Monday, November 20, 2006

Designed Cluelessness Again

I am back in the blogging perch after a morning of "extensible errands" for my mother, perp abettor bar none. My father gets sent off to a elder care home for most of Mondays, which works out well for the perps to blend me into my mother's schedule then, and do city driving for her, which she abhors. It is a no big deal event for me, except for her overplaying ditz show, (and that must be an perp objectives imperative); saying things twice or more, feigning hearing loss, speaking at cross purposes, on and on it goes, every scene is set up with the sales assistants or cashiers. And all about are the perps' swarming gangstalkers; first in green and grey hair, then navy blue, then red, and brown, then repeat with greens in front of reds, then colored plastics in front of persons etc. ad nauseum.

They expended a lot of effort to run gangstalkers in between us, which is impossible to prevent because my mother is game for setting up these scenarios. And the gangstalkers make every effort to pass me on the right side, including a teleportation asshole who I have seen five times before, who never arrived in the resturant, but somehow needed to slide between me and the wall, exiting the buffet area in a manner totally inconsistent with any normal patron. At least two of this morning's gangstalkers were seen-befores, so they do like to strut their operatives and have them take unpredictable paths on the sidewalks.

The perps kept me near totally clueless that the Grey Cup, Canada's equivalent to the Superbowl, was playing yesterday. I saw most of the latter half at my parent's place, and my favored team won to no surprise, as they had the best defensive and offensive record in the league during regular season play. It unfortuneately devolved into a field goal game, and only two touchdowns total. And, it should be noted, that I am not a big football fan, it is the only game I watch for the entire season. There is more to the topic of football that the perps likely injected into my childhood, but I won't go into the details for now.

But the perps did lay on the football highlights later; the wrap of the Grey Cup game, then US football highlights on the sports, and then on 60 Minutes, a bio on Joe Nameth and his football career.

The perps got me cranked up again by sending me across the room, not knowing what it was for. As it turned out, it was during my routine of making tea, and getting a spoon to extract the tea bag. The perps make sure I go ballistic when they pull these perceptual depletion games. Presently they are pissing me off extremely with no end of typos they are forcing me to make.

They got me totally ballistic with a lead up of noise flurries starting with the frathouse like exits and entrances with door slammings in the outside hallway, mixed with coordinated coughing, vehicle arrivals and departures outside and have also taken to numbing my forehead which is extremely annoying. One swipe of my hand on my forehead and I get relief for all of a minute or so. This is a post-tea and chocolate time, and no doubt the current perp beserkness is related to that. And also, that I didn't shave today owing to a designed jerkaround where they had me "forget" to pack a face cloth to my parents, as none are to be found there.

The perps pulled a significant piss-off while out with my mother, who set the scene by precariously balancing her tray on a limited surface area while at the resturant. They ran the perception in my mind that her tray had fallen when it hadn't. I was extremely pissed that they did this, invoking inappropriate perceptions for an imagined event, and I expect justice in the form of a relentless screaming at the very perp asshole that created that scenario. Fucking sick, and depraved, especially when they have extracted all these from me in the past, and now they replay the wrong emotion in mind for an event that did not materialize. Fucking sick, and typo sabotage as I rant here.

A porpourri of perp harassment is still ongoing, as they seem to be attempting to gain leverage from this morning's gangstalking with my mother and my errand driving activity around town.

More perceptual jerkaround games are going on; this time it is vision only. The perps' stunt is to dynamically dither and rearrange my visual interpretation such that lines, filled in blocks and other on-screen LCD/ web page displayed items are moving, lifting off, becoming larger etc. A related jerkaround is text jumping with a simutaneous noise from outside. Fucking sick that this is done to anyone, never mind someone who has had a lifetime of surveillance, harassment and monitoring.

They can now have me insert a word into the incorrect grammatical location without "me" noticing.

And new rounds of mouse click fucking -a sudden onset, then it slowly comes back to functional, usually the first or second session of the day.

Electronic cheeping sounds go on as I type this' they are intermittent, every minute or two, as if on a submarine.

Another school rampage/massacre in the news, this one in Germany following one in Norway a few days ago. Some of these events have a rather suspicious odor about them, as if the perpetrators had external assistance. The Columbine and the Port Arthur, Tasmania incidents both bespeak of a significant amount of unanswered questions and organizational capabilities beyond that of the apparent perpetrators. And from personal experience, I know the perps can send anyone of their choosing into any mental orbit, high or low, as if it were an organic cause. Why the perps continually need so many people to die in place inside buildings I am not entirely sure, but there seems to be some consistency in this; having the victims as school children (a limited demographic), geographic sampling (Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Australia, USA, Canada, Scotland, Nepal), often early in the school year, and sometimes many more girls than boys suffer in these seeming gone-amuck school massacres. Call me a rabid paranoic on this one, but until the remaining questions are answered on the above two linked sites, I will accept the label as given.

And the perps and operatives were very busy with making noise as I wrote the above paragraph, and especially so when I put the above links in. Related to that, I read that there were three school killing events in one week in 09-2006, and there was one in Canada then too. When is someone going to blow the whistle on this and demonstrate that these are not random events?

The perp provocations have settled down some, and it is the ongoing masers and plasma activity that sits between me and the LCD display, with some offset by 6", especially if I remember something they hadn't planned on.

Toilet seat slamming by the operatives is still vogue, especially after I have been in there, the filth center that it has become next door, with me as the only genuine tenant, and the operatives arriving on a as-when needed basis.

I got zapped when encountering the words "nuclear fusion", so who knows what the perp assholes are up to. Sometimes I think this entire Iran and North Korea nuclear activitiy is only to keep those certain words in the public eye, for whatever reasons that the assholes have. I should have a daily noisestalked word report; another was "swindle".

And just when I thought I was free of one of the perp's ambulatory gangstalking gambits, the toting of steel constructed hampers on wheels for groceries, what do they place in the hallway after I get out of the bathroom, why one of those in mid hallway with a number of brown colored boxes. This was after unloading my own brown substance in the bathroom, so I am sure the perps are desperate for some kind of color resonance comparison. I thought hampers were for grannies, but it is amazing how popular they have become in this town. The perps put three very light metallic brown vehicles outside my room in the adjacent parking lot, so they must be making progress with this color vis a vis me and my energetics.

Time to blog off and save some typo harassment for another day.

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