Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Laundry and the Air Conditioner Delivery

Two new harassment methods occured last night; before I went to bed, while standing, the perps played in my mind the perception that I was falling down, but I wasn't. Very perturbing. Then another one while in bed this morning, they played the perception that I was someone else in totally different circumstances, i.e. not being harassed every second of my life. That was another freaky experience, adroitly planted in the state of awakening.

The perps sent me off to the laundry with the noise of an idling flatbed truck in the adjacent parking lot outside my window. This was to deliver a brown painted HVAC unit to the top of the adjacent three story building; all the operatives were up there already as it turned out. No doubt this will serve as some kind of brown reference in energetic terms. That saves keeping brown vehicles coming and going in the parking lot all day, which they do.

Doing laundry was its usual ho-hum and gangstalker stage; some coming in to use the bathroom and then hang about, wearing the same colored clothing as I am; an olive drab raincoat and blue jeans save the navy blue panels in the arm pits of his jacket. This dude didn't have laundry and put on a mentally impaired act; the not all there routine. And they put on four gangstalkers to cover my tracks after I had gone to the dryer to examine my clothing. Again, another olive drab color raincoat in the bunch, on the woman with some kind of pinched or slit nostrils. Very strange, and I was allowed to see that both sides were the same in a likely test as to what I find freakish.

They also post gangstalkers behind me on the outside of the laundromat windows; this seems to be the test bed for assaying the energetic qualities of glass, which seems to give them a big problem. Which is why the perps had my windows made up in plexiglas in my room before I moved here IMHO.

Another method I observed today was the "head dip"; as the gangstalker is passing by, they shift their head laterally and toward me, say 2 to 4" or so, in an momentary attempt to get closer. This was the grey haired male ganstalker demographic, where the perps were leading off from yesterday's over representation when downtown with my mother. I suspect they are working toward white haired demographics, but are taking smaller steps by working through ranges of grey hair.

And part of the always-on Cheers like atmosphere with the gangstalkers and the young woman who is running the laundromat, is the coffee bearing "neighbor" who comes in and chats at length. Then after dawdling in the door way, they go outside with their brown liquid and attempt to assay its energetics properties out there as well, directly behind me.

The perps seem to be making progress in arranging specifically colored vehicles around me; there were three light metallic brown vehicles in the adjacent parking lot yesterday when I got back after doing the driving for my mother in her metallic brown Ford Escape. When mobile, the perps put on identical colored burgundy vehicles fore and aft, a Volvo 244 and a Ford F250 pickup truck respectively. As it turns out, both vehicle makes and the specific models have been owned by me for long durations (16 and 5 years respectively).

And more headlights are being trained on me anywhere in public; one when exiting the laundromat, and others have a dazzling quality that I have never seen before. Anytime I am at the counter in my room, which isn't very long except for shaving, even a sub minute duration, the perps will arrange headlights or tail lights to be flashing into my room or on nearby building walls.

The coordinated coughing started up, then the so-called air freshener was dispersed in the hallway, and then the vacuum cleaner began upstairs, and then came down to the hallway outside my room while reading the Robert Altman obit. Just another instance of the perps applying extra noise and activity to suit their morbid streak. Later, as I was sitting down, they began the ass jabbing stunt, then followed by the faux garment label jabbing in my side. They simply cannot get enough poking and prodding in, never mind the vexations at every turn, including the sudden onset of typos as I compose this.

Should I go to the communal bathroom in this rooming house, I can expect two or more "residents" to follow me in there, serially, within two minutes or less. And one of the requirements is that they slam the door and the toilet seat. This first to shake the shared wall and my desk unit on which this LCD panel sits, and the latter to invoke more plastic action/enrgetics by flexing the toilet seat by slamming it, with the bonus of the noise vibration. And even before I get out of the bathroom, they sometimes have the operatives suddenly breaking out in conversation in the outside hallway. Constant monitoring and following.

Another round of air freshener was sprayed in the hallway, and it seeps very quickly (somehow) into my room and up my nostrils. I cannot concieve of any reason to spray this around except to perturb me, and have the smell forced up my nose. Fucking bizarre.

More entrances and exits with building shaking from the front door, even if fixed. It is like frat house style as if they are heading off to class. And more coordinated coughing and hacking in the hallway outside my door, the only location that it takes place in the public area. Sometime about 0600h an operative was walking by my room in the hallway while I was barely awake, and put on loud hacking noise, and then stopped it once they had moved on.

The latest "get-closer" act is to have an operative clean their glassware or crockery in the bathroom sink, the bathroom being adjacent to my room. This is the rooming house where each room has a sink, but now, for some unknown reason, the bottle collecting/glassware act has moved in closer to the other side of this wall. And they are taking their time about it too; ten minutes of putzing about and clinking glass or crockery. Fucking absurd.

Then 20 minutes later, the same operative comes back in to the bathroom to wash more glass and plastic crockery. Never before in this rooming house has anyone done anything so uncharacteristic as this, bringing their dishes in closer to me by way of the bathroom. Fucking pathetic, and still the perps won't come out of the closet.

And the plasma and masers have been more invasive today; bright patterns of point sources (plasma) of light are sometimes mixed in with the fuzzy grey shapes that buzz and float in my field of vision. They even pulled this at the laundromat today while reading the newspaper there.

More web browsing, even if there is a matrix of maser trails and/or plasma in front of or on the LCD display. The above dishwasher/crockery clanker operative made an additional two cleaning trips to the bathroom sink, for a total of four times tonight. Then the overhead floor tapping combined with the crockery clanking to create simutaneous noise from above and in front of me. Later, outside groups "chose" to congregate at this obscure location and natter, this from the left side. The perps keep feeding me that they are running out of options, though I cannot ever see that to be the case. They have four years of venality invested in me presently, and they aren't going to give up until they attain the big prize, whatever that is. (The reason that they pretend to be not harassing me). And there has been some very bright and bothersome emanations coming off the LCD panel tonight. They must have me acclimatized to this now, as I don't find the brightness/emanations so annoying as I did.

The crockery washer operative just returned for a fifth visit tonight to the next door bathroom to clean and bang the items about. And he had the unerring knack of timing the banging of the crockery to exactly when I was mouse clicking. As soon as I articulated my complaint over that noncoincidence, though not loud enough for him to hear me, he packed up and left. As again, this is plain fucking nuts as he has a sink with hot and cold water in his room, so why five visitations to the bathroom in one evening to clang and bang his crockery next door? He is the operative with the bottle collecting act, and who has begun to make a point of crashing glass bottles together in his room, some 15' away, but this time it is totally blatant glass/crockery noise/vibration stalking. I suspect this isn't the last of this idiotic stunt, and the perps may dress it up with a cover story of a "plumbing problem" tomorrow.

I believe that past blogs have identified the perps' penchant for smashing or banging glass; they set up a bottle depot one block away from my last residence location.

And the office supplies purveyor with the initials of OD whose stunt of not delivering for three times in sucession and not bothering to get into contact of Oct. 13 had one more turn. I got my credit card statement and the assholes had billed me two weeks later on Oct. 31 for the items. That of course triggered phone calls to get that attended to, but it does prove to me that they had no intention of sending the items, and decided to create one more "diversion"/harassment stunt. Fucking juvenile.
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