Saturday, December 08, 2007

Stuffing Envelopes

I spent most of today on this mail-out project as a helper, and was caught up in the conversations that were among the two others in the room. It is one of those mindless activities where company makes all the difference. And there was a PC LCD display some 6' away, as the source for the music, so I am sure that was part of the colorstalking scene. That I worked through lunch, 1130 to 1700h, was also a decided bonus for the perps, as food digestion is a huge problematic energetics territory for them. As part of the deal, and uncharacteristically, I did not feel hungry at all, as the need for food can be remotely managed and squelched as I have come to know from past experiences.

As per routine, I got to tell my harassment onset story to a resounding faked nominal interest; the absence of all curiousity is the one consistency among all whom I confer this to, and it was no different today. And of course there were plenty of masers and plasma beams flitting about the room, often arising from the table and papers that I was folding and handling. I am sure the others, both women, saw these, as they were unavoidable. Funny that they did not ask what a maser is, as it is an obscure term, so perhaps they already knew. The term "plasma" can also be miscontrued to mean a high heat application, rather than a magnetically controlled fourth state of matter. I also had plenty of small plasma patches inserted into my up-close vision, normally a rarity. And for the record, there were plenty of brown cardboard boxes to be moved around, and slowly decrementing stacks of white paper over a brown colored table surface. In other words, plenty of object and color manipulations in my proximity, especially related to the colors that the perps seem most obsessed by.

Along the way, I learned that the perps can manipulate my sense of certainty as to facts that they then let me in on that were dead wrong, at least a decade out of whack. Funny how my respondents didn't further engage in the topic, but this is how it seems to work; string me along so I say something that is incorrect, and when I am allowed to recover from this planted "mistake", everyone goes quiet. Strange.

All my recent blogging over the prominence of concrete pouring projects on my walking beat has been given a possibly coincident reminder. This news item about a concrete truck running down a family in their vehicle in Calgary has a certain odious commonality with my harassment experiences that I don't want to speculate upon to any significant extent. A tragic story to say the least, and hopefully not the planned and scripted event that it seems, with my perspective being skewed by the ongoing harassment and observing the degree of coincidence with the body of impositions put upon me. Also of interest, that yesterday's social nattering covered the topic of living in the city of Calgary, as some of the helpers had lived there. There are too many coincidences going on is how most TI's describe their lives, and mine is no exception.

Time to blog off; I have become enraptured with Katie Melua on YouTube tonight.

No, I was mind-fucked into a forced "forget" to post yesterday's blog posting. As with last Sunday, I will keep this one rolling as it will be a shorter day of web access as I will be heading off to my parent's place in two hours or so.
It was another Sunday laundry day, the timing of which has plenty of harassment associations, though I do not particularly care, except that my laundry gets done in an expeditious manner. This means that all my bedding gets unused tonight, the sheets being laundered today. And the freshly laundered face cloth used for shaving gets taken to my parent's place, as they seem to be out of this particular linen item. As mentioned in past blogs, laundry and shaving are two areas where the perps devote intense effort into, covering me with masers and harassment games over the smallest details, everytime.

The perps have just finished riling me up and continuously pissing me off for the last half hour of food preparation, food consumption and cleaning the dishes. Again, all these tasks are intensely followed and harassed by the perps. They had me start a new tub of guacamole today, foiling the usual opening of the internal film over it, and having me cut it out with a knife, dabbing it in the guacamole, and spinning the tub 360 degrees, something they like to do with the ambulatory gangstalkers as well. I also started a new bottle of olive oil, another intense area of perp harassment, and the instant that I cracked the metal cap, there was "neighbor noise", re-affirming my observation that the perps like to place stressed metals in my proximity. They can never get enough gangstalkers around me at the gym when I am on the cable equipment.

The ongoing jerkaround today seems to be the game of numbing my forehead and forcing me to alleviate this annoying sensation by rubbing my hand over it, which succeeds for a few minutes. And true to form, the "neighbor noise" simutaneously errupts exactly when I am doing this.

The weather is rainy today, and that makes for a good reason to keep this apartment in the dark, as it has an E. facing view.

Maybe now I get to post this instead of being jerked with forced "forgets" that never happened before.

Of note, this is the 500th blog posting Since I began in April 2006.

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