Saturday, November 04, 2006

Vancouver Style Rain in Victoria

More of the same; about six women's fitness class members were transiting the stairs opposite, 12' away, while I was eating breakfast. They were predominantly in two tone blue, as the colors of their organization suggest. And what a coincidence that the abhorent Lindt chocolate bar was wrapped in the identical colors. Chocolate is one of "my" staple foods for breakfast and tea break, and is likely the sickos entre in understanding my energetic reactions to this color. When they went overt in a big two hour plasma assault, whenever they displayed a brown cloud of it, I just collapsed. A week later while driving on the I-5, an SUV came up on my left side, and then some brown plasma was banked off the inner face of my classes, and again, I had sudden de-enegization, thankfully only momentarily.

And I believe that I have blogged that at certain specific occasions that this entire chocolate fixation can be turned off by remote means, such that "I" don't want to even smell it. And it would seem, if the perps had created this brown aversion "problem" (theirs, not mine) in early developmental years, ages 2 to 4, they have long had time to establish a chocolate fixation, and yet they are still at it, as well as dressing up their shills and operatives in variations of this color. And I get the odd young blonde woman dressed up in brown, which again, suggests some kind of "aura" that the perps are expecting to capture.

It was interesting to note that with this morning's back and forthing of the young women's exercise class members, none were blonde save the only one not dressed in blue; she was in black and white exercise clothing.

Another nightime awakening only to hear overhead clunking again, from the putative "new neighbor" who has exactly the same habits as the last one; noise type, tracking me in the night, same noise volume, etc. The only difference so far is no loud clunkings and attendant zappings. The overhead clunking noise has been following me to two cities and eight residence locations. Not bad for a "clinical problem" where even the doctor doesn't want to know the details. As I type this I am getting the gently clunking overhead, aka noisestalking, time to stop baiting the sickos.

An on/off rain in the morning, and an all on rain this afternoon, making this like a Vancouver rain. This may happen once or twice a year, but mostly we escape the Vancouver style downpours that go on for 6 - 18 hours at a time.

Which leaves me without much to do save web surfing and "I" (read mind-controlled sense) have struck a veritable gold mine of interesting stories related to the mysterious goings on at Area 51, Dulce and the entire alien association that goes with it. And for the record, I have been extensively noisestalked while reading about this, so it must be of extreme interest to the perps. What exactly I don't know, but perhaps even the knowledge of it will become an erasable memory. Hence, allowing various unwitting individuals to tell the story, as there is much more to come from that quarter. More who knows, but they even brought back the directly overhead severe clunk and the simutaneous zapping which infuriates me as it is so suddenly disruptive. With the caveat that "I" don't have a choice in how I react, and can even catch myself mysteriously over-reacting sometimes. Another never-before event that came with harassment onset, BOH (Before Overt Harassment).

That is another two coinicidences (identical overhead neighbor noise and zapping, and the misalignment of emotion to voice emphasis onset) to add the the "explain this" list to any of the clinical story bullshitters who keep fouling my life. Most are in retreat and even the doctor won't go there, although in the past, the perps have temporarily purged me of specific details that would support my case, usually in the presence of a doctor in a consult.

The one time the perps didn't (or couldn't) do this to me was when I had a substitute doctor at the hospital incarceration, and it was hilarious; I reamed his ass with a full command of all relevant factual detail as to my circumstances with a considerable amount of emotional conviction to the point that he was glad to be out of there. Interestingly, it was an early morning appointment when all the previous ones had been late morning. This suggested that the swarm of patients/gangstalkers were used in some kind of assay activity to permit greater levels of behavior control. Most times, I suspect, I am dociled for any doctor appointments and any other prolonged engaement with so-called family. And of course, the doctors have done the least possible in any kind of patient education as to their stated (bogus) diagnosis, when they make one.

The current parking musical vehicles configuration may represent more advancement in the perp's games of color related fuckery; they have dared to put on a dark red vehicle in the adjacent parking lot in the second closest parking stall to my room/cell. This is a pickup truck with a chrome panel on the tailgate (cheating some), and then they have this vehicle surrounded by a silver grey vehicle, two mid grey vehicles, and three white vehicles. And while taking a picture of this interesting color configuration, a young blonde woman "happened" to open the door to the silver grey vehicle. There is something about me and the deep red color that has a near instantaneous adverse reaction and I have no idea why and how one can tell, especially remotely. There is a long history of the perps pulling undesirable colored objects out of my proximity. The plethora of this particular color, and scarlet red, used in this nonstop vehicular gangstalking may suggest some kind of cummulative exposure, and somehow this can be detected in deep neural substrates in real time. Just what it seems, I am the last to know.

And someone placed a drop of water on my black colored journal sitting in front of this LCD panel, and as I wiped it off someone started shouting from outside. More of the "coincidences" that go on all day with split second timing. And it can be anything; being dithered when putting away the dishes, picking up the overnight crumb arrivals, now in black, white and grey, "errant" (read, mind control) window clicking and the infernal amount of typos the perps create, internal head noise of no known origin, etc. Constant event and simutaneous noise activity.

Even sleeping; I was awakened for a half hour very early, and lo, if the overhead clunking didn't start up again. This from the putative new upstairs "neighbor" that has the identical habit as that of the previous "tenant" as well as the same timing with my circumstances. Another "explain this" to the clinical story assholes.

The perps have cranked up the emanations coming from my LCD panel; they did this before dinner, and now, immediately afterward. This entry will likely be short as I cannot stand this degree of brightness and I have no control over it. Every keystroke, mouseclick and page change is getting noisestalked with some added sound, and having the window open is an invitation to more of course. It has been a shut-in day, the weather has been inclement for any walking about, so likely this punishiment of my eyes is their highlight of energetics assay, and they aren't going to let up, they have been extra beserk over their objectives for some weeks.

The Dulce stories had a mention of sugars having a left-hand spin, and were somehow extra problematic for the aliens and their surrogates. That was an interesting side story, as the perps have kept me off fruit for about three weeks, and the only sugar I get is with the ingestion of chocolate, one of their major methods in solving the "brown" color problem they created for themselves in my developmental years, that actual event is being kept a secret. Though it serves as the "reason", per mind planted notion, for the large number of smirking operatives I encounter, though less of late. The agents of SMIRK have long been at it; I can think of one some 25 years ago, and he was a likely planted employee, as he seemed to not conform with the usual employee restrictions. And he always had a perpetual smirk on his face, and I could never figure out why. Then sometime last year that entire thought "train" came to mind (usual caveat), and within a few weeks, the same fucker "shows up" (looking about the same age) hiking with a few others that looked very much like past thought-to-be colleagues (on a weekday no less), all in a group at a pinch point in the trail.

More clinical food for thought, though as always, those who say they read this, all two of them, have never yet once asked me about any details. And while I type this, sirens are going off; this city competes with Seattle where I lived downtown, as to the frequency of siren occurences. At my last place it was quite clear it was projected sounds, as the emergency vehicles would rarely materialize for all the siren sounds. And even in Seattle note, the perps were adding extra sirens into the noise mix, though they likely didn't vary from the normal all that much. A few came through downtown when I was out on the street, and they were punishingly loud. At this location I have no view of the thoroughfare so I have no means to verify an actual occurence. All I know is that the quantity today is about what went on in Seattle.

As I type this I am getting the overhead pounding again; funny how one tentant can exactly replicate the stomping behavior and noise profile of the next. As mentioned, it is mostly not footwear noise or normal tenant activity.

Enough of the punishing emanations and brightness off this LCD panel has occured for me to call this a posting for the day. I am bailing out, and hoping the spelling and typing hacking isn't too perturbing.

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