Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two Skunks and One Vehicle Rundown Attempt So Far

It is only 1120h and I have had two cancelled events so far, and one attempt, or the appearance thereof, to run me down on a crosswalk when preceeding in accordance with the signal. In the latter case, I walked on the walk signal on the crosswalk, and a left turning mega-pickup truck came at me, getting within 3' of me and partially on the crosswalk. In these circumstances, my finger is automatically pulled out, all to escalate the show if need be, I have no choice in it. The driver was jawing at me, and I proceeded onward, without any assaults this time. I had just been gangstalked by a daycare party on a preceding crosswalk at the same intersection, and prior to that, crossing the same intersection in the opposite direction only five minutes earlier, as one of the yoga class members "happened" to be there to tell me that yoga had been cancelled.

When events are cancelled or otherwise obstructed, I call this a "skunk", not too different from the fishing slang term to mean nothing caught. This is the fourth time in a year the class has been cancelled, sometimes selectively, where me and the other male in the class were the only ones to not be notified in advance. And it would seem that it was intentional as the coordinator has all our phone numbers, gathered the first time to prevent cancellation without notice.

The first skunk today was going downtown among the freakshow at 0940h, and finding the store I wanted to go to but it had not opened yet. No posted hours on the door or window of course, and four gangstalkers were waiting there already and at no other stores. It is freaking bizarre, that five days before Christmas that they are opening at 1000h. And of course they were prepared for my turnaround at the store, as inside, one woman was packing a grey plastic packing container, walking toward me, and this has been one of the heavy gangstalking routines of late, placing various plastics in assorted colors around me and attempting some kind of distance dependent testing. Nothing new there, and of course the ongoing freakshow was all in place for my aborted shopping mission, the only one I want to attempt, as it was intended to acquire something for my daughter for Christmas.

As part of the downtown gangstalking freakshow, I got the blue hairdo, and then a follow-on doppelganger 10 seconds later, in near identical dress and physique except the blue hair. I got swarms of bums, who somehow saw fit to shop on the mainstreet, somewhat bizarrely, as they never frequent that area, and now they do. The story of the four independent male gangstalkers who all jaywalked together in a cluster is below.

I am back from another freakshow visitation, that to the Day Program's Christmas lunch. There were a few familiar faces from the gym class, doing their pass-bys, and even the woman at yoga who I met earlier on the street who told me yoga was cancelled, was also there at the luncheon one hour later. If she had gone to yoga, like I was planning, and if yoga hadn't been cancelled, then she would of not made it to the luncheon either. A minor bizarre "coincidence", but has been a busy day for outings, now three, and there was much more complexity in their testing of colors and materials, and they got their gangstalkers in close to me, both at the bus stop and the line at the luncheon. This seems to be part of the plan, have gangstalkers loiter exactly where I was sitting or standing, the more, the better.

At the luncheon, I was at a table with supposed autistic, a woman who kept moving her head back and forth. I am sure the perps got great value out of that, as they appear to be refining their research on how I track faces, especially eyes. And as I was speaking to her, there would of been neural monitoring value for the perps to map my speaking, (creating noise), with her in my vision, which would of been more active than normal to track this woman's head.

It is interesting to note that the perps are attempting more complexity, having me drink red cranberry juice after it being in a brown plastic container. Of course a brown dressed operative had moved in within 18" of me when pouring, attempting to get a common color read off me as well as the juice pitcher. I can't be left alone for more than 2 seconds without a gangstalker or operative on me, and that applies each of the three times I exited the building today; a black and grey dressed gangstalker "happened" to be coming by as I was exiting.

I also notice that more of the perps are packing Sony Discman, or like portable music players, and also the headphones, sometime large silver ones as ridiculous as it looks. They like to get magnets around me if they can, and it would seem that this is a method, as I am sure that they can remotely read their operatives to the level they can read me.

And somewhere at this luncheon, there were more "helpers" packing the same kind of grey plastic packing box that I witnessed at the closed retail store I was to visit (per above).

There were concrete pours at all three of the construction projects on my beat to the Christmas luncheon, only a little shorter than the same beat to the OB Rec. Center for gym class. And when outside on the first skunk trip to the store that was closed at 0940h (as per above), one of the same concrete trucks, a very rare all white colored one, was on the job as I saw it from the bus at about 1140h.

I am begining to suspect that the color of the concrete truck matters to the perps, hence today's special white colored one. Normally, the two firms that supply concrete are blue on white or a pastel green on white.

And there was a huge crush of gangstalkers peeling out in file at the LD store, exceedingly busy for about 1400h on weekday, even if just before Christmas. This seems to be the new routine before I enter a store or building, having a file of five or more gangstalkers striding out of the doorway, all walking at a fair clip, and have them turn 90 degrees with me at the center of the turning radius. This is the same as the vehicular gangstalking method, contra-concentric turning, and now more personnel on the job in these absurd trains of them, in file, all walking fast. Earlier, on the Christmas shopping skunk trip, I was witness to four independent males all jaywalking together against the pedestrian traffic control. In this town, it is exceedingly rare for anyone to jaywalk, especially at a controlled intersection, but here were four dudes, one with a dolly of brown boxes as some kind of color reference, and the other three packed around (ahead, behind and beside) the dolly packing operative. It was perp comedy while playing brown color referential games. Only minutes before that, another dude was standing around with two rolls of brown paper, each about 8" in diameter and 3' long. A mighty strange item for downtown pedestrians to have.

And more strange pedestrian games at the above same intersection; a deja vu in the form of an Asian woman in white and brown was oncoming on the crosswalk when I was headed to the specific store that turned out to be closed, and once I turned around, less than a minute later, she was at the same crosswalk and waiting to go the same direction again, this time in parallel to me. Talk about odd, as she would of had to turn around immediately to retrace her steps, and then wait at the same side of the street as before. Not even a decent cover story to be seen blatantly gangstalking, which is how it goes now.

There are more discontinuity games going on as well, where they blank me out for a few seconds, usually with someone or something moving, and then they bring me back and unaware about the continuity loss, but still with a residual suspicion that the scene had been oddly altered in some way. These continuity blanking stunts have happened in the long past, and they would use the cover story that it was because of a medication change, but all the same, it freaked me out that somehow I did not see something extremely vital, like a travelling vehicle moving into the lane space I was about to use. Now, it seems that the perps can also blank out my ability to know that there was a continuity loss, sabotaging my continuity monitoring capabilities.

A noise assault is on; a succession of loud mufflered vehicles doing excessive speeds in this go-slow neighborhood, one after the other. Most of this noise is planted, and is especially noted when the siren cascades come on, as there is no actual arrival of emergency vehicles.

This is the post-dinner noisestalk period, so I am sure the perps will continue this afternoon's noise, which has been sustained in the form of loud mufflered vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and a stereo from somewhere close by.

My entire dinner preparation time and in doing the dishes afterward I was jabbed in the ass or nuts by remote means, all to piss me off and have me vocalize, always with a different sounding voice. In one instance, they modified my voice as I was speaking, and bringing on a frog in my throat. It has long been clear that the perps can remotely create and manipulate mucus in one's throat or windpipe, and similarly with sinuses.

I am still getting jabbed in the ass and nuts, even as I sit in my chair at the desk and compose this. It is extremely annoying.

The same hallway cough sound as six months ago; it would seem that the "individual" never gets better, the same thing that happened at the last residence location. Funny how this happens outside my door where I live, two places in succession. The place before that was fraught with a strange throat clearing or sneeze that created an immediate doubt as if were human caused or not.

I am getting some fierce vision impairments as I attempt read about the wild life of Wade Frasier, someone who I find respect for, having weathered extreme duress at the hands of an unknown party that pulled all the strings to get one of his colleague's put in jail for not paying a $50 fee for company start-up.

More vision impairments continued and no music allowed tonight; music appears to be permitted every two or three days, and only in the evening. Movies haven't been "permitted" since 08-2003, meaning I "somehow" lack the initiative to go see or rent them, even if bookmarked for my hoped for release from this nonconsensual and absolute mental incarceration.

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