Thursday, November 30, 2006

Slush Time

I had an appointment with my case counsellor earlier today; an opportunity for the gangstalking community to run their latest combination and permutations of colors, orientation, objects etc. on me, as well as the object/person in front or behind another object/person or "stacking" games. And the lulus were out again; someone toting a seeming ski bag broadside for three blocks on the opposite side of the road, in parallel. Another with an umbrella when there is no hint of precipitation out. A plastic-bag person act chose to run with his bags, one in each hand for 30' toward me on the only section of narrow sidewalk that was clear of snow and ice. On a day when everyone is bundled up, the perps put a black male gangstalker 60' away in a light blue business shirt with black colored pants and no coat. And I had six males of working age around me on the bus when outbound, with the skinhead and over-sized ones getting representation as well as the nit with his arms splayed out Christ-like (horizontally) on the nearby bench seat at the back. They also like to do back flexing and stretching, back twisting, and the ubiquitous coordinated coughing act. They also do ear touches, nose touches, and sit with their legs wide apart, as if ready to give birth, even if males. Fucking absurd.

The appointment was all about finding another place, not one of my favorite topics as I am so pissed with the perps that hang about me all the time and the rest of this infernal torment, that moving is secondary. All that tells me is that the perps have more long range plans for me, and want to back test all the games and scenarios they have invested in for over 4.5 years, never mind the ones before that. This is fucking depressing to say the least. Again, the perps had me misfiring on pronouncing normal usage words when there, and it happens at no other time.

The perps got the brown out in a marked flush of clothing and headwear color, and deep browns even, not just on blondes, but male gangstalkers hard on my tail, the least liked scenario going. And they also allowed me to visit one of my old haunts, the Jubilee Pharmacy where they were all over me, at least three around me as I picked through the chocolate and marzipan; some for me, and some for my daughter as stocking stuffers. It did attract two blonde women gangstalkers who made a point of jaywalking to the opposite side of the road from where I was waiting for the bus.

With a white plastic bag of brown chocolate in hand, they perps had me covered at the bus stop with six gangstalkers, plus three getting off who joined the fray temporarily (it would be unusual for anyone to get off there), and more throngs on the bus, with a space case beside me who made sure to expose his arm by idiotically hanging on the the vertical bar in front of him. When getting off the perps just about threw me onto the bus floor, when I was avoiding the in-aisle coats and other projections. When I was outbound, the perps planted a paper coffee cup on the floor of the bus and had me kick it twice while headed for the back of the bus, and naturally brown coffee sprayed out from it. That would be another first in my life; a coffee cup lying on the bus' floor, never mind controlling me in "managing" to kick it twice especially when I had every intention of not repeating the event for the second time. Fucking obscene that I cannot be left alone to get on a bus, never mind the thug show planted around me.

Tea and chocolate time is finished, and a scarlet red vehicle came to join me, parked underneath my window, and to hell with the visible painted lines (stalls) in the parking lot. Maybe it is because I am wearing a yellow green shirt today, as this color does bring out the more blatant stunts and feints that "happen" around me. The chocolate was the Porta brand, $1 per 100g for Euro chocolate, which is a good price. But lo, if the perps haven't changed the content and taste since I first bought it, and now it has all the attributes of Cadbury's junk chocolate. And of course I wasn't allowed to remember that at the time of acquisition, so "I" loaded up, and am now reminded of its new found inferiority.

More perception fuckery has been going on to get me enraged. They started this in the morning, and like to do this immediately before and after meals. Even the most basic actions get fucked with; the perps plant the notion to turn the tap off when it is already off, and allow me to catch the error halfway there. Then ditto on turning the PC on; another attempt by way of mind fucking to turn the computer on when it was already on. These stunts are so exasperating and began some time in early 2005 when they were able to manufacture and plant perceptions without me being able to correct the error. And in late 2004 they were able to take over and subvert my monitoring of what I was doing; ever since then I have not been able to stop myself from making these (above) erroneous actions. Put that in the clinical camp and explain it. This kind of abuse is fucking obscene, and yet they don't stop, and have learned it by fucking me over and enraging me with their stunts. Thankless cowards, the lot.

It is back to the ambient coughing and hacking as I type, and the trail of the gangstalkers going up the stairs 12' outside my window. This is a stairway to a night club, which has already started with a drumming noise, one of the perps favorites.

More overhead floor noises as if someone is dropping weights, and likely zapping me at the same time. It is extremely irritating and exasperating and I have no understanding why the current "tenant" upstairs engages in the identical noise making activity as the predecessor "tenant".

All that harassment noise was prompted by picking up on the perps' spoofing of web pages where they drop inconsistencies and errors; should I detect them, the noise overhead goes off, along with the zapping. The assholes are making more annoying and invasive incursions all the time, and also to keep fuelling enragement as well. It is time for these fuckers to go, as I have been violated enough. And as I write this they are shifting my feet into different position, rekindling their foot fetish of a kind.

The perps have me cranked up to be highly irritated; their game is to keep the communal coughing and hacking going, no matter if the "residents" don't seem to get better. The usual strong emanations from my LCD display are spewing forth, and the maser and plasma games are constant. They have also resorted to making a background noise of water running through the pipes, a noise game I was very familiar with at my last residence. And it so happens that it has followed me here as well.

Now the knee torquing torture has been arranged to annoy me some more; this is when they manipulate my lower leg by turning it and having the knee joint ache at a certain point. Today they are on left leg torquing and usually stick with one side per day. The hallway egress and next door bathroom noise in coincident at this time. Another fucking annoyance from the gutless assholes who keep this up from a distance and won't declare themselves. Why does this torture continue to happen?

More wall rapping noise and vibratory pounding from somewhere; this is getting so tired and sick. Now outside banter has erupted from some dudes who have gathered in the dark. The perps must be eager for right side voices to be processed in my brain.

Time to blog off; another crapped-upon day, more than I have conveyed here as "somehow" it doesn't come to mind when blogging.
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