Monday, November 13, 2006

Mondays Are Intense Days

The reason, albeit putative, that the perps go more beserk on Mondays wasn't allowed to enter conscious thought until the connection of the Feral Family dinners on Sunday night. The perps are likely maximizing any energetic assay results from then, to apply to other locations and times of day today. Those would be shopping locations (done shopping) in the main, and I have a dental appointment tommorrow. Which suggests the current bout of busyness around me while shopping and even as I type this, was likely planned well in advance. Even the builiding manager wanted to chat about the monthly cost of cable modems and the billing practices.

And one can assume that with two shaving cuts that "arrived" this morning, the aforementioned "pore bleeds", and a red minivan as the only vehicle in view while shaving, and a back and forther ambulatory gangstalker dressed in the same tone of red, that the perps are hot onto something big over the color red, vis a vis my energetics which they assiduously assay by remote means IMHO.

They still weren't done though; when I returned from my shopping trip and was installing a new adaptor to replace the one "gone missing", they also bled my finger under the finger nail in mid-task, even if there was no causal snagging or other setup. And a 2" welt of red skin "showed up" on the same hand, again no ostensible cause. Clearly, even with all the noise and hallway commotion around me even as I type, they think they are onto something big. Three gangstalkers were outside my window in the rain on their seeming coffee break when I got into my room, one with the identical color of raincoat as mine, save some black panels on his.

And no doubt, as part of it, they kept me awake for two hours in bed before allowing me to go to sleep. If I recall correctly, that was the third Sunday night in succession where this has occured.

And even the nearby used clothing store started their outside noise games early; about three hours before store opening the clanging of the steel dolly on pavement, and the delivery truck tailgate hydraulic operation, both of which are long familiar (my two months in this location).

And almost needless to say, they were swarming around me in both stores, and went so far as to deliver a load of ice to the front of the store near (<10') the checkout where I was. They had at least 10 gangstalkers packed around me there, only one being the ice delivery (in November?) where it was packed in white plastic bags. Call it the plastic bag gangstalk, one step up from the "plastic bag people" that are constantly proximate anywhere I go. I had my lead-ahead ambulatory gangstalker on green-black plastic bag duty on the way back. It was a nutzo event all about me at the checkout, and many of the gangstalkers were rushing about, hoping that velocity would permit more sensitive energetics detection. And more brown dressed gangstalkers, though they had this one with plenty of black on her too.

And the perps made sure I got exposure to their metered freak show; the obese, a black dude pacing back and forth in my track, a male with shoulder length hair, and white haired males all come to mind, though there are plenty of other freak demographics that they like to present.

It is a windy and wet day out there, though I don't have any analysis as to when the perps like to schedule wind and/or rain. Today was an opportunity to maintain their "mini-wind" around me while on my shopping trip, that persistent extra gust that follows me. Nothing new there, and they will make the exception for me on calm days as well, which gives them the cover story to keep up their introduced wind noise battering my ears. Never before have I encountered so much wind noise at my ears, since pre-Before Overt Harassment, BOH.

At the drugstore, the chocolate display was hard to miss being next to the Rx pickup; there is a big push on 500g bars, and the display was 3' high, 1.5' across. It was at the chocolate display that the black dude kept backing and forthing in my tracks, seemingly for no reason, though he didn't stare at me. Perhaps he was there as a prompt to cause me to think of heading away from him to the checkout. As usual, a host of stacked ambulatory gangstalkers were in place in the aisle, various colors of clothing and/or races in front of the other, the finale being a couple close together, one in red, the other in green, the same garment style and make. I cannot imagine what this gangstalk and harassment show has done for automobile and clothing sales in this town, but there must be a whole lot of happy retailers.

A low key evening as it has turned out, not what I had expected. Perhaps it is enforced dullness or the blahs, and this wouldn't be the first time that has occured. The perps are working over their under tkhe fingernail injury they invoked, even if there is no cause, and not applying any stress to the injured finger. I am getting severely sabotaged with typos right now, so I had better call this a posting.

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