Thursday, November 02, 2006

In the Dinge of Controlled Daylight

It is an overcast day with some rain earlier, though none on my recent shopping trip to London Drugs, instignated by four forced "forgets" in mailing my credit card payment letter. This is facilitated by the perps blocking access to online debit payment for Mastercard. All other services can be paid online except for them. Another go figure.

I had the usual gangstalking swarm in London Drugs; usually males that are demonstrabaly not shopping but keep on making repeat product visitations in following around me in the store. They have a characteristic pose, the bent over and looking close, but don't buy anything and then set off and follow me again. And the in-aisle promotional displays are all about more opportunity for egress obstruction. A brown skinned Phillipino woman had herself placed between the display and the shelves to totally block the aisle when I was headed for the hair products section, and then on my return leg with shampoo and conditioner in hand, the perps had a replacement woman ganstalker in the exact same location in a brown plastic raincoat. Fucking bizarre, and both of them pretending to be utterly oblivious as to blocking the aisle until I voiced an "excuse me". And the perps pulled some kind of totally disassociative and scary mind-fuck in the process so I wasn't even aware that I was aware. Fucking scary, sick and depraved.

At least 100 of the sick fucking gangstalkers were on or around me in the store alone, some with their exotic headgear and hats, and even some that are brown. Plus a pair of obvious non-staff members (operatives) on unloading umbrellas at the exit ahead of me departing the store; as in been there, done that. How stupid looking do they need to get?

The perps are keeping me in the daytime dinginess by manipulating the amounnt of availible light as if it were a function of the degree of outside solar illumination. This constant jerking around with the availible light is pissing me off, and in all likelihood, that is exactly what they want, because that is what they do 90% of the time.

More outrageous intrusion to the level of a rage show; the perps went nuts on harassing me making the same tortilla lunch, possibly because this was the inaugral event of using a Save-On Foods chicken, the first in four months. And of course I wasn't allowed to anticipate that because my body of knowledge of their behaviors and stunts is not allowed to be accessed. Another tip-off was that the entire house and even neighborhood went totally quiet, an exception to the usual nonstop noisescape they arrange for me. I surmise that the all-quiet is their optimal energetics assay opportunity, what they build up for all morning, and then again before dinner.

The perps had the tortilla "fall apart" when it was removed from the pan, and it is something that I assiduously monitor unless dithered and mind-controlled not to. And any preventive notions were overwritten for the enforced "carelessness" so they can accomplish their goals, whatever it is.

Or maybe yellow shirt days get fucked with all the more; it is hard to say what is going on, but the perps have gone decidedly beserk today by instignating a rage show as well as pulling these totally disassociative moments that are "happening" today. Not knowing what one is in or doing is extremely disconcerting and yet there have been at least five of these disturbing intrusions so far. Even the act of heading for an untensil to aid in cooking gets hammered by these depraved sickos; they have me "forget" what I am headed for, and then totally zone me out. Then they have me do totally uneccessary acts like turning the faucet off when it is already off, and then again. All to get me, or serve as the "reason" to get me cranked up some more. Fucking sick and simply venal beyond words.

I am still recovering from that supreme fuckover at lunchtime (above), and had tea and chocolate, another big noisestalk event, this time with some Lindt chocolate which I abhor, but it was the only availible kind at LD. This "double creamy" comes with a white layer in it, and I have yet to figure out what it is. If it isn't chocolate, then what is it doing inside a chocolate bar? And a new chocolate bar came with a whitish bloom on it, no doubt to serve some enegetics/color fuckery purpose. Only in perpland are the simplest and most fundamental precepts and objects are re-ordered into an obscene outrage, even if momentarily.

And I am here to report that the new "neighbor" overhead, replacing Mr. Eviction-Fiction, has the identical tendencies to make the same noises at the same times. Less the punishing zapping and overhead hammering, or at least, so far. And the same unerring ability to put the noise through my hearing protection at the same level as if they were not on. Call it dedicated harassment by an organized party that monitors my hearing in real time. If there is another explanation for this "coincidence" of extreme proportions, then I am willing to hear out any rational explanation. So far, no one has come up with any explanation of anything, and that includes family mostly who are under orders to do the "all-quiet" response in the rare event that they actually engage me in conversation over this sick depravity.

And another harassment method enhacement from the overhead noise source; planting the noise through the ear muffs at the exact moment I was wiping off some spittle that had spontaneously arrived on my lip. Yessir, that is correct, the perps/assholes routinely and instantaneously move spittle from the inside of my mouth to the outside (lips usually). And why are so many gangstalkers spitting on the streets these days, along with a profusion of unattributed spittle on the sidewalks? As mentioned before, it is because they cannot readily monitor the inside of my mouth, and the adjacent neural areas because the dentine in teeth scatters light, even if they yellowed my teeth and crowns all together. Time to load up on more light scattering "foods" like titanium dioxide (TiO2), an additive actually, and piss the assholes off for once, they with all the advantages and a relentless >4 year campaign of annoying me 24/7.

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