not usually the case, as they have normally reserved this for making tortillas, my lunch and dinner staple, now everyday for four years. But instead they began routine fucking by way of mind control, and then they let me in on it afterward, and then direct the rage reaction. Even the order in which I get the coffee prepared ahead of the toast (kettle is still boiling) get turned around. The same affronts have not begat this rage reaction since its sudden behavioral shutdown in July, save some exceptions noted in this blog which does attempt to faithfully track trends so readers can make their own determination.

The usual noisescape this morning, building up and then the all-quiet order goes out, though some selected single noise source gets added in. Currrently it is the coffee break natterers in the adjacent parking lot, even if the stairs are wet, and more rain is threatening.

More deep red color games too; plasma flashing, on-line flickering advertisements, and the deep metallic red pickup with the chrome tailgate has arrived in the #2 closest gangstalk stall. They have been using this one off and on, and have now placed a large sheet of plastic over the box to either block some of the red color, or to add a plastic "component" to the red color from underneath it. This fits the pattern of their peekaboo games of placing objects in front of another, and then moving them apart, and often repeating this cycle. Yesterday while driving my mother's light brown Ford Escape, they were at it again where a very tight cluster of three vehicles in file, bumper to bumper and in front of me, took advantage of the slower spped school zone, and then some, by having the center red colored vehicle weave laterally to expose the other colors, deep green and silver grey.

Some red onion skins in the garbage "somehow" arrived on the carpet overnight, necessitating more handling of this substance, the next day at a different time. There are significant efforts made to repeat these "experiences" again, usually the next day, and it would seem that magically delivering these substances, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, no longer needs a cover story to fool whoever it is they think is absent-mindedly overlooking them, and their venal hijinx. That I cannot figure out; so much of the harassment is becoming plain blatant, and yet they continue to a certain level of cover story maintenance, and then somehow decide that their games don't require such covertness after all.

The current introduced noise is male banter, which often follows female chatting that I get to hear via the open window. Should I take any sound limiting measures like wearing earmuffs and closing the window, the sound is somehow increased so I hear it all the same. More of the noisescape sounds have no ostensible cover story; aircraft noise that goes on for >20 minutes without variation is a new one, but not all that surprising for how often it is used in the "passing by" mode when in fact, there is no commercial flight path overhead.

More absurdity comes from the train whistles and ship whistles that are increasing in volume and exhibit acute timing; in the latter case, the whistle sounded as I exited my room to go to the shower, and two "residents" also "happened" to be passing by in the hallway at that same instant. Plus they must of given me a minor zapping at that moment, as there was some kind of simutaneous undue physical discomfort applied. And to be clear, this location is at least a mile from any floatplane or deep water harbor, and is further away, and yet the sounds increased in volume when I moved here over the last location. And for those not familiar with this city, it is not a significant terminus for either transportation, both being tourism related. More of go figure.

Text jumping while reading the online news is also playing big; as I begin to read the article, the text gets re-configured, jumps a few lines up or down, or even some kind of plasmic interference with reading is applied. This is a case of continuing last night's reading obstruction, where an overnight arrival of spatter on my glasses became the "reason" for undue amounts of light reflecting off it. Since I cleaned my glasses this morning, another highly governed activity, so the perps decided to apply this same kind of fuckery directly from the LCD panel instead.

More weirdness "erupts" should I type an often used word, some of which are above; a dynamically applied and momentary disassociation is applied, which suggests temporal lobe de-energization. Nothing new there, save the selectivity and deliberate targetting of specific vocabulary, especially frequently used terms used in my journalling to describe the details of this most consistent and pervasive venality.

And the loud muffler vehicle show is continuing; more vehicles, perhaps now 10%, have loud mufflers and they also have reverted to only the "perforated" (rusted out) variation. The other variant, the loud performance mufller noise has almost disappeared from the noisescape since Sunday night/Monday morning. They introduced me to this by keeping me awake for some three hours in Sunday night, and about every half hour, another perforated lund mufflered vehicle noise could be heard through the open window. This was at my parent's place, and it was no surprise this same sound went on for the entire day yesteday. It suggests some kind of deep neural sound mapping is being applied, from one physical location and sunlight level (none), to this room/cell for the entire day, albeit with plenty of clud cover and rain. This, in conjunction with a change to a single variant of the loud muffler noise, suggests that more selectivity is being applied to noise and correlated neural responses that they monitor in real time. Or at least, that is my take on it, and there hasn't been any substantive clinical explanation from any of the shills and quislings to suggest an alternate explanation.

Yesterday's brief shopping stopover with my mother to local photofinishers also spells out the importance of specific light sources to the perps. My mother put on this colossal dither show about losing the photos she took with her in the vehicle, delaying the entire getting-out-of the-vehicle exercise by three minutes, all the while a parked light brown car was in front, sitting there with its lights on, and the gangstalker/driver in the vehicle, seemingly doing nothing. Then when my mother finally gets her act together, and I retrieve the photos that had mysteriously dropped out of her purse, the brown vehicle driver gets out of her vehicle in front of us, with a 5 gallon plastic carboy vessel that was brought across her lap, as if it had been sitting there. Then my mother dithers some more at the stairwell under the sodium arc lamp, putting the photos away in her purse. And to no surprise, there was a sodium arc lamp trained on my last residence location 24/7, and there is one here at night time only. And there are some unique properties about this light source, though exactly what they are has been fucked out of mind, as in a direct mind-controlled memory lapse, though the Tom Bearden site has a reference somewhere in it. I am not allowed to do science in any depth I have come to learn, and if I attempt to, poof, out it goes from recall. And that has been life long running sabotage in the guise of a learning difficulty, all wrapped under the over-arching condition of Attention Deficit Disorder, for which I have a world class level definitive diagnosis for by way of SPECT scan. And in retrospect, I am quite sure that also fed the perps' harassment and covert experimentation objectives, having been on the heels of a totally unnecessary MRI scan directed by my GP at the time. With all that brain study, and these sickos behind it, I cannot see getting out of this purgatory anytime soon. They have way too much invested, never mind the machinations that have gone on to train and maintain the legions of shills and operatives, never mind the strange irradiation that can be seen anywhere here. Or at least in my proximity, and within a radius of >30 miles, all the way to the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

As I type up a digest of my story, another noisestalking flurry has begun and some kind of zapping was applied to my head.Simutaneously, the overhead clunking and stomping started up. So it would seem that some party wants to know how I recall that episode of assault, though intensive, has still persisted in other forms to this day.

The perps have twice put me to sleep momentarily while sitting in front of this LCD panel. these sudden and unexpected sleep onsets are another since BOH event. And they add in the moving text fields and blocks while they have me in this incognizant state. Plus their game of placing a large >3' brown plasma field in my left side peripherial vision was added to the games while keeping me comatose. These was a pre and post dinner event, and it would seem they are attempting to make some comparative tests.

I had an appointment with my case worker today; more applications for subsidized housing and/or rent. She mentioned something about "needing a place for a while", which could be code for more continued harassment much like I figured. Not until the US leaves Iraq will I know that the harassment operation is over. And I believe that I lamented in an earlier blog that it would be a three year continuation. And one my ask, what does that imbroglio in Iraq have to do with my covert harassment by unusual means?

I have mentioned that there are a significant number of other objectives besides total mind control, as these assholes aren't about to let past incompetance get in their way. And one very consistent topic that is noisestalked is anything to do with war, armed conflict etc. Ditto on the topic of guns, and even my daughter gets hooked into overhearing a gun story while at high school, and then called into the police station to tell them about it. (Empty boasting as it turned out). Anytime I read or view related war/gun pictures, the perps are on me with their noise games, or even worse, enragement games, e.g. extensive typos by remotely applied means or other physical jerkarounds; e.g. a sudden runny nose, sneezing or coughing for no reason. My extension of that theory is that there must be some "psi energies" that they are seeking to find and thereby apply to anyone who is considering such a proposition, i.e. leaders of state, gun owners etc. Just my theory to deal with these improbable coincidences. It is fucking depressing to say the least, but with their significant covert investment in me and the rest of this venality (mentioned above), I cannot see these sickos stopping to let me go free.

It was violet color day on the bus; three women with the same color of violet clothing; one with smaller panels and black, another in a windbreaker, and another with a pack. The one with the violet colored wind breaker didn't take a seat on the bus when there was plenty. Instead, she slowly moved down the length of the bus closer to me, back facing me all the time, and then hung around the rear exit 8' away. And lo, if she didn't get off at the same stop, as well as a second violet color garmented gangstalker. And when headed back, the violet windbreaker wearing one shows up again opposite the bus stop. One of the three got on and off at the same bus stops as I did, and the same thing happened on the way home, another fellow traveller dogging me at the same bus stops.

Plus the perps are putting another two or more gangstalkers on the sidewalk as I get off of the bus; outbound they had five ahead of me, and at least three behind me headed the opposite direction. When inbound, there was another bus unloading, and at least three "joined me" in walking ahead or behind me. Never mind how implausible it was to have that many bus travellers on a reverse commute at commute hours. These fuckers are in this way to deep to let me off anytime soon, no matter yesterday's demands. Time to post, as today's enforced typos have been infuriating enough.

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