Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Out and About in the Snow

I have had a "demotivated" time today getting on with a blog posting. This sudden change in habit does suggest some unusual cause. But because the perps like to test almost everything they can at nearly any time of the day, this is not surprising. Especially as this is dusk, one of go-their weird times.

But the big event today was my brother bringing some of my cold weather clothing and footwear; he phoned this morning and agreed that it was impossible to find the right things in the boxes of my belongings stored at his place. But, he surprised me by coming here, claiming that he took the bus to his massage appointment, and then walked on from there, at least 10 blocks worth. It isn't like him to be so "concerned", let alone motivated to do so, when I have seen him drop a massage appointment at the drop of a hat.

So that made the trip to the grocery store doable, and it was a big time gangstalk day, like a weekend day for all the working age gangstalkers that happened to be grocery shopping on an early afternoon Tuesday. And the weather conditions facilitated more weird getups; e.g. walking around in a bicycle helmet over a hood with the straps done up. And there were at least one gangstalker at every location in the store I needed to go, sometimes two of them loitering and rarely picking anything up.

And it was an opportunity for the perps to test me out for more layered clothing, each in different colors. My winter coat couldn't be found, so it was a rain coat to break the wind over a blue fleece sweat top itself over a black baggy shirt. And to no surprise, there were more blue clothed gangstalkers, and once back, a blue vehicle outside my room in the adjacent parking lot, even if not swept of snow. Back to the usual musical gangstalk parked vehicle rotations.

But the perps made sure to dump my ass at least once while walking; a "slip' and I was resting on my hand which was placed on the snow. Anyhow, it wasn't with the groceries. But still no red onions are allowed; they had that section well sentried with gangstalkers and fucked me out of remembering later. Just the usual. All the major vehicular arteries are sanded and salted, and not too unexpected, the perps had rush hour like traffic in formations to pass by me. And more ditzy driving; making a right hand turn on a red light without looking for any pedestrians; fucking absurd in these conditions. And it was also an excuse to park a vehicle in the middle of the sidewalk. The car dealership had swept their lot, but somehow "failed" to notice where the sidewalk was and parked a vehicle there, silver-grey in color no less. And it is also an excuse to flick mud and grit on the sides of vehicles, one of their favoite ploys to attain more variation and color layering. Goin outside in the snow was not the big deal I thought it would be, having some serious boots on to cover that distance and back.

My brother also began to tell me about his cell phone woes which was a segue for me to offer mine as I didn't use it, owing to the network "hassles" (read, deliberate sabotage) and that I have a landline through the cablevision cable. So, after all the hand waving and battery flipping was done, "I" loaned him my phone on a consignment basis; if he liked it, he was prepared to buy it. With that gimme fed to him, it was time for him to go all of a sudden, in his panicked mindset even if there are no excuses, as his vehicles aren't operative in the current snow conditions.

The perps ensured "I" was too indolent to finish blogging yesterday, and have turned this into a two day reportage. Such things are immensely important to them, as is disrupting any routine, even if established for three decades, e.g. shaving.

The perps have been hammering my vision this morning, alternate left side then right side fogging that immediately disappears should I move my head to shake it off. Find a clinical reason for that. And presently the overhead clunking and squeaking has arrived to noisestalk me as I blog; it wasn't occuring anytime earlier save something like 0600h when partially awake.

The front end loader came for breakfast to clear the snow from the adjacent parking lot; but first the operator "had to" move the light blue matress and box spring from his intended push zone, and prop it up against the wall as it was before. This time it is sodden, now frozen, and has some weeks worth of ground energies that are pointed at my room. Or at least that is how I see it, because I cannot understand why he didn't push the matress further back along with the snow from the comfort of his warm cab. Not your average front end loader operator.

And the bag of garbage that arrived in the snowstorm was removed from the same area yesterday, and thereby saving it from being trashed by the loader. This time, there were footprints in the snow from the supposed person who retrieved it. Just amazing how anyone knew it was there, as no one has passed by there for all the accumulated snow.

Anyhow, the in house "residents" were up to their usual noises, building up to the overhead clunking and squeaking which is the only noise source at present. It seems that the perps are attempting to use these sounds to map early morning pre-sunrise neural energetics activity to the current time, via innudating me with the same sounds. And also, the masers and plasma beams have an unerring knack of "happening" when the noises occur, or when fixing the typos that are imposed by way of this insidious mind control and related sick minded fuckery.

And more racial exposure moments while the snow is on the ground; two school age black girls happened to be in the parking lot after it was cleared, being let out of the regular silver grey pickup before it parked, and when I happened to be standing at the counter with a window view of the parking lot.

And the perps had two in-house gangstalkers on me when I got out of the shower; one friendly one who "happened" to be at a "friend's" door only 8' away, and another coming down the stairs beside him, who went in the bathroom only 5 seconds after I had vacated it. And it is most odd that there is a bathroom upstairs and yet they come down the stairs to use the one next door to my room. Then they jack with the in-wall shared heating vent to create more noise in here, when no one did this before the past week. Fucking bizzare as the bathroom is warm enough.

The post-meal time is becoming a busy time for noisestalking; the frantic exits and entrances of the operatives through the front door and the hallway talking and egress noises with a background of coughing and hacking also. The overhead clunking and squeaking is going on as well as typo fuckery. Anytime I repair typos, coinicident noises erupt. And too, masers in zinger form, the fuzzy greyish dots that zip about in my visual field between me and the LCD panel as I type.

More snow has been scripted presently, although small and hopefully not a significant blanket that came down on Sunday, 11-26-2006.

The perps are hammering me with perceptual fuckery; I read a word and they plant another word's meaning in mind. I don't think there is any clinical illness for which this condition is a symptom. I may be wrong, but in all my readings about ADD this has never occured. That is truly significant in clinical terms to have a new symptom that is never been documented.

The all-quiet order has gone out, save vocalizing my complaints about ongoing typo sabotage, and not allowing me to look at the display while typing. Masers are popping up in formation pairs and arcing toward me as the only outward sign of harassment. A classic fuckover; I have been keyboarding for 35 years, an they won't let me type unless there is a 30% typo rate. Something is wrong on this one too, and no one will give me a straight answer as to why, nor will they add up all the evidence. As expected, no responsible clinical workers will read this anyhow.

My case worker appointment was postponed until tomorrow, and I wasn't allowed to get to my voice mail all morning, the notion didn't "happen" when in fact I am quite diligent about any messages I get. Naturally the phone rang when I was ill disposed to getting it, this while in a semi-sleep state at 0800h, going for 10 hours of sleep when 8 is the norm for me. Or at least, that is what the perps managed me for, and was the established norm.

Had the perps allowed me to get my voice mail first thing this morning, I would have gone to the laundromat instead, as that activity is due. There is a long history of them delaying laundry, especially bedding, going back to university residence days, and it seems they like to keep it around longer than I would normally do. It wasn't enough for them to squeeze me down to less clothes in this one room "residence", and they are also monitoring if not directing my father to wear his clothes for longer too, under the dementia rationale. The perps cannot get enough laundry and clothing fucking it seems.

They have a used clothing operation happening opposite the parking lot, some 40' away, and each weekday, a truck and three operatives play about (read, appearance of loading activity) with used clothing and furniture for the morning at least. They run racks of used clothing across the street as well, as there is a seeming overflow storage area there. And it never hurts to have empty steel rack also being moved, especially if framing a blonde woman in a lime green fleece vest while it being pushed along. The male operatives/loading activity helpers are also big on wearing green. One of them was a white haired stalker for a few months, then he stopped after making a debut on the same bus I was on some three weeks ago. The perps seem to have an blow-out for their staff gangstalkers; they do an over the top stunt and are then morphed into some other look or possibly another operation.

The exception would be Mr Passport Tosser who went over the top on the very first gangstalking, and has kept a lower profile since, going from street nutter to respectable on top of his business executive act when he first showed up on a rare helicopter commute..

An afternoon of vision impairment harassment; it comes on especially when going to a new web page or attempting to read longer than the allowable 10 seconds. Invariably I shake my head and the impairment dissipates, only to come back on me. Another related stunt is to script a grey-out, an all grey LCD display that "happens" when navigating from one web site to another.

And it is not too surprising that the perps are hassling others like this; one TI I know is getting vision impairments as well. And they are disrupting him severely it seems. Been there, done that, why is it happening to so many people who are totally innocent? Another game is to stun me out, leave me totally blank and unable to think of anything to write. That would be right about now, time to log off for a while and do some chocolate duty.

The very first brown vehicle showed up in the gangstalked parked vehicle musical stalls game outside my room today. A mid-brown pickup truck, partially obstructed by the building, some 50' away and parked on the street is the very first one near my residence. At the time I was eating brown colored tortillas, and there is a good chance that was no coincidence. There is the background of snow, and the black and silver grey regulars are in closer, in the parking lot itself.

The reading impairments are getting more intense and are likely directed to stop me from reading any more on assassination conspiracies. Back to reviewing lunar landscapes as my programmed "interest". The infrared images of the moon are very striking, the few that are availible; there seems to be huge bodies of structures underneath the surface, and are all the more visible because they are heated. What a coincicence that I couldn't find my way back to the web site for a link. And it doesn't take long to wrap the moonscape images into one of conspiracy as well. This is only a side issue, but if one takes the stance that there are no coinicidences in my life, then it seems most odd that they have me trove through this material when I had no idea of its existence before last year.

It is post dinner and the overhead clunking has started up to be superseded by the serial bathroom vistations with all of the operatives making extra noise in hallway egress and closing the door. And the operatives just hang about in the bathroom, sometimes flushing the toilet and then taking off. With all the snow outside one would think that building egress would diminish to keep the cover story viable. Not so, the arrival of snow has them slamming the front door and shaking this room some 20' away in a serial procession, frat house style, about every five minutes. I have predicted more perp inanity with the snow, and it has been the case for the most part. Even the 2" snowfall today didn't stop the parking lot games and the specially colored vehicular lineup. A mid-grey colored convertible Pontiac sports car arrived this afternoon and is still there.

And more emanations from the LCD display as I write; and in writing this more masers zingers have burst forth in triplets, as a formation of fuzzy grey dots, covering the display in a horizontal line.

Another game is to deny me seeing photographs on web pages; the perps simply supply a bounded rectangle in a thin line, and if this is like past occurences, they eventually allow some to be filled in toward the end of my session.
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ACLU, people purge, contact, riot

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