Sunday, November 05, 2006

Activity Flurries Outside My Door & TI Zero - Mr. Matthews

After having my vision irradiated for an hour from this LCD panel, a continuation of yesterday's severe emanations, a hallway sourced noise activity flurry began. Coughing outside my door, then minutes later, another supposed "tenant" of his rooming house sneezes outside my door, and there is a concurrent flush of entrances and exits in the hallways and doorway. Any front door closing immediately begets the shaking of my floor, LCD panel and windows, more than it ever did before. Never mind that my room is two rooms and 20' away, someone decided that there wasn't enough vibration shaking me and this room, so they ordered more.

And a church bell on a Sunday, what a unusual event when they have been going on at various times all this week. This church is a block away, and it likely serves as another source of vibrations that serves the sickos' agenda of everything around me being controlled and ordered for their continuing venal agenda.

The overhead noise continues; soft clunking directly overhead when I got up from my bed, and various other timings; when changing in or out of my clothes, eating food, and when any unbidden (read non-mind controlled) thought passes into mind.

The perps let me in on some fascinating reading last night, doubtless to keep me at this highly emanative LCD panel, and that was John Tilley Matthews and his complaints and description of a magnetic ray machine he called an "Air Loom", as a "influencing machine". It was a celebrated case of its day, 1796 to 1815 when he died, but he was gangstalked by a regular group who would bring a loom like device close into to him, and then adjust the vertical metal bars (heddles). Mr Matthews would find himself to be "influenced"; sneezing, planted voices and thoughts, coughing, smells and other physical effects. His descriptions are straight out of the perp manual -another site). He was then cursed by being sent to the mental hospital of its day, Bedlam, and his case was written up as being one of the most complete "elaborations" the managing doctor ever encountered. How ironic, that the event of gangstalking, harassment and mind-control, as blatant as it was, gets perverted to be a mental condition. That was two centuries ago, and not much is changed except the degree of precision as to how much of the mind can be remotely controlled, and as of this time last year, one's knowledge as I came to know, being the perp's first backtest subject. And I suspect that the ultimate goal is to not require the services of the gangstalkers, and be able to identify all auric and energetic fields and their color interactions from a distance, and thereby control more people easier.

There was many parties wanting to have Mr. Matthews released, but the managing doctor, Dr. Haslam, prevailed despite the dissenting opinions of at least two other doctors. Mr. Mathews even drew up new architectural plans for the new hospital which were duly used, but this only got him a better room. The case was well documented in a book by Dr. Haslam, whose career ultimately suffered for his intransigence in keeping Mr. Matthews in hospital. Another irony is that Dr. Haslam came to question his own sanity. A recent book on this fascinating event, "Air Loom...." by Mike Jay looks to be a must read for any TI; it has recieved positive reviews on And the suspicious nature in me wonders why this case became so celebrated in its day, and thereby documented, as it is clear, when Wikipedia removes the "gangststalking" entry, that someone is currently pulling the strings on the revelation of such activities. Anyhow, maybe for Christmas.

The nearby pressure washing noise, and activity I assume designed for "my benefit", has erupted. I get these about once a month, the modulated hissing and the concurrent throbbing pump noise. It is amazing how clean some locations need to be, and ever since BOH. Though there was plenty of debris after yesterday's all day rain. There were some 40 white plastic bags, and/or white seagull shit on the sidewalks marking my way to the grocery store and back. This was similar to my hiking activity where an ersatz centerline of white birdshit on the trail was marked. I got my usual shifts of gangstalkers, and their usual games of crowding the entrance of the grocery store with three of them, one in black fleece, and another who started it all by doing the oblivious act in a main entranceway. Standard these days. And still no Villar's chocolate and only that Lindt crap. There must be some serious brown color research going on after keeping the supply constant for five months. Only the Villars caramel and white chocolate is there, and it isn't moving. And of course, the chocolate fixation/"need" mind-control energies are still being applied, as I will never forget that one week where they had me so I couldn't stand the smell of it.

Anyhow, another protracted swearing session making tortillas from scratch; the jerkarounds du jour are the fry pan sliding around by itself (as if on ice, instead of a electrical burner), the cooked onions sticking to anything except where I was directing them (onto a plate), and the tried but true, have me look entirely in the wrong location for the item I about to get. Constant venality. The pressure washing noise erupted when I was cutting the red onions up, and it would seem this, and cheddar cheese are two particular thorny harassment food items for the perps. Never mind that I have been eating exactly the same food for >4 years, and only minor variations in the supply of ingredients. In other words, I am not buying or eating anything that they haven't planned for, especially that they have me dociled to eat the same foods, and not get tired of it. That never happened BOH.

And my parents have been dutifuly eating cheese for decades, while the perps had me off of it for at least five years before they assigned me my one and only recipie.

The means to invoke loud and significant vibrations from the next door bathroom visitors is to put on my earmuffs while web surfing; within the minute someone comes next door and slams the hell out of the door, so the sound penetrates the earmuffs and the vibrations are cranked up to shake this LCD panel. Two occurences in succession, one last night, and the other this morning. So much for random events.

Today and yesterday's on-screen jerkarounds relate to adding thicker borders to Windows, both the horizontal and vertical edges, and at the moment of me pulling them back to standard Windows dimensions, they simutaneously slam the front door, clunk overhead or other noisescape additions and combinations. Creating sensations in my forefoot is another that is getting plenty of harassment play. Ditto for text sizing changes; at the very moment of increasing or decreasing it, the perps apply the above mentioned noises.

I am at my parents, the First Feral Family, and have had dinner and eaten my red meat for the week and done a significant carbo loading. I am on the CRT terminal here, and the first thing the perps did was take out one of two light bulbs in the room lighting fixture, and two new replacement bulbs in succession did not work. Was this to have me stand on a chair to reach the fixture or have me work in the semi dim light? Who knows, and likely both. I will stay the night here and travel back to my cell/room in the daylight.

There are plenty of erratic and chaotic events and/or housekeeping here to keep a perp happy, but my level of household order that I like to keep doesn't go to this level. Call it training or call it self acquired habit, I don't know which, but the perps have never stopped me going beserk when I cannot find something. It was an ordered life that was my first goal in flying the coop, though there have been enough chaotic individuals who have filled in along the way. And now the assholes have me back here, spending time with the very dolts/quislings that served me up to this infernal servitude, and nowadays, intense nonstop harassment. I truly believe the perps have fucked everyone in the family long and hard enough and should now compensate everyone like they do the rest of the city and all the individuals and entities in my wake.

And more of the annoying and strong emanations are spewing forth from their TV; I can see the greyish maser waves and there is no relief. When we wwere all watching 60 Minutes, and the Russell Crowe interview was on, and later while I augmented my parent's knowledge of his telephone throwing incident where he got fined and put in a media circus, the masers were coming at me all the more, and from the wall and beside the TV as well. What is going on that I am not allowed to watch TV and/or type at a terminal where all these energetic waves are irradiating me?

The perps get to try out various color combinations on TV amongst the three of us; red and blue flashing police lights have been especially prevelant on the news tonight, and they must of spoofed some colors as I couldn't stand to look at it even though the scene was quite pedantic. I have never had the experience before where only the lighting from the was perturbing me and not the contents.

And the perps are playing their "emo games" whereby they corrupt my normal emotional reaction, usually minimal, to be significantly greater than it would be without their mental meddling. If I sweep my hand over my forehead and hair (possibly the goal of this exercise), then I can immediately get about a minute's relief from this jerkaround, everytime. Another clinical detail for some naysayer to explain.

Anyhow, I am relatively captive here, and comply to the household routines. And I was quite surprised to find out from the TV sports that a major Canadian event has just wound up at the new arena facility. (Read, likely perp financed payback for the City of Victoria's participation in persecution abettance, IMHO. When I lived in Everett, a similar sized downtown arena was built there. Funy how these new arenas keep following me around). anyhow, the big local event was the Skate Canada open competition, a world ranking skating event. This too is another perp tenet, keeping me clueless as to what is going on in my neighborhood/city etc. The trouble is, I often get set up by those who draw my ignorance to my attention, though with the general constriction on all things social, including emailing fellow TI's, this doesn't happen too often as a personal affront. But any email entreaties to new TI's never get answered these days, save one, and she has the same surname as I do. Another coincidence; hardly, though I have no answer as to why. For the most part, it seems that my email is blocked.

And for the limited response I get to this blog, I suspect there is some kind of constriction as to whether it is truly on the web, or if there is a TI-wide no communication order on my head. The reality is that the entire picture doesn't add up. Even the odd conference call with TI's has been somehow managed to have someone talk over top of me as I am introducing myself each time. How that is managed I don't know; it could easily be a total mind-control show of all parties (why else are we all in the same situation) or could be adherence to an advance script where the parties are knowingly complying with. I don't know, and aren't willing to state which as it does nothing to aid my situation.

The emanations are getting to severe, and the constant typo assaults are extremely vexing. Time to bail and call this a post.

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