Friday, November 17, 2006

Yet Another New Phoneset

This new black colored phoneset is the fifth in four years of being harassed, the predecessors have "failed", got packed too deep to find, and in the case of the cell phone, the service became too sabotaged to continue. It is a constant preoocupation of the perps, as the reciever seems to be convertible to an energetics assay device, which is also true of the microphone for the speakerphone.

And it was a serious gangstalk today in preparation, aquiring and setting up the phone. They put six gangstalkers in file to walk past me at the checkout, and this particular checkout was relatively unused and out of the way of any main entry and exit thoroughfares/aisles. How six people, none of whom appeared to know each other, somehow colluded to assemble in file, no doubt color coordinated as to clothing (just as they do with vehicles), was quite the arrangement.

And the entire event of me acquiring a new phoneset today was also arranged as to testing one color in front of another. About 15 minutes before I left, there was an gangstalker on the outside stairway dressed in a navy blue coat and touque and carrying flattened corrugated cardboard boxes (~2' x 2.5') that had navy blue and light blue on them. (This is brown cardboard with blue print on it note). He made two passes, coming down to make a return trip. And he even stopped on the stairwell visible through my window for about 5 seconds, doing absolutely nothing but standing there dumbstruck.

Then "I" decide that to deal with the phone problem, as it was preventing me from getting my banking done. There was no pulse tones from the existing phone to make the menu selections. (Somehow the bank wouldn't do this online, "not secure", though they allow one to transact over the internet). So I walk through six blocks of gangstalking to go to London Drugs, and all the weirds were out, and the colored clown show was on; yellow and red anorak/goretex jackets.

Two cyclists rode ahead of me on the sidewalk, one looking very much like Ms. C of Everett, WA in my 1999 to 2002 days, less 50 lbs and a tad overdressed for cycling. With all the cycling lanes in this city there is no need for any of them to be on the sidewalk. And it is my supposition that the perps have paid for the City of Victoria to convert the many vehicular traffic lanes into bike lanes over the last three years. That doesn't matter one whit to the perps; with more bicycle lanes there are more cyclists on the sidewalks, or at least around me.

And after the cell phone disaster harassment of 09-2006 at London Drugs, I now find that the same salesman who was jerking me around over returning the cell phone, "broken" somehow, was parked right where I needed to go to get a landline phoneset. What a coincidence. Anyhow, there is one model at a reasonable price in black, and I take it and scoot to the checkout that they must of opened especially for this event. (It had never been used in the five months that I have been going to that store). But upon re-examination of the box at the checkout, I note it is navy blue and light blue over corrugated cardboard (brown color). No big deal "I" think. And so I pack it home in a white plastic bag, duly gangstalked of course. One operative was packing a white dinner plate with a plum red trim on it, and ensured that it faced me for about 5 seconds or so. And about 20 minutes later after I got the phone unpacked and set up, the same navy blue dressed gangstalker dude and his two-tone blue cardboard box toting act "happens" to shows up visible through my window on the stairwell.

So in other words, the perps prepared me for a combination of two colors (navy blue and light blue) over brown cardboard in advance of me leaving, had me purchase the phoneset in the same two tone blue coloration box (over brown corrugated cardboard), pack it home to my cell/room in a white plastic bag, and then have the same gangstalker with the same act, pack the same colored cardboard past me again from 12' away (visible through the plexiglas window). I am waiting for anyone to defend any of that as a coincidence.

Afternoon tea with chocolate; the parking lot is very active next door; three silver grey vehicles side by side, another two on the street, and a grey blue vehicle in the second closest parking stall. By the time tea was over they had pulled two silver-grey vehicles out and replaced them with a navy blue and a deep burgundy red vehicles (the latter being the regular pick up truck with the chrome tailgate panel).

I had a gangstalker next door in the bathroom for the entire 20 minute event of having tea and chocolate; from boiling the water, through to tea pot filling and chocolate consumption and doing the dishes; the same operative was in there, dead quiet sometimes, then making noise at others. And the perps pissed me off again; the "extra touch" jerkaround where one lets go of the kettle handle and then they force one's hand to contact it again, as if one had blundered into it. This particular harassment goes on daily, now for two years, and they make sure I always react to it with extreme annoyance.

I got the pre-mealtime overhead pounding and squeaking, and it is now being applied post-meal as I type this. As mentioned before, it is the replacement scenario for Mr. Eviction Fiction who purportedly made those very same sounds, but louder and more often. I suspect it is the perp's noise machine, as they have made identical noises overhead in other locations, even where there was a table occupying the overhead floor space.

More of the perp's perceptual fuckovers have occured today; this is where they force me to look at cup hook when "I" was headed for the nearby dish soap on the counter. Another is word meaning fuckover; as I read a specific word, the perps swap out its meaning to be something else, and then let me in on this logical discontinuity to piss me off some more. Been there, done that.

I have done my reading of the 9/11 timeline in exhaustive detail, and it is very curious as to why so much of the information is not corroborative. And no explanation as to why there were so many delays in scrambling aircraft, and when they did, they were travelling at subsonic speeds, about one third of their maximum speed. And there are plenty of other oddities that I won't go into as I don't wish to repeat other's work. And when the steel girders got shipped out of the country without any being retained for forensic analysis, it defies expectations of objectivity. If there are videos of the testimony I would like to have a look at them.

Enough adversity for a day, time to blog off.

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