Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Early Morning Today

The perps must of woken me up about 0600h to hear the tinkling of some wind chimes which is their latest obsession over introduced background noise. And they were sure to ring the chimes when I was changing into my clothes, one of the most consistently noisestalked events over the past 4 years.Though this was the first morning that the overhead clunking and squeaking didn't start up while I was lying awake. I was allowed to get up about 0730h and get my day started with a black vehicle gangstalk in the adjacent parking lot within 10 seconds of me being up. Just the usual.

The perps are launching more grey fuzzy ball masers, and even pulled a blatant stunt when I was relocating an object 6" away from my shaving mirror. They re-directed my hand to bang into the mirror, and then forced my attention to look into the vibrating mirror, and then while that piece of mind-control was happening, a 1/2" diameter grey fuzzy ball (maser) drifted at my face from the mirror only 12" away. There have been past bloggings on their stunts while looking in the mirror, but this one is the most overt to date.

More stunts are using the outside weather as a cover story; the towel is moving about all by itself, though with the window open by 4" to an enclosed area outside, there is a little breeze coming into the room. But not enough to cause a towel 4' from the window to move about as much as it does, but as mentioned before, the perps need to fool someone who isn't looking very close, not me. Having objects move by unconventional means is nothing new in this netherworld, it is just a matter of how much the game is played.

I have returned from the "Chicken Run", the once per three weeks to get a cooked chicken that serves as my major protien source for lunches and dinners. And it was a busy time with the gangstalkers pulling more blatant stunts. And they had prepped me of course; they pulled a "need to crap" stunt that must of emptied me, and through their games, forced a second shower of the day to clean up.

Blue was the big gangstalk color and they were trying it out from 150' away, though they also had an operative bring blue flowers for purchase to the checkout right behind me. And two other operatives entered the store, and both of them "failed" to take the entrance route, and instead, passed through the congested customer checkout line/waiting area. Fucking bizarre, one in blue, and the other in a red and black paneled anorak coat. And they do love the goretex, as it has a plastic membrane that they expect some results from.

And the operative dressed in grey behind me with the blue flowers was playing the way-to-close stunt again, while the "customer"/operative in front of me wasn't going anywhere. In total, another cluster of 10 to 15 operatives standing or perambulating around me at the checkout, and true to form, they move in real close at the moment of payment. And the customer ahead somehow was delayed, and she ended up only 10' ahead of me on the street after exiting the grocery store 5 minutes ahead of me. There is something the perps do not understand about my energetics of entering and exiting any building, and it seemed that it was the reason to pass two male operatives through the checkout customer's location. Fucking bizarre that these sickos cannot come out of the closet.

And, the demographic theme seemed to be fat men with grey hair, a combination demographic if you will, and they even went absurd on this one, putting a 280lb man on a bicycle to pass by me. And I wasn't allowed to sense how hilarious it looked until I got back. It used to be that I could pick up all their feints and gags, but now they want to limit that knowledge to themselves. As usual, and extra rush hour was added for inbound and outbound road traffic. Mr. Passport Tosser "showed up" outside the grocery store, making chums with the pseudo-vagrant outside, who has a second new coat in as many months. Mr. Passport Tosser wasn't putting on his destitute/homeless act this time, and even looked presentable in a brown leather coat, save the white ball cap, a common headware item color of late among the perps. This is the same asshole in a business suit that followed me to Seattle in 2002 on the Helijet, then again in two out of two hospital stays. Funny how he has the same career trashing as I have had in the same order and timing. That would make it his sixth appearence as a gangstalker, and very likely more in morphover form. I suspect that he is put on as a member of the "chinless" (recessed chin) demographic, something the perps like to present.

And when walking back from the grocery store, the perps put on another left-hand drive Japanese vehicle, a small commercial van in dark blue. This is the second in two days, and the fourth in two months, and if this is the bizarre lengths they are going to, it tells me they are sucking wind. That translates to a whole lot more harassment, as declaring themselves seems to be the last thing they will do.

The morning's noisestalking seemed to be more blatant than usual; the words or image of the "Queen", "dead", "green" were decidedly noisestalked (simutaneous transient noise) when reading the news on the internet, as were my mouseclicks on news stories. Typo repairs almost always get noisestalked either in my journal or online when blogging.

The perps pulled me into a 1.5 hour nap which was likely suited for the timing of it; dusk onset, just as they did last week. When I woke up, the lights had to be turned on. Not a big deal, and thankfully none of that post-nap trashed feeling they usually add when naps run longer than 40 minutes.

The wind is up and that serves as an excuse to rattle the closed window in its frame, even if absurd as to how heavy it is. But there must be some attraction for the perps to script this weather condition, and there has been a lot of storms this week. And I wish I knew what it meant in the way of future portent, but I don't.

Very soon, within a month I reckon, they will be at 100% mind control, and that accomplishment may be just another marker, or it could be the cessation of hostilities. I have remarked in this blog as to the fact that 100% mind control isn't enough, that there are other objectives that relate to some kind of "psychic" energies of words, concepts, individuals etc. and that they are pumping on those as much as they can, along with the100% mind control.

About the only things they seem to not be able to entirely manipulate are imagery that comes to mind in retrospect, a low level knowledge of their behaviors and possibly some kind of root constructs as to spatial skills. They can now screw me over in using the mouse as to direction I want to click, up or down. This might be a delayed jerkaround rather than a demo of "look at this".

A noise flurry has begun; overhead pounding, frantic to and fro traffic in the hallway, voices from the hallway and from outside, a vehicle near my window and so it goes. Add in typo sabotage, and that is plenty for this journal entry. This took place while bookmarking and re-categorizing web page links as well as any associated cut and paste activities. Small matters for gutless minds, and they never let up, as much as they make sure I know I am under a microscope for every breath I take.

My two pre-noon showers this morning gave me time to look at the latest wall drawings of the perps. They have scuffed the wall with some kind of magic substance from which masers have emanated from, some kind of metal coating I suspect. Nothing new there, except that this is a narrow space to begin with, only 2' wide between the tub and the wall, and here they "need" 4' long extra support/augmentations to further their games. It is not sporting to say the least, but none of it is fair, but there are no rules when the town is bought up.

The act of showering is another intense are of perp analysis; there are abundant grey fuzzy balls in the water stream as well as in front and behind it. And they make sure that I only introduce one new supply per week; the hair conditioner ran out when it should of been the shampoo, the reverse of the last time, with both bottles the same size and about the same quantity used each time. This is nothing new, this accelerated "usage" to meet a certain timing.

That stunt applies to food most often; they pulled a four-fer two days ago; new guacamole, red onion, cheese and finishing the tortillas up. The chicken carcass was in the same garbage bag as were the empty bottles of peanut butter and olive oil. Quite the feat of materiel use rate management, and with all that packaging in the garbage together, it was a perp's dream come true I reckon. And the rooming house manager "happened" to be taking his garbage out only two seconds ahead of me, down the hallway and outside to the dumpster and back, I was mind-controlled to follow his lead at close quarters. More blatant gangstalking, but not unexpected on a Chicken Run day and all the feints and followers that have been on me. Enough minutiae for the day.

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