Saturday, March 01, 2008

Overt Browser Crashes and Other Games

The usual "background" swishing noise of high speed freeway road traffic continues, even if it is a two lane road petering out of its secondary level of traffic conveyance. Meanwhile, the ambient lighting changes considerably while looking over the TI blogs; there aren't many that I can find that are updated daily, but I always get some "phenomenon stalking" (coinciding events) as I read them. Other regular blogs that I view also get some of the same treatment, but the TI's, being monitored up the asshole and then some, are likely to be a more significant event for the perps to detect some kind of psychic interaction, which is what I have deduced as their aim. There has to be something to explain why there seems to be so many non-mind control research harassment games; I am still sticking with my Perp's Objectives as the explanation. I am always open to any objective dialog as to what the perps are up to, but "somehow", no such dialog has ever occured, no coincidence to be sure.

More forced "forget" games over my user id and password for the federal Canadian government online taxation access. Another round of my delayed disability benefits income statement again. This seems familiar, and having a wild goose chase about it is all part of the script. The plan is to wait another week before doing something about it. Typically these are ready by the end of January, but for me, why delays and late issuance are the imposed norm. When I last worked the employer "made a mistake" on the income statement slips, and supposedly everyone's was delayed by a month or so. Funny how these "problems"/games keep reoccuring no matter where I get my income from.

And while digging in my files for passwords and user id names owing to increased security, this LCD display became dark around the edges, a near routine event anytime I leave my desk. Also, there are no end of plasma "fill-in" of shapes as well, usually confined to my peripherial vision.

I regularly get browser crashes and email presentation changes that I did not request, usually at the begining of a session, and I assume that the perps are attempting to attach some kind of energetic significance to all the pieces of lines, alphabet letters, words, sentences, paragraphs and their meanings, as well as pictures, and "need" to crash these regular displays to attempt to functionally decompose what energetics go with what features. I barely understand all that myself, and if I was able to understand The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness: A Physical Basis for Immaterialism by Samuel Avery, I would be able to convey more about the perp objectives. Even putting in that book title and link got me outside squeaking noises, absurd snapping and cracking sounds near my ear ("shoulder joint movement"), word blocking, vision impairments, an overhead thump and umpteen typos as I attempt to write this.

More games in font-fucking this blog, all to the "coincident" noises of diesel engines from outside, and overhead clunking. Big exceitement for small minds, especially the timorous kind that remotely apply psychotorture for nearly six years without the gumption to front for it. All I get is those shiftless not-so-secret agents lounging around in public, putting on the extra obvious act. (See the blog posting of two days ago with pictures). Not a one has any gumption to show up in person as to why this mind fuck abuse is continuing.

The dull moments are upon me, and I am being reminded of this; all my usual blog visitations are done, and very often I am only allowed to read the first and last parts of it, being fucked into a "don't care" state, and skim reading, something I never usually do.

As part of the current imposed dullness, my email almost becomes a one way street almost; I send interesting links and comments in response to their general queries and not a one actually responds to them directly, but carries on in a new thread, and at some pre-determined point they suddenly stop replying. And as both have my phone number, and that if they were genuinely "concerned" about no response (read obstructed emails), they could easily phone. Not a bit of it. Same for a local volunteer organization where I have helped out; one person told me how badly they needed volunteers, and I haven't had a call for months. More of the same; social isolation with the odd spate of baiting me into sending emails, which are invariably timed before I got outside, or forced to take a pee, and often both together. An interesting coordination of events that are supposed to be unconnected.

Even the seagulls seem to have their stalking moments, flitting in my left side peripherial vision in a sudden flurry, presumably as a proxy for plasma and maser beams. Make no mistake, if the perps need to "tease" my vision without a cover story, they will do it. I routinely get short dazzling plasma pulses on my right side, which faces the hallway.

Another round of web surfing; the perps like me evaluating stereo equipment, and put on the noise stalking throughout, and more animated flurries when reading dollar cost of the components, some absurdly expensive. Not that I can afford any such gear, and there is a good chance the perps will constrain its use in any event. The CD player was taken out, and I have never heard of a NAD just suddenly stopping and malfunctioning. And more rounds with sirens again, they also came out for tea and chocolate, both substances being of considerable interest. The first sip of tea begat me a noise flurry, and later more was added for chocolate eating. Nothing new in any of that, just more plainly timed to my actions. This looks to be a shut-in day, as no "urge", per mind-controlled script, has come over me to get a Saturday national newspaper, my typical habit.

More male jocularity outside my door in the hallway; at least the fourth today, and on the heels of plugging my ears from the loud trains of noise that "happen".

More reading about gravity, ether theory and how Einstein got it totally wrong, and seemed to have a free ride in the acceptance of his theories that many declare to be a dead end, and his work is fundamentally flawed. Another free ride he got was to plagarize the work of Minkowsi, who prematurely died, and therefore wasn't able to defend himself. It seems a little convenient at times, these premature deaths, especially if it is related to the study of gravitics, energy, and its transmutability. Quotes like this were part of what I was reading, as if all this were accepted theory:

Aether hydrodynamics unequivocally tells us that gravity and electricity constitute one single theory. We now know that electromagnetism requires the agency of a sea of
rotating electron-positron dipoles in which electrons constitute aether sinks, and positrons constitute aether sources.
Which doesn't explain very much, and only serves to confirm the perp's need to immerse me in electromagnetic disturbances; starting a vehicle is one, another is turning the fridge compressor on and off, usually timed to when I am yelling at the assholes for jerking me around.

I suppose the real benefit for the perp was to have me reviewing a long list of bookmarks about energetics, and reading some of them. Needless to say, the word "energy" gets routinely noisestalked and there are many shills who "somehow" mention it. Call it a trigger word, though I don't pay much mind as nearly everything is. Time to call this blog posting done, and ponder the carpet auction activity tomorrow.

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