Thursday, November 23, 2006

Three Wake Up Calls

The perps had me wake up at the very same sleep stages last night; the just falling into a deep sleep stage, whatever that is in sleep science talk. Each time, an outside noise perturbation was scripted and I duly heard the assholes making noise past 2300h, the supposed no-noise time in this supposed rooming house. On the third occasion, they had the overhead squeaking and floor pounding noises scripted in, just as they are now as I type this.

I had my wackos cum gangstalkers talking outside of my room come to visit before I went to bed, and then moments later, while in bed, lights out and still awake. It would seem that they we there for noise coverage from the vertical position to the horizontal, a very frequent gangstalked occurence. Even the glass bottle bashing act of two nights ago came for a reprise while I was prone and in bed and about to go to sleep. Sometime after 2300h the same operative came to the next door bathroom under the cover story of washing glass bottles, the identical act he pulled five times the evening before. In the sicko perp's way of looking at things, this was a prone-position-while-the-lights-were-out glass bashing stunt, and seemingly important for their ongoing harassment and energetics activity profile of me they assiduously toil at without my permission. Next will be the while-having-a-daytime-nap glass bashing act, and I am calling it before it happens for this bizarre sideshow in all its variations.

And in the final minutes of my room lights being on, another (male) wacko came to the adjacent parking lot and took a piss on the opposite wall, 25' away, precisely under the sodium arc lamp. And who in their right mind would take a public nightime piss in the most lit place in the neighborhood? And while doing so, he spoke to his co-wackos in the dark who were chatting under my window, covering my before bed and just in bed situation with their yapping. And as mentioned before, there is no attraction for anyone to be in that location, especially that a perfectly good light blue double size mattress was "junked" there about two weeks ago, and no one is motivated to move it out. Hence the predominance of that color in the gangstalking goings on, and very likely, in the choice of a turtleneck color by my case counsellor yesterday. This after keeping me in the same chair in the waiting room for 30 minutes past my appointment time.

More phone games from the perps continues; the wrong number jerkaround, often just before lunch time, the witching hour of the more audacious stunts and the all-quiet time while I swear at all their incursions in making lunch: e.g. repeatedly spinning the cutting board as I am working on it. And this is a new phone number for a new range of numbers alloted to a new service, through the cable vision line. And they always ask for someone different each time. Another reason they jerked me out of having my old phone number; it didn't have a cover story for these wrong number stunts.

I got a simutaneous overhead clunk and a zap again; this occured when making an association of what I was reading (unusual energies) to past personal history of activities that coincided with the topic of what I was reading (sea and fresh water mixing energies). The ongoing noise stalking of hallway activity is continuing post lunch, as is some industrial activity that needs a large propane tank to be brought into the adjacent parking lot on the back of a flatbed truck. All arranged for lunchtime food preparation and consumption, the brown colored tortillas with chicken, cheese and cooked red onion on a base of tapenade.

And the light level fluctuations continue; a sudden dimness for 30 minutes, then a near sudden brightening up. This will fluctuate all day like this, if past occurences are any example.

As always, my mouse clickings and web page displays are being noisestalked, and it seems a new annoyance is becoming more established. This is the impairment of my vision for 20 minutes or so at the beginning of a new session of being on this PC and web browsing. Each time a new page comes up, I get vision impairments, or at the end of line of text, only to repeat for the next. More senseless and juvenile jerkarounds.

Tea and chocolate are over, and to complete the experience, a herd of about six gangstalkers in all their torrid colored clothing hiked up the stairway some 12' opposite. The parking lot musical stalls also continued; some vehicles are parked for a minute or so, then they pull them and put in a "easier" colored one. And there are more vehicle design matching games going on. The rear deck and window slope is a fixation of the perp's; one time recently they aligned some 5 to 7 Honda Accords or like rear sloped decked vehicles side by side in a parking lot when out shopping. In the past there have been clusters of mini-vans, then pickups, then two door sedans, then station wagons etc. on the highway, with no cluster smaller than 10 vehicles, and each one duly color coordinated.

Not too exciting, just to think all this was done with covert limitations for some 47 years before they outed themselves into my life and then fucked it all the more. A shut-in day is the likely prognosis, as my shopping was relatively complete save the red onions they purged from mind when in the grocery store yesterday. I am positive there must be other actively harassed victims out there, but so far, I have not encountered anyone with as much action as this on a day by day basis. And also, I suspect they must be screwing someone else over just as bad in this city for all the organizational effort that it takes to trash someones' every move.

More web troving and noisestalking; the perps have a rain storm going on, and my plexiglas window is saturated with clinging water droplets. And they use this opportunity to rattle the windows and the door, as if there is an air pressure differential. But the door has plenty of holes above and below, so this is highly unlikely. If that is all there was going on, I would have nothing to complain about.

I came across a fellow TI's story, and it is a very logical progression of harassment, the kind that is difficult to refute and is decidedly NOT clinical IMHO. There are elements of commonality with my experiences. It serves to show that the perps will jump on the back of single mother and constantly make her life hell, and continually so. For anyone aiding the perps, ask them why this person is being harassed. She has put a good site together and she includes others' stories as well, mine included. But the same deal applies; she has become to harassed to have the time to maintain the site and accept an update to my story which is sadly out of date. I do not wish her any malice, but it is interesting that the same situation exists at both sites vis a vis my story. This blog is an attempt to update it, as well as dwelling on the minuitae of being harassed, right down to one's breathing.

And, she also has a good site on gangstalking, a significant harassment component that I share. I always find it interesting that all these accounts have so much commonality between them, and are logical, cogent and well organized (unlike that of a psychotic) and yet the clinical community pretends this travesty doesn't exist.

There is a noise flurry underway, and it seems to do with the timing of another sabotage on my bookmarks file, one that is central to the operation of my web troving. At 16Mb it is a big file, but is backed up in three locations. And when I found out that the perps had deleted a large directory in it, I went to my Windows File Manager and got the latest backup and inserted it into the Mozilla directory and renamed it to be the file where the Bookmarks Manager would look. Having done this once before, it was a no brainer. But not this time, as it didn't "work" when there is no excuse or cover story for it not too. Then "I" elected to import it, but the import function was defeatured and the replace function wasn't working so I "happened" to get the Bookmarks merged instead, meaning there was two copies of every directory except the missing one. Ergo, manually delete the extra file directory, and then all was solved.

My complaint is, what is the purpose of this sabotage besides senseless and wanton juvenile vandalism gone amuck and unsupervised? This is but one example where there is no cover story, just a big jerkaround for its own sake. (Start the typo harassment). This is too fucking sick for words. For the perps; get the fuck off my computer and stay off, and take all those bogus users with you. (Anytime I boot up I get about 28 processes running, of which one is all that I initiated).

Another noise flurry as I begin this journalling. The intent was to log this annoying habit the perps are putting on me at the moment, besides a palpable maser and plasma show between me and the LCD display panel, continuing as I type this. The annoyance is to create an itchy left eyelid that needs scratching behind my glasses to relieve it, now twice in the past 10 minutes. As I scratch it, the assholes simutaneously create a pain in my right eye, and in the process, create fuzzy and impaired vision, different kinds, one for each eye. Talk about excitement, that likely took a commitee and multiple players to decide that it was a "productive" torture method, energetically assay activity wise.

I have only one fan in my PC, that over the CPU to keep it cool. But it is a source of endless noise games, and besides the varying sound of air being pulled through it, there is also a mechanical tapping noise, as if it were automotive valves needing adjustment. There is no getting ahead on this one, as the last most CPU fan was to be a very quiet 21 dB noise level, and it had to have been twice that once installed. I thought I was going to get ahead of the game this time with a variable speed fan, depending on load, but the perps manage the noise situation for their own needs and not my intentions.

Voice morphing is still playing big these days; any utterances, usually as complaints and reaction to harassment stunts, nearly always have a new voice sound each time. Even in prolonged conversations there will be a voice change or more, and no one says anything.

The web page display harassment continues, as well as typos; five "attempts" to get one of the preceding words correctly spelled. I am paging through the staff book picks (lists) at Powells Books, and sometimes the descriptive text doesn't display, the graphics (cover thumbprint picture) get turned off, "self navigating" jumps to past pages or the next page, booke repeat within the same list with the same graphic and then a different graphic etc. Meanwhile more siren cascades, including an 1960's variant in the noise mix, and the odd hallway floor pounding gangstalker. Time to blog off for the day, as dull as it has been, harassment reactions excepted of course.

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