Friday, December 21, 2007

Street Hollaring Eruption

I had started a blog posting, and it got deleted, or else, the things that I am certain about can also be remotely manipulated as I have come to learn.

But as I started this blog, the street hollaring started up, and it has been going on since last night when attempting to get to sleep, and being made to toss my head from one side to the other for nearly an hour. Then I was awakened sometime around 0300h to 0400h all to hear the same kind of noise again. And another round first thing when I got up. This does not surprise me as human voice sounds are processed in the amygdala part of the brain, and this seems to be the brain region of the most intense research. For the uninitiated that means, my brain is being researched in real time by remote methods.

It was a logistically pointless event for my parents to pick me up and then have me drive them to locations that are closer them than I am to them. But that was the arrangement, and I duly, as in mind-controlled, complied, and took them on a huge vehicular gangstalking that likely utilized at least 2,000 vehicles, as I was driving the main highway access route for about three miles. Not too far, but it seemed the big deal was to not only witness this spectacular arrangement of vehicular traffic by vehicle color, vehicle type (mini-vans, SUVs, pickups, etc.), but also witness the complexity that they were presenting; very light metallic brown colored vehicles in front of deep metallic red vehicles with a white or a black vehicle in file as an additional color reference buffer etc.

The first stop was a liquor store visitation, and the middle-aged male gangstalkers were all around us, my mother, father and me, cutting between us, and standing behind one of us, like a choreography for a sick farce, aka the Gangstalking Ballet perhaps. I didn't get to pack the plastic shopping basket, something they have removed at certain stores in the past sometimes, and my father got to pack the bright red plastic basket for the three bottles of wine that we "decided" (read, per script), to purchase.

The perps like me to be around all those glass bottles, and all the more with an operative clattering them together, just like the hallway glass bottle bashing that goes on in this apartment building hallway, and also a block away where a recyling operation set up shop. As usual, there were plenty of aisleway pinch points arranged ahead of time, as well as brown cardboard boxes adroitly located where we stopped at the Australian wine section. It does make me wonder if the perps are attempting to detect some kind of differing energy from the wine provenance, where it is from. As mentioned in the Essential Postings blogs to the right, under the Perp's Objectives, that there is a definite geographic research component to this harassment, and wine might well be the most promising substance to study. And it is true, that members of my amateur winemaking club toured Australian wineries, and spoke with the head vintners about their methods and practices.

The choreography of mobile vehicles in the parking lot wasn't quite as bad as that in the liquor store, but it was clear that the perps wanted to hold me up, constrain the arc of movement in backing up, and otherwise make it more of a stressor than usual.

Then onto a grocery store, the one that my mother usual shops at, hence my suspicion that this trip could of been made by her without any driving assistance to me. And like the liquor store, there was the usual sentries, middle-aged loiterers who tracked me in the store, and the same game of having the gangstalkers walk between us, around etc. and also purchase the same things was we did in part. At one point, they had four women stepping out of the store in file, and one was a negro, never seen before in that toney neighborhood, who then went to her vehicle, turned around, and then walked back in the store. And lo, if I wasn't called over to inspect some vegetables for my mother, walking through their tracks only seconds later.

Then back to my parent's place, where my mother essentially confirmed what I was allowed to know, that my involvement was logistically pointless, as she wanted me to take the bus back, one of the all time favorite games for meeting more freaks, and having them packed around me. Sure enough, there was seven dudes, and three blondes packed around me, and the perps had one male pair, hop about in a total of four seats before they "found" their "Cheers-ing" buddy, and started up a conversation beside me. One of the blonde women had this ugly corded hair, something that I am being exposed to more frequently, and after I had a look at this hideous mess, they pulled her within a few minutes. I also got my guitar stalker, this endless perp obsession for them to place guitars around me, often only to be seen, and I have no musical ability whatsoever and I do not know why, save plucking the strings or otherwise picking up vibrations from it. Often, the perps want me to just see the guitar, as one operative had one in this apartment's lobby when I "happened" to be passing by.

In a similar configuration to the LD store checkout lineup yesterday, I had a blonde woman either side of me on the bus with an intervening male that the perps hope to measure some kind of comparative "auric glow" from. The perps arrange the Unfavored demographic group members to be seen with, beside, behind, in front of, spatially proximate with the Favored demographic group members, which for the most part are younger women and blonde ones most of all.

I also noted that a redheaded male was three seats from me on the bus, and he too was pulled in short order. There is a decided emphasis on planting readheaded males around me, as there was a setup yesterday at the luncheon. The very pretty coordinator, a younger female in black hair came to talk to me at the table, and while I spoke to her, a redheaded male came to play guitar as part of the Christmas carol activity. The perps made sure that I had an unduly strong reaction to his hair color, forcing my attention that direction at least 10x, and all the while holding a conversation with this attractive woman who organizes the gym class. Every so often, the perps would plant a gangstalker between me and the redheaded male guitarist for some kind of difference testing, and then again allow direct line of sight. All very consistent and predictable.

And if something is offensive, as per the Unfavored demographic groups, say a large gut, redhair, ugly hair, or like, and the perps don't seem to be getting anywhere, what they will do is place their operative in a situation where I only see part of the offending feature. A few days ago, they had a large gutted male "hanging out" smoking in a store doorway and as I approached him from the side, and only the largest 2" of him was directly visible, in a red shirt no less, as the rest of him was behind the overly reflective glass. Today, per above bus ride, the male redhead was only partially visible above a panel on the bus, and then he sat up some more later, all for me to see a progressively greater amount of his fugly hair. For whatever reason, that did not work, and he exited within a minute or so after that.

A short post, and this covers only the highlights of the day, such as they were.

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