Monday, December 10, 2007

Red and Green Show

I was downtown with my mother for food gift shopping and it was the usual gangstalk melee. The vehicles were ordered in the parkade, reds together, then silver greys, white colored vehicles and some black vehicles and some mid-grey ones in the mix. And Christmas is the time to get out red colors, and it has never been more prominent than this year it would seem, as it is the most popular color for coats, hats and gloves. The green color also is considered seasonal, and it is often used as some kind of baseline color as my office chair is a dark green. There is an energetic relationship between specific colors going by J K Harms' reasoned musings on the properties of light, and it does not surprise me that I see these in close proximity when outside in the Gangstalk World, this pit of hell I have been incarcerated in with no choice in the matter. All to entertain the debased juvenile level impositions on the entire physicality of my existence, down to all the minutae of living; breathing, seeing, hearing, interacting with conventional gravity, and all thoughts and actions. This is to serve their sick minded trepidation about not declaring themselves to be conducting nonconsensual human experimentation on me. There are many hundreds of similarly harassed and controlled individuals like me, but as far as I know, I am one of the top harassment prospects in getting this level of intensified depravity.

Back to today's games. I should also mention that there was a later swarm of yellow (colored) jackets around me when downtown with my mother this morning. As Mondays are the scripted day for me to "forget" to take my yellow colored pills, it seems it is also a day when the perps know there is less "yellow color interference" (my term if it wasn't planted in mind) in me. And to get this all correct, I have come to the conclusion that the only reason I take any medication is for the perps to play color games. This past September's road trip, where I "forgot" to take my medication each day was also associated with intensified yellow stalking games. And of note, when I noticed no adverse effects from not taking this regular medication, and mentioned this to my doctor, he didn't even ask as to how I felt while off of it. In other words, he didn't want to know.

The perps even put four of their gangstalkers in a wide sidewalk sweep and they were all carrying the same mid-green T-shirts. And as it "so happened" about 35 minutes later in the downtown wander/gangstalk route, these same rubes are on the street wearing them, putting them for their apparent cover story, soliciting for Greenpeace. Funny how that happens, the same freaks and weirds keep showing up later on our visitation.

While at the cafe of a department store, the perps even put an obviously mentally handicapped cretin (or lookalike) with his attendant only 6' from me, sitting exactly where a blonde woman sat for 20 minutes beforehand. And to make it extra obvious, they arrived from the elevator with coffee in hand from an outside vendor, likely a Starbucks paper cup, the very ones that are the gangstalking prop for the Coffee Corps when I am walking outside. They didn't bother with the appearances of pretending to be customers. These are the profusion of coffee cup packing gangstalkers, often coming from directions where there is no coffee or retail source, who make no bones about packing this color referencing liquid in my proximity. I have never seen so many of these of late, take-out coffee is the new trend in this city. I can only assume that the handicapped shill was attempting to leverage whatever blonde "aura" goodness energy was imparted to the seat and cushions as to where she sat. I have also seen this on the bus; the blonde woman (favored demographic) will get up and a vagrant male, or like unfavored demographic member, will sit in the same seat. This is not the first time the perps have planted these handicap cases around me, and I am sure it won't be the last. Add them to the unfavored demographic list, if they aren't already there. As all my proclivities, likes and dislikes and related geneses are under such intensive observation, and seem to be widely known amongst the myriad gangstalkers and shills, I can only assume that the perps are attempting to somehow get the favored items, say, a certain vehicle model design, to register in some way such that they can then apply their determinations (in whatever form they are), to those objects, colors or beings that I don't care to look at, or especially, if I find them repugnant.

Another example of this is the games of placing the players in the regular gym class and then re-directing my attention to an unfavored subject, and immediately following, a (more) favored one. This overweight and large gutted ethnic dude has been hanging around me like a bad smell at the gym, and the perps often plant him in my line of sight, especially when I am contained on a stationary bicycle. They directed my attention to this loathesome sight, so "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) look away, and there in my gaze is the similarly formed pregnant woman coordinator of the gym class. In other words, they redirected my sight from planted male large gutted disgusting dude to large tummied pregnant woman (gym class coordinator), of similar form and size.

The elevator rushing stunt, where the gangstalkers and shills walk into, or attempt to, the elevator before those inside can get out at the same floor is still playing strong. One faux absent minded asshole pulled this stunt in the department store elevator today, and my later comments to my mother about this public "habit" erupting in this city since 2003 were blown off. I worked in a high rise building in Seattle for 2 years, taking the elevator each day, and I had never seen anything like it there, and somehow this bullshit stunt "happens" after being forced back to this city, likely prepared for this harassment campaign in my absence.

The overhead pounding has started up as I finish reading J K Harms per above, hoping to find his deliberations on color which seem to have gone "missing" or are "misremembered", a concern of late that has never happened before. And it so happens this is the second time I have hit this very wall, and somehow I did not recall that which I certainly would of if I wasn't being fucked with by sick depraved assholes out of control. Hence no link, something I wanted to add, and also being jerked around in the perp's game of creating dashed expectations. Been there, done that, many hundreds of times, so why am I being abused in this way some five years later?

Maybe I will be given some time to compose instead of the intense typo sabotage so far today; the perps are keeping me on the rage-ified burner, e.g. fucking me over four consecutive spellings for common words.

Last night at my perp abetting parent's place, aka the First Feral Family, we watched television, about the only time I get to see it, not that I am missing anything. It is always interesting to note what is on the news, and the potential perp objectives behind it.

Under the Essential Introductory Postings to the right, under Pondering the Perps Objecitves, I discuss one of the perp's fondest themes for planting in my life, and that is the topic of death, demise, murder, war etc. in natural or unnatural form. Another aspect of this is noisestalking me the moment I begin reading the obituaries, even if I don't know of the persons mentioned. This morbid preoccupation of the perps, reached a certain nadir yesterday, with the decision of the Pickton trial over the murder of six women at his farm. Another 20 cases await indictment, and possibly another trial, this being a test case. It is easily one of the most expensive and longest trials in Canadian history. (And as I type this up, being relatively free of being nailed with typo sabotage, the noise flurries have started up). The decision came down yesterday, a Sunday, the day that I visit my parents and stay over there for the night, and the story was running bigtime on all three major news outlets. Most of the regular news items were reduced to make for more time on this trial's outcome and analysis. In a nutshell, it seemed that justice was done, and the evidence was damning to say the least. There are many news blackouts on the trial, and not much detailed information had got out to the public, save last night.

I consider it a most odd coincidence that this breaking news, in one of the central harassment themes of the perps, breaks on the very day that I am visiting my perp-abetting parents, so we could all be simutaneously apprised and energetically assayed while the masers and plasma beams flitted about the room. (And an increased magnetic field from the CRT TV). Anyhow, coincidence or not, I won't go into, because it creeps me out as to how often seeming unrelated news events which fit the perp harassment objectives, seem to fit with their other machinations, like having me around my parents for a threesome for concurrent and comparative mind-control research. These interlocking "coincidences" get even more boggling when one realizes that there are television schedules arranged months in advance that also fit into the scheme of arranged events.

Yesterday, I mentioned the incident of a redi-mix truck killing a family of five in Calgary, the day following when socially talking about the same city with the individuals helping in the office mailout. And too, the incidences of concrete stalking, has gone up in the past week as my blog postings will attest. There were three pourings of four projects on one day when walking to the gym and back last week as an example, and I routinely get at least one redi-mix truck gangstalking me when I am out, and even today when driving my mother downtown. The other public works project, now continuing for over five weeks is located a block away, and it also had a huge concrete pouring about three weeks ago, laying down a foot thick base of a road for 100', some 30' wide. The most curious part of it was that they had a negro hugging the pouring spout while I walked by; I have never seen any negro construction workers in this city, and it was a spectacular oddity. And I am sure the perps have a race or brown skinned component to this "problematic" substance they wish to be able to energetically model to its fullest extent in my proximity, which could extend a mile or more if I read the current goings on correctly. And as one of my thought-to-be high school friends is in the pipe laying and construction business, I can only assume the perps have plenty of data on him too.

More of scaring myself silly over the underground tunnels and the alien agenda and the rest of the cataclysmic intentions of the nasty draconians on the Watcher Files. I cannot keep up with how many alien species there are and who is aligned against who. I don't mean disrespect; I suspect that there is more truth to these stories than fiction, especially where extra-conventional gravitic energies are concerned. But I do wonder where it is all going, especially where the cooperation of this entire city in this ongoing persecution and harassment is concerned. I keep getting the telepathic message that "this is the boy scouts side of the camp", but based on the vituperative assholes I deal with every day, not to mention the convenient seeming deaths and massacres that in the news (per above cement truck "accident") which appear to fit with the current depravity in which I am embroiled without consent, I am not buying into this latest mind polluting line.

More of Katie Melua on YouTube, along with the spoofing games of adding in bright spots beside or behind the performer to diminish my visual perception to a backlit situation. This is typical; all day long the perps piss with the light and perception of people mostly, and eyes especially. When I was out downtown this morning, I had walked two blocks with no direct sunlight, and the instant the direct beams of the sun hit my eyes as I turned a corner, a car alarm went off, for no seeming vehicular reason.

Time to blog off and call this day done.

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