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In the Controlled Dinge, Part 2 /02-05-2007 Posting

Another on/off rainy day with the maximal amount of cover for making my one room dingier than it was yesterday. Even the stand-around regular gangstalker who "arrives" about the time I am making and eating breakfast, stands out in the rain. This elderly white haired dude has a cover story of helping the local charitable used clothing store loading and unloading their 5 ton truck, when it arrives. And his stand-around duty is uniquely timed regardless of my get-up time. Anywhere between 0730h and 0900h, there he his 40' away, standing there for me to see him.

And my new upstairs "neighbor" has adopted exactly the same habits as the last one's clunking overhead when I have been awakened in the night (to expressly hear it). This mornings ructions, sometime between 0400 to 0530h, were during this enforced awake period of about an hour. And the clunkings were deliberately timed to when I was thinking about harassment activities in retrospect, or bringing images to mind as to who was doing what (something irregular) when. And for the clinical story believers, explain this one. Even the clunking noise doesn't pass the cover story test, never mind the identical "habits" of two supposed (putative) independent upstairs neighbors. The only difference is one of degree, as in how loud, and how persistent (so far).

I reported on possible past traumatizations in this blog posting, and I have a minor addition to the Scots accents exposures the perps like to put me through. Two days ago when at Save-On Foods with my perp abettor/asshole mother, a white-haired 55ish male was in front of us, as in gangstalking, at the cooked chicken counter. He was speaking with the female blonde counter assistant and then he declined to make a purchase and decided to "think about it', which translates to gangstalking. So he hung around like all the other assholes anytime I would purchase hot cooked chicken at Save-On (90% of the time), and so I ordered mine from another assistant, a black woman, who "just arrived", on place of the blonde woman. This is the classic "bait and switch" counter assistant game. Just when "I" think a certain person is going to attend to my order, usually the most proximate one, another one sweeps in from elsewhere and assumes the role. No big deal, just another game the perps play of a mistaken expectations setup. This one could also be construed as being first setup with "blonde (young woman) power", whatever that means to the perps, and then the "less auric" individuals arrive in their place, or proximate to the blonde(s).

The "less auric" arrivals, which is my only way to explain this selective introduction of particular gangstalkers in my midst, seem to fit the traumatization demographics and/or experiences identified in the above link. The most demonstrable and absurd demonstration of this was when I was also with my mother, about a month ago, and it is described in this blog posting.

Back to the story; not only did this gangstalker dude hang around within 3' of us. but he also pulled the perp classic of reaching his arm in front of us, for a coffee stir stick, to apply to the ubiquitous coffee bearing gangstalk act. This is a classic perp move more common on the bus, but the perps do get a little more bold when I am out on a Feral Family gangstalk outing. But that wasn't the biggest news; he then re-establishes his conversation with the counter assistant, but this time it is in a Scots accent, as big as it can get and still be understood! Again, this isn't the first sudden British accent onset in my proximity, but it does serve to underscore how consistent this entire harassment scenario is. (The Scots accent being a suspected traumatization association/trigger). Try and put that in the clinical perspective.

And while the above was typed and re-typed owing to forced typos, I had the wandering cell phoner/gangstalker outside my door, walking back and forth on the phone in the hallway. Another scenario that doesn't add up; why go outside one's room to then go on the phone, and stay there, wandering back and forth? Another consistent gangstalk habit IMHO. Now the all-quiet order has gone out, and the noisescape has substantially diminished, likely in advance of me going out shopping amongst the engineered throngs of the freak show, with me at center stage, the only player without a script.

It is back to the male jocularity in the hallway noise, again, earmuffs on or off, it comes in at the same volume owing to some perps technical tricks. And it includes put-on grunting, cackling and other forced laughter.

I made a trip to the grocery store, and the rain began exactly then to accompany me back to my room/cell. It was a typical gangstalk trot; the wavers and pointers, the odd couple (both men) reprising on my way home as well and somehow lying in wait for some 15 minutes in a residental building before they re-injected themselves around me again. Two half-wits it seemed, one with (another) walking impairment, the usual one where one foot travels laterally as well ar forward. They of the leather jacket and the red anorak/raincoat. A new "display" I learned today was for the gangstalker to bare his teeth, though not directly at me thankfully. They have now joined the ranks of the "open-mouthers" and the spitters to display their mouth and/or contents when proximate.

It was a day for clowns; there was plenty of bright color clashing raingear as well as the always putzing with the umbrella act. Just plain tiresome, all this crush of gangstalkers around me and being constantly jerked with (as in mind-controlled) to be made to react to it.

And the noisescape has ramped up; all my cutting and pasting activity related to bookmarking is getting simutaneously noisestalked with front door slammings, hallway tromping, overhead clunking and the continual male jocularity nonsense. Even detain words, especially as "I" re-edit this get a burst of dizzy laughter noise, forced as it is.

Outside, the hallway color experiments continue; first it was two pop bottles that mysterious arrived and stayed there; (an adjacent operative/"resident" has a bottle collecting act, but somehow he didn't find these), then a gore-tex (a plastic membrane) jacket in black hanging from a doorknob, and then following up with a black hoodie from the same doorknob. At least two hours for each, and there does seem to be a lot of differing black colored garments in use now; shiny, plush (nonreflective), fleece (deeper pile), anoraks usually with some colored panels, leathers (very common) etc.

I read in the news that the US military is "invited" to stay in Iraq for three more years. With the synchronicity of that imbroglio with the perps' stunts, games, planted news stories and quite possibly exotic weapons testing (e.g. slitting people open by unknown means), it seems that I too might be in harassment purgatory for the same duration. The instant and simutaneous noisestalking with any of "my" reading as to this event, or even other wars or battles, is a constant given. Even as I write this the sirens have begun on top of the noise I already described. Enough said.

Another past imponderable incident came to mind, one that also defies clinical explanation and fits the mind-control and harassment model. It was about two years ago that my brother stopped by to say hello, and he asked me what day of the week it was. I said, "Tuesday", when in fact it was Wednesday, (I later learned), and my brother didn't say anything about me getting it totally wrong. Once the later realization came, I then knew the perps learned how to fuck me out of the knowledge of which day of the week it is. And this is what has been happening all this week, they are purging basic awareness knowledge out of my mind, and are preventing access to it. This too is fucking scary and I am getting extremely disconcerted about this kind of venal fuckery.

More vibrations of the LCD display simutaneous with door slamming or hallway egress noise and its changes of display or a new web page selection. They banned fox hunting in the UK because it was too cruel, but this pursuit of everything I do amounts to the same.

More vehicle horn beeping again as I begin this blog entry; these too are a given in any neighborhood of the past two years, and one should include the car alarms as part of the noisescape and directed noisestalking.

I had some rare peace and quiet for the preceeding hour of web-surfing; mostly anyhow, save the odd (in the context of unusual) loud mufflered vehicle noise intrustion through my ear muffs. The world where I was allowed to "get lost" was that of Exo-politics, the consideration of extraterrestrial beings as part of the worlds' management and social fabric. Here is amore explanatory clip from The Exo-Politics Journal;
The Exopolitics Journal is an online resource established for individuals wanting to study the key actors, institutions and processes associated with the extra- terrestrial hypothesis. It will become a valuable source of information for anyone wanting to understand the political implications of multiple sources of evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis that our Earth is currently being visited and monitored by extraterrestrial races.
It is endlessly fascinating, and offers some scholarly analysis on the credibility end of the back-biting UFO research world, which is as bad as the Targeted Individual world for mutual distrust. What the perps want me to read this material for I don't exactly know, but there maybe some reasons related to indentfying their dark hand in all of it, especially all the strange medical research said to be going on underneath these bases in New Mexico, Dulce and Area 51. The perps like to noisestalk me in identifying their likely role, even if it might be unseen.

There are so many layers upon layers of this secretive skullduggery that I have to wonder if there aren't some working at cross purposes, and who might later duke it out to cataclysmic proportions. Or, should I be so lucky as to be "stolen" from their grasp by a competing group/race, me, the billion dollar man (IMHO) that they have followed since birth and arranged >95% of my life circumstances since then. Luck is about the last possibility to happen in my circumstances, as the perps have this city under their thumb, and even get to drive municipal vehicles for their own ends. Even for absurd scenarios like Sunday garbage pickup (at my bus stop) in Saanich (a municipality of Victoria).

I don't buy the benevolent alien/ET line; that they are here to help us. I have roundly upbraided the perps in the past for allowing the very pollutants that give them their current energetics assay difficulties to accrete to levels that they now find to be problematic. Hence this continued harassment with drivebys and gangstalker attire of various plastics and their colors everywhere I go. Not my problem, I didn't create it, or watch it become a problem while doing nothing about it, so why am I being harassed?

If the myriad stories are to br believed, the perps have blocked many advanced propulsion systems that would relieve the world of CO2 greenhouse gas effects, and continue to let Pres. Bush fiddle while Rome burns. Enough rambling on all things conspiratorial, something I have slowly come to understand in all of this venal psychotorture.

Create Date posting was intended, but I "found" this in draft mode.

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