Monday, November 27, 2006

A Ten Year Test

This is the first serious snow Victoria and the Pacific Northwest has had in ten years. A whole 12" came down overnight on top of the slush that initially formed, and in the netherworld of constant harassment, where every keystroke is governed as to correctness, noise, speed of placement etc., the snow job the perps pulled is significant. Either this dawned on me or else they let me in on this insight.

They started last night by their head flipping games for 1.5 hours before they let me get to sleep, and started the "residents" noise up about 0600h, culminating in the overhead clunking which was the ostensible impetus to get me up at 0645h. And they even added more trash outside my window, a black garbage bag "arrived" late last night, no footprints near it, and is duly buried by snow at present.

The operatives began to arrive from outside about the time I got up. These are the "residents" of this seeming rooming house, and the snow conditions put that cover story to the test, and found it to be the bullshit it really is. So if it was snowing all day yesterday, that is, giving plenty of warning, why would "residents" be arriving at the front door, and duly shaking the building, and this room in particular, at 0630h? Theoretically, they are shut-ins like me; no vehicles, and no place to go at that time. Fucking absurd.

And presently there is another flush of operatives entering and exiting the building; the frat house model of intensified busyness again, even with this city largely shut down for the snow conditions. Anyhow, it is a tiresome joke to think this is anything but a perp prison, and the irradiations are any less annoying. There have been more masers, more plasma beams and more vision impairment going on, and I expect the snow conditions are a big push to gain some kind of energetic assay results they wish to acquire to have 100% mind control over the 99.99% they already do.

And also, they have been keeping me reading on JFK, civil rights, covert operations and conspiracy stories all yesterday evening and resuming today. More mind-fuck games are being planted; I was reading a US based web site's book review and they were planting the notion that it was a repeat read of a UK based book review, same book. And the book is titled "Bad Faith" and about the despotic and tragic events and figures of Vichy France, a puppet regime of WWII. Another coincidence topic to feed the perps' continued noise and gangstalking that is going on. They like me to know all about traitorous behavior, and concurrently hammer my reading ability with some kind of noxious emanations from the LCD display.

And they decided in the night that the dark brown work surface was too brown, and drilled some 20 partial 1/4" holes through the Formica surface and into the lighter color brown particleboard to read the color underneath the Formica directly. No sawdust was left behind, but the partial drillings were not there yesterday. This is true of most surfaces and especially walls; they like to have a hole in it to reveal the inner content's colors and related energetics. The bathroom has two large panels taken out of the drywall beside the toilet; one to reveal the plumbing, and another to reveal a wood stud.

And by way of squeezing me into this single room and the moving disarray of 09-2006, the perps have succeeded in parting me from my cold weather clothing of coats, footwear, gloves and socks. Another adroit piece of planning, as it makes this weather a whole lot more problematic than it would be otherwise. The ear-ringing noise that goes on constantly has been increased in the past few days, and I am sure there are significantly more stunts and jerkarounds to follow. The snow job is a big event for fucking someone all the more when they manage my every breath and move.

The overhead pounding has started up again; the judicious application of a sudden noise following the frat house activities of the operatives suggests that this intrusion type is all about digging into deeper neural structures in real time. And the perps make sure I complain loudly about it. This sick farce continues, and it will be a long day owing to the early get-up time they scripted for me.

The perps were nailing me in the top of the head with some kind of painful irradiation until I yelled at them, and then they backed off. The coordinated coughing is running at full level; as before, they just never seem to recover anywhere I live.

The desparate faux "neighbor" coughing erupted while reading about US election vote fraud. The perps like me on these stories and it does make me think about what is the significance. So to mind-control greater numbers that there wasn't election fraud? The US voting system is getting to be third world level, and no one seems to be doing anything about it federally.

The tongue drying-out games have been going on for some four weeks now, but lately the perps have begun noisestalking the very event of me rewetting it. This ceaseless banality that is their trademark.

More conspiracy reading and more noisestalking as I encounter certain words. And the perps are also zapping me harder; a small noise will be accompanied by a significant reaction. The reading impairment is bad too; constant maser trails and zingers, like a veil flapping about.

More washing of glassware next door in the bathroom sink; talk about stupid, as it hasn't been done before except for a few days ago when five serial sessions continued, with another the next day.

More wall banging and simutaneous zapping which is pissing me off all the more; it may come time to confront one of those assholes pulling this ugly shit. The coughing show has continued through the day; everyone has it but me, and they never get better, even if it sounds so forced.

The latest perp juvenility strike is the modification of the edge borders of my windows on the PC. They have made them fatter, and when I attempt to trim them down to normal, they will often create a simutaneous noise. Or else, they use this as an opportunity to turn the entire display into a blue selection, as if for copy & past. This goes on all the time, and it is tiresome. Anyhow, they have me strung out and bored as they woke me so early today, and of course contained as there is nowhere to go in this snow. But I should be at least thankful that I have electrical power; some 50,000 homes in Victoria are without power for over 24 hours. Being ever so suspicious as a consequence of this harassment, I wonder if the perps didn't arrange that so they can play some more games. They have pulled power outages before, and artfully time them for their assay objectives. And one time in this region (Olympic Peninsula), a large area blackout occured and a streaking red meteor was seen during the blackout. When I noted that coincidence to my perp planted friend in Everett, she didn't respond. My ex-wife also had a red meteor pass by some 100m from her vehicle as she was driving 10 years or so ago.

At my regular cooked chicken source supermarket and I had acquired a cooked chicken, then got my Rx, and then the power went down and so the Rx cashier rang the chicken through the Rx till instead of me going to a checkout. (While on standby power). A few days later there was another power outage related to my cooked chicken, this in the fridge then. Anyhow, to make a dull tale brief, the perps have devoted considerable effort in gangstalking me proximate to the cooked chickens and still cannot figure out how I react to them in energetic terms. Each time I go to the grocery store they have at least one gangstalker on duty as I walk by to go to other store locations. They have had uncooked chickens out while I am waiting and once had former co-worker from Seattle buy a chicken ahead of me. Lately harassment over the chicken is at a dull roar, nothing too infuriating like they used to do. The harassment they have pulled over this one food item would take many blogs to fill, but one thing is for sure, they don't want me to cook them, but buy them cooked. But it is very economical as a protein source, $12 worth goes for 3 weeks. All this is given more detail in the Chicken Run blogs, this first one being here.
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