Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Shopping Swarm

I went out early, that means 1030h as the stores do not open until 1000h if my abortive attempt of three days ago was a true example and not especially configured for me to "get it" wrong. And with one abortive attempt to go to a certain location, one can be sure that the perps want me to repeat this only a few days later, especially on Winter Solstice where they devote extra gangstalking and other harassment to me. And it wasn't too different as last year, as I got my daughter the same gift certificate from the same store.

I got the "males surge" (male gangstalkers) placed around me, and they are often dressed in red, and if they weren't, they were holding red color garments for purchase. There was a line up at one till, when there were three, and so it went, this big swirling surge of male gangstalkers all around me, and then a force play to take the long route out in passing behind a garment rack with the line of them on the other side.

I got the streetside stare; a younger woman leaning against a doorway smoking, all in black save a ridiculous fuschia colored scarf, with big doe eyes looking at me from 12' away, and then again when passing (within 4') beside her. I don't look and more stranger than the gangstalking community in my proximity, so what was the big deal? She was younger than 30, and I am older than 50, so there was nothing I could conceive of why I was being stared at. Anyhow, within a minute, a blonde with a brown cardboard box and a vase of flowers was walking toward me, and this I assume was to have the cardboard box bathe in her "auric glow", or whatever the reason is that the perps consistently place blondes as an bioenergetic entre for Unfavored colors, objects and beings.

Then onto grocery shopping to find that the left hand drive ambulatory pedestrian silliness had gone beserk today. At the closest intersection to the grocery store, they put on four gangstalkers coming toward me all attempting to pass by me on my right side. This behavior has increased of late, and some use it as an opportunity to pass close by on my left side, usually with 4' of unused sidewalk space which they refuse to utilize. Outside the grocery store there was a swarm of at least 10 of the fuckers around me, crossing in front, driving straight at me and following immediately behind me, at the flower display, all attempting to get a better read on me as I entered the store. It was fucking outrageous, and there is no way that store would of been anywhere as busy at that time, 1100h.

The perps let me out of the store soon enough, but not without putting on more brown displays; at the chocolate section they had the ubiquious stocking cart with a load of brown boxes, and to add to the absurdity, the person was handling a plastic wrapped flat of peanut butter, the same kind I buy, and it was at least 20' from the correct shelf location. The perps had over 8 gangstalkers lined up and wandering around at the tortillas section, the sprouted wheat variety that I buy, and then screwed me into getting three packages when I had only picked up two. It was either a mind-fuck as to how many I grasped, or else they placed an extra tortilla package in my basket by way of extra-conventional gravitics games, which has been know to happen. There was a blonde woman hanging around a male skinhead on the intended aisle I was to use for transiting to the checkouts,
and when I selected another aisle to walk down, there she was again.

I was awakened in the night to hear the sound of raindrops on the roof, except that the roof is another 6 stories up. This is part of the game, and in short order it ended, and serves as an example of how the perps manage my existence.

I am not allowed to pee in a toilet today; both times the pee stream was directed at the rim initially, and only by swearing at the assholes was I allowed to piss in the toilet. The remotely applied "need" to pee was timed to follow substantial efforts to put nonconsensual human experiment related bookmarks to their appropriate bookmark directory. And the timing of when I take a pee has become more tactical, always following my interest in a theme or even TI related websites. It is an important event for the perps, as they can likely gauge my internal body bioenergetics at the time I was studying a certain topic.

The perps cranked me up to extreme levels of ragification when they dumped my tortilla that I was extracting from the frypan onto the cutting board and sending its contents every which way. I lived with this same bullshit everyday for over 15 months until they suddenly stopped in 08-2005. Now they have started it up again, and the seeming objective was to have me use my knife and fork to eat it instead of my fingers. This appears to be testing me on using my knife and fork to eat, something that is rare owing to the finger food nature of the perp sponsored (read, mind-controlled) diet. That tells me they might be getting a handle on how my bioenergetics interact with metals. Over five years later of insane psycho-torture, and here we are, discovering fundamental properties.

And there has been a certain non-conventional beserkness in how water droplets move today, and they can fly out of the toilet, or fly back in without any seeming contributory conventional causal forces. This morning the perps pissed me off supremely when attempting to put jam on my peanut butter at breakfast when they simultaneously impaired my vision, "spilled" the jam in four different directions, having jam land on the counter, on the peanut butter after flying off the knife in advance, onto the toast while still on the knife (normal), and then on the outside of the jar which was 12" away. And they made sure I was extremely annoyed over that. Five and a half years of having my food fucked with, and they haven't the fortitude to show up in person why I am being harassed like this.

When making dinner tonight the perps pulled a similar stunt as to the above mentioned (red) jam games. I was handling the brown sprouted wheat tortillas from the package (the same one that draws 5 to 10 gangstalkers when I pick it up at the grocery store), and they put a momentary red plasma cloud of some 12" diameter in front of the brown tortilla for a second or so. More continuing stunts while they fuck with my life, having already been covertly monitoring me since birth. And to no surprise, their screw-ups on two fronts, allowing ingestion of pollutants and traumatizations that they must of known about early on, have protracted this insane and vile harassment in overt form for over five years. It just pisses me off that they fucked up and make me pay for it.

More noise trains of loud mufflered vehicles, sometimes one after the other, six per minute or so. Then some mini-zappings on my left arm and then armpit which are extremely annoying as the perps are not even bothering with the pretense of a cover story, just blatant fuckery.

Another forced "forget" to not post this last night. And as I will be going to my parent's place in short order for Christmas, the litany of harassment that went on when laundering my clothes this morning will go largely undocumented.

This is it for Christmas cheer, not a topic for most TI's to contemplate, and especially after this fraught morning. Time to blog off for the season, and suffer yet more somewhere else. Grim, but that is the imposed reality.

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