Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Snow Job

In the realm of this netherworld where nothing is a coincidence, it is snowing after raining all night. And that has me totally faked out as "I" (read, mind controlled me) figured that with the day warming up that it would revert back to rain. Wrongo, but that is a consistent perp managed trend in all this harassment; the wrong notion, or dashed expectations.

Anyhow, the noise flurries have been busy since about 0600h when they had me in a semi-awake state for 2.5 hours until they let me get up. And all that time there were the serial bathroom visitors next door, who arrive from upstairs every 20 min. or so and come down the nearby stairs to use the bathroom next door when there is one availible upstairs. And of course that infernal overhead clunking started up again while prone in bed, and is always keyed to my retrospective thoughts as to getting harassed and stalked by who, when and in what manner. Much more of my past makes sense with the harassment model than it ever did before.

And the snow hasn't stopped the accretion of vehicular gangstalking vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to my room (this building), but interestingly, they left a red pickup with a black fiberglas canopy in the lot all night through the rain, and have augmented it with the "best result" colors of silver-grey, a mid-grey and black vehicles, even coming in the snow to arrive below my window. How thoughtful.

And the emanations from this LCD panel have been on the strong side, and that has been complemented with transitory vision impairment of a whitish foggy kind, or on occasion, a light blue if that is the predominant color of the text, even if on a white background. The fuzzy grey maser action has been greater, and in almost every circumstance, including just this, keystroking even after tow hours of PC/internet time. The masers can always be counted upon to arrive in any "difficult" situation, that meaning adverse energetics assay circumstances IMHO.

It is my theory that the perps are remotely measuring the energetics of every possible action, thought and even psychic state; there are anisotropic (unequal physical properties along different axes), color, cardinality, weather, matter composition, lighting sources, reflectivity, electromagnetic, diurnal, sidereal (relating to the stars) and likely other considerations that they are juggling and measuring at any given moment. And since I have some early childhood traumatizations from their criminal fuckery and clinical activities, most of which I do not remember, the perps created considerable adverse circumstances for themselves because these are problematic elements in my neural make up, especially the colors at the time of traumatization. These "problem colors" seem to be brown, red, and yellow; I have a notion as to how the former color became a problem for them, but nothing on the others. I cannot concieve of any other reason why they would put a 1950's style dressed nurse (in starched whites) in a gangstalking stunt. And they wouldn't let me take a camera for it either.

And I suspect there are other components to the traumatization; hair color and style, gender, facial appearance, age, accent. Again, these are supported by the preponderance of gangstalkers with white hair, red hair, male, curly hair, chinless, Scots or English accent, brown skin or elderly. There may be some "native traumas" that they also inadvertently incurred through their irradiations of the day; obesity, crippled, ugly, that are generally shared with the population at large and no specific event triggered them.

And usually, at the beginning of a gangstalked outing, they will put on the young blonde women gangstalkers as they seem about the only demographic that wasn't psychically tarred with their criminal incursions of the day, c. 1956. This has been alluded to in past blogs as "blonde goodness" or "blonde aura" for lack of a better technical term. And it seems that the perps are applying some kind or neural remediation in situ, from a remote location, to their past fuck-ups, whether I want it or not. Anyhow, it is a long story, and I am the last person in this entire city to know what exactly is going on, and why I have been run out of a job and overtly harassed and incarcerated for the past 4 years.

[Vision impairments are getting too severe]

The perps got me cranked up and mightily pissed putting lunch together; I suppose today's snow event is a big deal and they wanted to have me roiled up for better energy detection. And they put a 6x back and forther for no reason gangstalker in a navy blue hoodie outside, walking by to nowhere, outside my window while making lunch.

The navy blue color is interesting because that was my matress color from 09-2004 to 08-2006, two years, and they have put a navy blue pickup truck by the front door every day nearly in this location. So it would seem that it takes >2.5 months for this color to "dissipate" energetically, and that may account for the predominance of navy blue dressed gangstalkers of late.

It is still snowing, and in normal circumstances in this city, no one goes anywhere if they don't need to. But that hasn't stopped the vehicular gangstalking in the parking lot outside; five more vehicles arrived in the snow so to plant themselves to be covered in it, which is I assume, a method of de-coloring the location, and when it melts, it will incrementaly allow the colors to be seen and interact again. [Severe typo harassment] They even swapped out a silver-grey vehicle with a black one, with the same snow load no less. And the water is energy absorbant so that may factor into their games.

And the infernal clunking overhead started up while the perps had me pissed off, no coicidence that, just as it is occuring as I type this. So it would seem that the clunking is some kind of neural depth testing, and then the results, whatever they are, are then mixed with other noises later.

More door slamming from the building's front entrance at the very moment I am clicking the mouse and changing the page display. And still the building shaking continues as an aftershock, even if no physical reason for it, as the tight door jamb was fixed. The perps think they are fooling someone, and whoever it is, needs to be re-aquainted with their games.

I just got a sharp jabbing pain in the back of my head; one voiced complaint from me and it was over. There are about six or so of these a week, and they usually follow a realization that there is substantially more to this harassment. This one was tied to the realization that governments seem to be building more incapability and ineptitude into their services than ever before. Hurricane Katrina and the FEMA fiasco is a case in point; it is as if governmental incapacity is deliberately on show. It is the only model that makes sense in the Pres. W. Bush presidency, though for what reason I don't know, except to possibly acclimatize the population at large. The apocalyptic notion for the day.

A day of being shut-in due to the snow, and as much as I expected rain to move the melt it, it is not going to happen overnight, and not for a few days, like all this week. Which means that all my winter gear that is packed in boxes and in storage was intended to be inaccessible. As I write this, the overhead pounding has begun for the first time since this morning. Other related perp planning seems to be having me running out of red onions, owing to a crush of gangstalkers at the grocery store two days ago, and out of chocolate. In the latter case they regularly manipulate this "staple" so it isn't primarily a weather driven shortage.

All 10 vehicles in the adjacent parking lot have been moved out this afternoon; all but one went in a single flush, and the lastmost was later owing to a spare tire changing act that was near comical. The operative was groaning and sighing at every breath nearly, and made at least two trips into this building putting on the same act so I could hear it from outside, W. and inside, E. and S. It was the light blue operative's special that now lingers about each time I exit or enter this rooming house.

And two colossal bowel movements today; each time it was like I was passing clots of straw for the ass jabbing they gave me while in progress. I am not sure if that is more amenable than the outside-the-door nattering that "happens" to erupt in the same circumstances in the past. And each time I have completed this chore, there have been dark dressed hoodie dressed gangstalkers wandering by my room outside. More operatives in on when I take a crap.

This weather is a total downer from a planning perspective, as the past 8 years have been so mild. Ever since I moved to Everett in 1999, there has been low rainfall years, as I remember them. If that is the case, it would seem that this snow is a significant test for the perps and their color and harassment games. They are flickering enough lights today to affirm that, as they rarely do this.

It is only my shopping that gets affected and all the more so when they pull their "forget" games as they do so often. It is useless taking a list because they fuck me out of looking at it everytime.
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