Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Start Me Up

The host of noisescape additions came upon me when saving a file htm to disk, and then when bookmarking that same file. The outsider natterers arrived, the vehicle door clunks when I was clicking the mouse to save the file, the hallway egress and tromping, the front door bangings etc. All over saving a file, with added mind control activities such as forced typos, saving the file before I had finished renaming it etc. Now I have radio music coming from the hallway.

And it has been like this all morning, aggravating transient vision impairments, peanut butter that lept off the knife while in the jar, water that arrives on the dishes that I am about to use, etc.

The perps had me do another 10 hour sleep to cause me to have a late start to the day, and thereby ensure that I won't have had any lunch before going to the dentist at 1300h for an hour of cleaning. This has to be a perp highlight of the year, as this is done only twice, and apparently I am a heavy tartrate depositor. The perps did awaken me in the night again to hear the overhead floor squeaking going on; this cannot be a person, but their noise games. For the past month, nearly every awakening has had an accompaniment of overhead squeaking and/or clunking, just as I have it now as I type this. Not a coincidence IMHO.

As much as I thought, the dental cleaning was a big perp event about which this entire freak show spun. (The freaks are either the gangstalkers who fit the demographic of the perp categories, or alternately me, the center about this whole show spins). There is the bus stop waiting show, and then the bus ride show.

The perps put on extra (~10) ambulatory gangstalkers passing by the bus shelter, and one young woman in black hair and a scarlet red jacket sat down on the bench. No big deal there, though she did have an unerring habit of placing her head in my view just as I was to see if the bus was coming, at least five times in as many minutes. For a weekday in a residential location, there would be at most 3 to 5 walkby gangstalkers, and none who passed by in both directions, 10 minutes apart. One ambulatory gangstalker while waiting at the bus stop was eating something and had a banana in his right back pocket jeans. Perhaps he was on wallet replacement energetics duty.

On board, a day-glow green fishing fly "happened to be" on one seat, though I didn't sit there. A woman arching her back with nearly the same color green jacket was sitting opposite me when I sat down. I also noticed the perps put on a lefthand drive Japanese market only small commercial pickup truck. This is at least the third occurence of such vehicles in two months, always Japanese lefthand drive, not UK vehicles.

Anyhow, I got my teeth scraped with the dental hygenist's picks and probes and for the most part, all that scraping on teeth noise is heard through one's jaw and not the ears. I call it non-aural sound, which from what I can tell, is the holy grail of deep neural activity for the perp's harassment and mind-control research. The entire session was as pleasant as it can be, and I have no complaints whatsoever. The dental hygenist was a young woman and blonde in forest green scrubs; again, one doesn't need to read anything into that. The final treatment was a flouride rinse, and it too was green, a mid green.

The most of the dental chair action from the harassment and perp's view, as I saw it, was the constant placement of plasma and masers in my vision for the entire hour and a quarter. The perps had me pinned down; I couldn't move my head, and therefore had only a limited range to avoid staring at these phenomenon. It was no surprise that they tracked my central vision with the same maser and plasma features then, as my only defence was to avert my eyes, which they still kept tracking. But is was no surprise, after a screwaround waiting for the bus, that when I walked back to my place instead, there was a predominance of green vehicles passing by or parked. Later in the half hour walk there was more red vehicles, sometimes clusters of four, then two greens, and another cluster of red vehicles. Nothing new there, and nothing solved as to the perp's obsessions.

There have been some interesting possible morphovers in the last two weeks; and it seems, if I am any good at detecting at what the perps put in front of me and direct my attention to see, that at least three of them have been interracial morphovers. That is, some of the regular gangstalkers, Mr. Passport Tosser being one of them, appear to have taken on an Asian appearence. Same stature, height, look to the eyes, and yet they are Asian. Of course I cannot prove it for sure, but one of the tip offs is if the notion of who it might be comes to mind, then it must be perp planted. I know it is not me who planted the suggestion of their alter-Caucasian form, as the perps can zone me out of recognizing my own mother if they wanted. If the Navajo Indians and their history of the "Star People" is accurate, their visitors could even morph into other species, e.g. deer and like fauna. This is what the term "shape shifters" applies to.

I had a couple of streetside "stand there" gangstalkers when walking back; these are the ones standing on the sidewalk with no apparent purpose, or if they are, it is something equally odd. In the latter case it was an Asian man blowing his nose into white kleenex. This is something most people prefer to do on the fly to increase anonynity, and as he was near two parked vehicles, so why outside of them for me to see his white kleenex grace his face?

And the perps put a team of a blonde woman and an Asian man on me when walking back from the dentist's office. First they passed me before the screwover over the wrong bus, so I decided to walk home, following the blonde-Asian gangstalker pair at first, passing them, and them catching up again at a traffic control. Finally I was allowed to shake these two, but it fits the pattern of the perps seemingly attempting to capture the blonde goodness/aura, or whatever their fascination is about planting them around me, especially with certain other persons who fit the demographics of their problematic (read, brown skin) gangtalker type.

The outside-my-room natterers/coffe breakers came for the turning on of my one halogen lamp only a few minutes ago; these bulb types have an higher electromagnetic signature and seem to give the perps problems. My parents even got one recently when there was no pressing need, or any expressed by my mother to get one. I had a second halogen lamp, but the perps cooked the adapter, even if it was brick sized, and presumably cooler operating.

The perps are pulling more nose running stunts, even in public now. These were once exclusively reserved for when I ate chocolate or any other brown colored food or drink at home. Now, it is an anytime event, though there are certain patterns that occur; when I turn a corner, when I exit my room, when I enter a vehicle or this rooming house; all the situations where they have put on plenty of ambulatory or family gangstalkers and/or noisescape additions in the past.

And more irregular Windows behavior; the lines at the edges of the full screen window are getting fatter, and don't always conform to being pulled back to standard Windows line width. And often when I do succeed, the perps time a vehicle door closing or other transient sound at the very instant I reduce the line width. Amazing timing, never mind that all vehicle doors now sound the same when closing, and have the noise same approximate volume. This is so they can script this activity elsewhere and neurally map to the same brain locations and energetics, such as outside the dentist's office, before I got inside.

More overhead pounding, coordinated neighbor coughing, outside stairwell tromping (the same walking noise for everyone it seems) and loud vehicles trailing off into the distance, usually high revving motorcycles at night. And for good measure, someone sprayed the hallway with a "air freshener" that rapidly seeped into my room and up my nose. Never was a rooming house more "freshened" that this place. What the perps might be excited about in concurrently scheduling this sustained noise and smell flurry is the fact that I was reading about ancient heritage web sites; the Iceni Celts of Norfolk and Suffolk, Queen Bodicca who lead a rebellion against the Romans, and the history of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk where my mother is from. No doubt all this is a big deal for the gutless assholes who keep ripping my life up, and haven't the gumption to defend themselves, only to play pretend.

The outside of my room hallway area is the only one where hallway egressing "residents" make a point of clearing their throats and cough. And they seem to put their loudest efforts in when I have the ear muffs on. And more blatant stalking outside the bathroom; a regular hallway operative was sitting outside the bathroom with a white touque on when I went in to take a shower, and he was still in the hallway, although displaced by 8' when I got out. Can we say fucking obvious gangstalking and quit pretending that I am not being hounded 24/7?

On another tack, I read the Branton files, some 25 chapters of amazing details of state sponsored mind-control, hypnotism, torture, assassination missions, personality splitting, covert operations etc. (And I would have a link here but it gets clobbered each time I attempt to copy it in the paste buffer. Try this website and see if you can get farther; http://www.think-aboutit.com). This is the sixth such report (in the form of an extensive document, e.g. book) of these kinds of goings on, and they are remarkably similar in many respects. The first was Candy Jones, then Brice Taylor, Cathy O’Brien, Carol Rutz, and Kathleen Sullivan. Any one of these stories are enough to curl one's hair as they are so horrific, and yet there is this consistency and detail to them that belies any kind of fabrication. And no one seems to be putting this all together and attempting to get to the bottom of it all.

Not that I think Canada is in any way exempt, as from personal experience the covert operations assholes are just as active here as there. I have been harassed on both sides of the border with equal fervour. As I type this I am getting overhead clicking that is matching the noise of my keystrokes. Time to call this a post and pardon the typos as I haven't applied the usual scrutiny.

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