Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Vision Assault

The vision assaults have been continuing since I got up after a 10 hour imposed sleep duration, likely to arrange the sunlight games upon the breakfast table, also a continuing game. Today, food was in a shadow, but I was in the sunlight beam, and naturally the food passed through the sunlight before being placed in my mouth. This is important for the perps who still continue their stunts from afar, too timid to get out of the closet and declare themselves to be conducting nonconsensual human experimentation. Needless to say, I am totally infuriated by this selectively applied harassment, and any time I vocalize my complaints they then force mispronounciations of a never-before nature and also fly spittle out of my mouth, another habit of theirs that has developed increasing prominence in the past year. Screwed over in responding to being screwed over; nothing new there except the escalated intensity and duration.

And the perps are getting plain cavalier about me seeing "arrivals" of their crumbs and splatter on the stove or other surfaces, none of which I made myself. They even had me look at the stove surface in advance of the coffee drop mysteriously landing there. I was pouring the hot water at the time, but there was no way I could of made the drop land in that particular location, even if being blanked out.

The vision assault went into overdrive after "I" put on the green plastic earmuffs for 20 minutes or so. Part of the game is to have me shake my head to thwart the vision impairment of the moment, though it doesn't do much good as relief is controlled as well. Finally, after taking the earmuffs off, and a few more minutes of "wind down time", the assholes relented and I can see fine, save the constant masers and plasma beams and other configurations that are routinely planted in my filed of view.

I did some more office helping today, and the activity was mainly stuffing envelopes, with the usual provisio that this is all orchestrated, and it had all the marks of being so. There was a blonde woman introducing the project, a very large woman leading it, and a red-haired dude helping out. The large woman's daughter was flitting about. It would seen that these adult personnel were drawn from the perp's demographic groups, the ones deemed "unfavorable" by me. Past blog postings have detailed the demographic groups, and how there is usually a favored demographic group member at first, the blonde woman, which then is withdrawn to be supplanted with those from the unfavored demographic groups. What this all means is not entirely clear, but it does seem that if there is a long past negative connotation to certain appearences, even if I am totally unaware of them, the perps can detect this negativity in some way, and they seem to want to ameliorate it. It is thought that many, perhaps all, of the negative, or unfavored, demographic groups resulted from early childhood traumas, though there are no such events that I can specifically recall. Many of these unfavored events may have taken place in a hospital as there have been some phenomenally well prepared stunts as well as making sure that I am exposed to people in white clothes. And why the perps need to revisit or recreate them is unknown to me, as I really don't know why they are hounding me except for the plainly evident reason for mind control. By year end I reckon they will be at 100%, as it seems it is only very short term recall, visual and written that still confounds them as well as a high level internal dialog.

Anyhow, getting back to the above activity; there were plenty of white envelopes and brown envelopes as part of this mail-out, and those are two colors of intense interest to the perps. After a training period, the two others departed the room and left me by myself to continue the work, a behavior I have noted in past blog postings, particularly with respect to family events. This was the event of applying water to the gum are of the envelope flap. There were only a few more when the blonde woman, and a black haired woman arrived in the room and helped me out by licking the envelope's gum area rather than using the water applicator with a red sponge tip.

While everyone had cleared out of the room while I was doing the envelope sealing, the masers started coming on, in the form of the concentrically nested dots and the fuzzy balls, aka zingers. It was curious as these maser elements were coming from the edges of envelopes and other objects that I was looking at, as if attempting to define the edge in some way.

The mailing was done in time to get it to the post office, and I reckon the red-printed (upon) brown cardboard box was also part of the skit that was unfolding (color combination games). There were white envelope carrying gangstalkers on the street before I arrived at the office, so I can only assume that there was a need to reference me to both color and material (paper) before I was inside the building. I got wood furniture referencing when I was in my apartment before I set off, as a black pickup truck with a load of wood furniture in its box stopped in the traffic down below, which I assume is to reference me to wood, something that the perps routinely do each time I go outside. This maybe related to the fact that my hands are resting on wood when I type, and perhaps they have the expectation to be able to replicate whatever bioenergetic interaction they can remotely detect from this situation to everywhere else, starting from blocks away, and going further out, likely to the extent that I walk when going to the gym, 30 minutes of city walking. All speculative to be sure, but it is based on many hundreds of consistently "happening", i.e. staged, events that go on each month, now for over five years.

A quick sign off as more vision impairments are upon me, the more persistent kind with LCD plasma projections and often timed with outside noise or even the YouTube music sessions I am watching. It is a Karen Matheson treat tonight, she of Capercaille and solo work. I also got my sinuses pressurized for whatever reason, so nothing is going well currently.

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