Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nightime Ructions in Stereo

One can almost predict the next increment of noise action and last night was no exception. Sometime around 0500h with near simutaneous onset, the outside natterers started up from their soggy mattress location some 12' away (E. side), and hallway ructions from the other (W.) side due to some kind of "tenant" problem. From where I was lying in bed and likely awakened some in advance preparation, I was in the middle of the two sources of human voice noise. Thankfully it didn't last too long, all to have something similar repeat from only the hallway side about 0600h.

In the latter case I knew what time it was because someone said so; the "problem" being that a "tenant" had the stereo up too loud and wouldn' turn it down. As my room is beside the manager's, I get to hear the onset of the resolution, whatever that turns out to be. Anyhow, it was cause for a cell phone stalking in the hallway as presumably the incident was reported to the police. This too passed in short order and I was allowed to sleep until 0830h or so, only a 9.5 hour sleep, ruction breaks not included. And the quotes signify my interpretation of these events as orchestrated for ongoing harassment purposes, and seemingly, the desire to test my neural circuits at differing times of the day and night.

As always, such planning and split second execution serves as an example as to how nuts the perps are about maintaining this game of pretend that circulates around me, and keep up their covert status, all for some kind of expected mega-prize at the end, whenever that may happen. And I don't expect anything to end for at least a whole year, given the investment of prior clinical testing (SPECT, CT and MRI scans, and three EEG tests). Only the SPECT scan came up with Attention Deficit Disorder, and that is the treatment for which I am being denied. So yes, the clinical community is playing along too, and what my civil rights are doesn't matter one whit.

And as I am presently mind-controlled to grump about, it would seem that all their past remote assay neural behavior correlates (energy readings) have been highly compromised by various pollutants the perps allowed me to absorb. Hence their constant placement of PVC pipe and other products in my proximity, and that includes the cladding on this rooming house, being vinyl siding. All of which should not be my problem, but the same agency with a lifetime of covert harassment and collected remote energetics assay data, has decided that I haven't suffered enough, and need to be subjected to their overt harassment games, of which the above nightime ructions is but a relatively innocuous instance.

There are some other curious parallels of world events going on, and they have been mentioned in these blogs before. Not that I am alone, as there are considerable numbers of Targetted Individuals who have near identical complaints, though it would seem that the perps have me among the front burner group; significant attention and constant surveillance, and me and every moment of every proximate player scripted to the split second.

I made a trip outside but curtailed it owing to a rain and wind onset when I left the rooming house. I headed to the closest store to get a Globe & Mail newspaper, which invariably has something to read on Saturdays. Once read in the enforced skimming "pseudo-read", the external male jocularity noises began, though it did get ugly, in a scripted sense, as last night's ructions still required some resolution. The big deal for the perps seems to be the name dropping; certain so-called "trigger" words that won't be repeated here. Anyhow, it settled down again until it was time to eat chocolate with my tea, and then the very deliberate male singing and outside-my-door loud voices prevailed again. I get no rest for a minute, and it is more evidence to suggest that anything brown colored gets orchestrated attention.

At the grocery store I got a Islamic woman with a light blue headscarf on as the checkout cashier. I am not sure what the perps interest in light blue is, but they also station turbans in this color around me on the bus. It is the same light blue color of the mattress that had been propped up on the wall facing my room, that has now fallen down to become a hub for the natterers outside my window (per above). This same light blue was the family car vehicle color for > a decade, and my friend repainted his Alfa Romeo Spyder this same color. Anyhow, there are all kinds of color games going on, this only being one of them.

There are significant numbers of vehicles turning in the adjacent parking lot, and they almost invariably catch me in their headlights when I am standing at the sink and can see them. And now the perps have added a new twist to this exercise, the vehicles are now over-revving as if they had a protracted clutch problem, and take three to five of these over-revving sessions before they depart. It is almost like there is a "style du jour", where everyone starts the same pattern on the same day. Today it is over-revving vehicles, tommorrow it could be walking straight at me on the sidewalk. One positive of all the planted hassles, the fruitfly harassment has suddenly stopped, and any like circulating objects are small maser beams or clusters, a greyish black fuzzy object.

There were plenty of trigger words in the newspaper as well; these are words that are in high use either in this blog, my written journal or the swearing that goes on due to the harassment. This is one area of the extreme coincidences that I don't dwell on to much extent, as it can delimit one's life considerably. Recently one TI in private email communication mentioned that she was blonde (in context), and in response I mentioned that it was strange as to all the blonde activity that "happens" and how I have blogged this. She writes back stating that, "I am not a perp", and then I expend more email time digging my way out to say that I didn't mean to infer that she was. She is highly active in TI rights and communicating news with others, so there is no question she is acting on her own free volition as a genuine Targeted Individual. The point of this ramble is that this is not the first time I have inadvertently trod on other TI's toes, and it is comparable to the UFO researchers who are also individually suspicious and divisive. It is, I suppose, a natural outcome of our respective environments; an inability to be validated in our collective experiences and the past history of discreditation by agent provocateurs. And there is the mind-control component as well.

The usual harassment over making the same meal each day for four years continues; tonight's main aggravation was food flicking. This is where the food will not come off the fork that is applying it, and "I" flick it downward, and instead the food travels laterally, and not where I intended. And another was "sticky food" where the food item sticks to my hand, then the fork, then back again in this infuriating cycle that might be better suited to a Laurel and Hardy film. And when the tortilla was being gently removed from the pan, the perps ripped it open so some of the contents landed outside of the tortilla directly on the cutting board. As I see this exercise, it is more stressors to keep me cranked up in a state of anger and no let up. That includes typing this paragraph with some 30 typos that have been cleaned up I hope.

Being Saturday, there is an ice hockey game on TV, and as such, it becomes the magnet and cover story for the "residents" to break out into protracted cheering and whoppee-ing, especially a protracted stream of it. They are next door, and of course I get to overhear plenty of it, right through the earmuffs. It seems that is the sweet spot; the perps build these noise familiarities, and then when I have the earmuffs on, they then amplify the same noises so they are heard in deeper neural structures. Or, at least, that is my take on it, as they cause me to be so cranked up about the overhead squeaking noise that there is no choice but to put them on.

And if not previously mentioned, there is this constant white noise like din in the earmuffs which builds up over time so that I don't notice how loud it is. There is also a distant talk radio noise in the earmuffs as well, and is another background noise that slowly creeps up on me. Plus there is the ear popping transient noise, and there are those that are simutaneous with a zapping sensation as well. In short, there is no way to avoid the planting of the perps' noises, which serve as their main diagnostic probe for remotely determining neural energy correlates and my activity, even if I am only observing. In other words, it is a surrogate for their lack of gumption in declaring their program of nonconsensual human experimentation.

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