Friday, November 10, 2006

A Shut-In Day

This looks to be a stay-in-my-room day owing to the constant rain, Vancouver style, in Victoria. It was another excessive sleep night of 10 hours, 2 more than normal, but no interuptions to hear overhead clunking or other targeted noise. I had strange dreams of seeing a pink colored mansion slide down a steep hillside. Whether this is a "warm up" for some real like incidents in this geographic area with the forecast for three days of rain or not, I won't know until it is over. The hindsight perspective again.

The noise theme today seems to be having a heavy duty vehicle pass by every 20 minutes or so, but as I don't have a direct view of the nearby thoroughfare as I did before, I have no idea if it is noise only or the real thing. There has also been a preponderance of diesel vehicle idling in the adjacent parking lot, so I am assuming all the noise, and attendant vibration is for real. As of the present, there is an all-quiet order out, save some bottle clanging (of glass) as one of the "residents" of this rooming house has an act where he supplements his income in this way. But the fact that a recycling (and major glass bottle clanging) operation was opened a half block from my last residential location seems to suggest that the perps find something particularly useful in clanging glass.

And I have endured two abominable gangstalking events in the government liquor store where I was not in control of the transportation. One was with my brother, another time with my mother, and in both situations the gangstalkers were just about climbing up my asshole. They were rushing into any location in the store that I vacated, and hounded me at everywhere I went in the store. That both my brother and mother protracted their buying "decision" and "shopped" for >20 minutes does suggest that the perps wanted me to spend that time being cranked up about being gangstalked among all those glass bottles.

And arranging the odd glass smashing exercise has also been part of the harassment script, including smashing the glass by remote means when nothing contacted it. Of course I was "to blame" because there was something nearby that was kicked, but there should of been no causal event. In this netherworld of harassment, close enough is good enough for whoever it is that they seem to want to fool. As mentioned before, that entity doesn't look to close either, as the harassment events are getting more blatant, and inocuous ones are becoming routine.

A case of the latter is "drop hop" where filling a vessel from the faucet somehow causes a very small droplet to fly 2' laterally, and in some occasions, in a 2' arc to then land in the adjacent garbage bag on the floor. Likewise when taking a piss, some drops fly up to 2' and arc to land on the toilet rim or the floor. Not a big deal in the spectrum of harassments, and only a reminder to say that I am being messed with, no matter how inconsequential the activity may be. These are "who cares?" levels of harassment, and if that was all there is I would have a job instead of being cast into this constant purgatory.

This might even be a low key day today, though what I did to deserve this is not clear; perhaps the vehicle musical stalls game is more important. A scarlet red VW Golf in the #2 closest gangstalking parking stall next to a black SUV and a white pickup opposite. Then the next W. stall is empty and the next one is a two tone scarlet red and silver grey Smart Car. Next to it, and onto the street parking are three all silver grey sedans, stacked behind the Smart Car. It would seem that the silver grey vehicles are in some energetic way "backing up" the Smart Car, and that there a red color proximity test going on. More of the who-cares kinds of harassment.

Now it it the time for chatting to be arranged to be overheard from outside. Should I put on the earmuffs then the noise (chatting) is amplified to be heard at the same volume level as if I didn't have them on. A no win situation.

There is a light blue colored matress and boxspring arranged to lean against an opposite wall some 12' away from my window and had been there for some two weeks. Last night it somehow fell onto the ground and the boxspring also acquired six light brown plastic legs. When I went to close the window on the nattering dudes outside, per the above persistent annoyance through the ear muffs, and they were sitting on this bed on the ground. Quite the place to hang out in the dark, a sodden mattress between two buildings.

I discovered some email missing, which I suspect was part of a planted game. There was this "need" to search for the psi energies book review that was sent to me by another TI. And so it became a protracted effort because of the missing email which contained the link. It was not a big deal, just an excursion for the perps to play some kind of game that they like to prescribe every so often. And of note, the Firefox search is only on the name field, not the link contents.

Making dinner tonight was still harassment prone, though not as bad as earlier this week with the rage shows following the blatant provocations such as dumping the olive oil on the floor. The perps got me cranked up the most tonight when they slid the fry pan while my hands were tied up doing something else. The fact that the hotplate burner was level in the first place, and that fry pans don't slide on their own, didn't seem to bother the perps this time. Bizarre to say the least.

With a 10 hour sleep last night, it would be unlikely that I would need any more, but I was wrong on that one. The "need" to have a nap came on at 1630h and I slept for a whole hour. This is dusk time, and when I awoke it was dark with no lights on. A number of the perps' experiments go on at this time, but I think it was the first nap over dusk. Enough reporting on dulldom.

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