Saturday, November 18, 2006

Crank Me Up - more than before

Now that the noise flurries have subsided and an all-quiet order is in effect, save the selected sounds and having me swearing at the litany of typos that are going on as I compose this, it is now the turn for the maser and plasma action, the swirling black fuzzy trails and balls that inhabit my vision on an near permanent basis. And when it really gets going, the perps arrange a fuzzy maser exactly at the location as to where I am looking, the text editor cursor at the moment. And overhead clicking has begun, timing itself to the keystrokes and associated noise, also augmented like most sounds around me.

The volume and amount of occurences of head noises has doubled over the last two weeks, and when it comes to swallowing, eating and chewing noises, these have increased all the more. Mostly the perps turn off my ability to notice these non-aural noise insertions, but there must be some retrosepctive brain circuitry that they don't yet control, and so I become quite appalled that eating has become so noisey. Even if I try to quiet it down they won't let me, and who knows, perhaps this is part of the managed mind-control game. As I type this there are red and pink plasma beams shooting over the keyboard, and it is a "no big deal" event, as it goes on all the time, and has done for over three years.

The next chore is to make lunch from scratch, tortillas again, and this is an excellent opportunity to sabotage anything and everything to get me ranting at these juvenile incursions. The noisestalking isn't the big deal, say having a loud muffler noise when I pour the olive oil, but what the perps make sure I rant about are the unconventional physics, action at a distance stunts. Having the fry pan slide or spin two inches while on the hot plate burner, or having the tortilla spin in the pan while being extricated. And they have me do tasks in the wrong order, and if bored, they have me prepare the wrong items. All day and every minute of it, routine can be violated in any physical and non-physical (e.g. thoughts) way. One stunt they pulled today, which I never thought of myself, is to modify my perceptions that while initiating a routine activity; they polluted my thoughts to the extent that "I" thought I was undertaking this for the first time. Applying modification of perceptions and polluting the routine to cause "me" to think it was a novel experience. Based on how disruptive this particular stunt was, I will no doubt be used again. I cannot think of anything more venal and yet this goes on all the time with family collaboration, never mind the thousands of shills that continue to gangstalk me, either by vehicular or ambulatory means.

The perps even put on the street sweeper passing by outside on the street while shaving, and ensured its yellow flashing lights were duly reflected onto my wall for me to see. All morning the smell of skunk cabbage has been inserted into my nasal passages in slowly incremental amounts, again, so "I" don't notice at first. No doubt there are some neural circuits particular to this smell, and they want to energize them in real time for assaying what little mind/brain thoughts/activity they don't already control.

My very first attempt to listen to a web radiocast was duly sabotaged; the perps took down the browser, created confusion as to how to connect, and when I finally did, there were endless repeats of the same phrase, i.e. resending the same packets. And while all this was going on, the overhead "neighbor" began vacuuming the floors, and especially so when I had the headphones on for all of 5 seconds. As always, any new software or activity can be counted on for instant sabotage. Considering how little I really make use of the web, the perps are severely jumping on me to keep my activities within their prescribed bounds. Fucking sick that I am not allowed to listen to webcasts.

All this was preceded by tea and chocolate, and as I have mentioned before, the ingestion of brown colored food is an instant ticket to be noisestalked, color vehicle stalked (from outside) and assigned a runny nose no matter if I don't have a cold. Yesterday's blog mention of the "brown" word in bold earned me a maser beam emanating from that very word as I was composing the blog, right to my face, and nothing felt thankfully.

Another noise flurry is on; the hallway egress, front door slamming, outside vehicle door slamming, outside vehicles with perforated exhaust systems and some nattering. These "happen" usually before meals, before I head out, and currently, while I am reading the TT Brown Forum postings, which inevitably brings on the noise, and yesterday, the perp created infuriation with their sabotage.

When I got back from my brief shopping visit, I had ructions from two sides; overhead, and from the adjacent bathroom next door. There must be some energetic changes from outside to inside that the perps don't yet understand, hence this level of scrutiny. They were all over me when I departed for shopping. One gangstalker arrived in the hallway just seconds ahead of me, and then preceded me out the door and onto the street. There, two more gangstalkers were in place to cross my path, and yet more arrived on these suddenly crowded streets, as if a Saturday rush hour was arranged.

The grocery store was thick with shills and operatives posted at each store location "I" had in mind to shop. I was glad to get out of there, but I was not as unencumbered as I figured, as the hallway gangstalker (above) "happened" to be outside on the street approaching the store. It was an exquisite piece of timing as he slowed up enough in the 10 minute walk to be there after I had shopped and waited at the checkout in the store. This is not the first time I have had followers from this so-called rooming house who also pass by an intervening grocery store like I do, but it is getting fucking tiresome that I cannot go anywhere without being followed from where I live.

And the perps are getting more bold with their color combinations; a chocolate brown Volvo 245 was one of the first gangstalking vehicles when I got out. On the ambulatory gangstalking side, the "red shirts", the seeming salesmen from a computer store I pass by on the way to the grocery store, now have navy blue jackets over their scarlet shirts. But more "stand there" gangstalking for no apparent reason; at least two today, one on double brown duty; a brown touque and while holding a cup of coffee, one of the more ubiquitous methods of exposing me to their favorite color, and very likely, my least favorite. So it would seem that the perps would like to get a reaction from someone else's coffee just as they likely get when I ingest mine. That is speculation of course, but never have there been so many coffee bearing pedestrians in this city before. And of note, in my last job in Victoria in 1999, I packed coffee one block to my workplace each working day. And still the sickos are ragging my ass for what colors I am exposed to.

The operatives are still going with their toilet seat slamming stunt. The bathroom is next door, and yet there seems to be a consistency among many "residents" of this rooming house to slam the plastic toilet seat down. Simutaneously, I get a body zap. As always, one cannot predict what the next stunt will be, or how long it goes for.

More coughing outside my door, and that being the only location the hallway where hacking "happens". My doorway into the hall is also the only location, save the bathroom next door, where some 20 pieces of toilet paper are littered, and are never cleaned up. These I have come to learn are some kind of white color reference like my last residence. And it was no fluke outside that the VW camper parked across the street had white toilet paper hanging outside of its door as I walked by, my route a consequence of a three way gangstalking once I got out the front door.

The male banter started up as soon as I took off the earmuffs to type this, though thankfully it is not as loud as what I get in this rooming house. Another big siren day today; at least 8, one scripted when I was at the grocery store in the checkout, one of the perps' prime gangstalk situations, where even the cashiers get in on the action by holding the debit card scanner when I swipe my card. This suggests that there is some kind of energetics signature, call it "psi" energy, that is particular to transactions about money. There have been plenty of other like incidents where financial transactions take place; e.g. in banks, paying online, writing out checks, updating my Quicken records etc. As I type this, I am being noisestaked by yet another siren, and some outside door pounding. And some head pains are being applied to my left temple.

More room shaking from the front door even if it is fixed now so it does not bind on the door jamb. And even shaking from underneth my chair where there would be no ostensible cause. Time to blog off and not incite these depraved assholes any more.

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