Thursday, December 27, 2007

On With the Wind

A howling gale is on, and the perps had me do a useless walk outside again, cancelling yoga without notice and thereby extending my absence from this activity to four weeks, assuming it is on next week. This is the fourth of five times they have cancelled yoga and they have had my phone number from the get go. Just more fucking games; earlier in September when on the week travel junket, the perps ensured there was a three week yoga absence as part of the arrangements at that time.

I wasn't without my hordes of ambulatory and vehicular gangstalkers on the above abortive trip; they were out in force and were all in place for me to be walking back after turning around at the locked door. The orange peel litter and the spittle on the street was all in place too, in both directions on different routes. The planted joke is that I would be able to navigate my way to my destination by following this trail that is set up for every public in-town walking event. This orange color theme has been mentioned in past blogs, and lo, if it wasn't arranged last night at my in-town brother's for dinner. After the potatoes, yams (orange colored) and brussel sprout vegetables were passed around the table, he brings out the differently colored orange colored carrots afterward for some bizarre reason. More color testing, and the perps don't appear to want to bring in the subtle color variations at first. All the vehicular gangstalking is usually the whites, blacks and silver greys at first, and only some 10 minutes or more do they bring in color variants and shades of grey, then shades of red and so it goes, ad nauseum.

And lo, if they didn't noisestalk me the instant when I first read the web news of the tragic demise of Pakistan's PM contender, Benzair Bhutto. Then the perps jerked me around on each web site, showing only a portion of her face portrait style, cutting it off with the windowing. Then more games on later sites, showing her in distant pictures among a group of individuals. This is just a minor example of what goes on, and no, I won't go there and suggest that this incident was arranged and timed for the harasssment that is ongoing, but the perps always know what I don't know in the news, and for their favorite topics like death and tragedy, they often noisestalk me when I first read about it. It is an odd coincidence I saw 30 minutes of an Indian film last night on TV, "Kama Sutra" on Bravo before getting "impatient" with it. The film showed a wedding preparation and portrayed those same traditional sheer garments like Ms. Bhutto is often photographed wearing. Hmmm...

And following too; they are still noisestalking me each time I see Oscar Petersen's face in the news, he died three days ago.

And the perp's fascination with death also extends to animal "involvement", meaning that they have no choice. When setting off yesterday in the vehicle there was a grey squirrel at the side the road eating something. Then only a few minutes from our destination, there was a same species dead grey squirrel on the road, at the center around which I turned, twice. Then yesterday's news about the tiger that escaped the zoo in San Francisco and killed one person and injured two; as it "so happened", my brother had a book on cats out at his place which we all leafed through at some point in the evening. Coincidence? Possibly, though the perps know all family members like cats, and have fond memories of them as pets. There was another tiger/zoo event the day before the San Francisco event, where someone sneaked into the tiger compound and killed one. The two zoo events with tigers don't appear to be a coincidence to me, but I am one of hundreds that is harassed and fucked with for the perp's mind-control research and whatever other psychic energy research endeavors they have in mind for me. Given that they have full family involvement, and they all go to rehearsals before interacting with me, this must be one of the premier perp research events anywhere IMHO.

Another sleep perturbed night last night; this time three hours of head tossing, usually one side then the other in less than a minute, and later they extended the head tossing intervals to longer durations, and then allowed me to sleep on one side, then awoke me to have me sleep on the other side of my head. Then later they planted bizarre dreams about vineyards, and then awakened me to the noisescape, adding loud-mufflered vehicles that have also taken on the over-revving habit as it is outside this and my past residence location. Funny how public behaviors can change all over this city within days, no matter where I go.

We had dinner at my in-town brother's place last night; I took the bus and walked the last leg. And as it "turned out", his native Indian sort-of girlfriend was on vehicular gangstalking duty before I reached his place, while walking. She came from his place, drove to a T intersection I was some 100' from, pulled a U-turn, and then drove back to his place. And as I walked the last 300', she was getting out of her vehicle with some metallic device, and entered the house through the side door, all to be in place, turning the stairs in the main entryway just as I arrived at the front door. Normally, the perps don't allow her to arrive until at least 30 minutes of "settle in" time after I arrive, but as I was the last one there, she must of been there in advance. And of course everyone made out that she had just arrived, har, har.

It was another deadly dull dinner of family duplicity and rehearsed conversation. In the course of serving up the food, I had placed my knife on my plate, securely arranged with the handle on the table and the last 2" of the blade resting on the plate edge. But that wasn't good enough for the perps, they yanked the knife off and placed it on the table by way of their extra-conventional gravitic games they can apply remotely. Still not good enough, after I replaced the knife to its former position, the perps pulled it off again. My brother saw it, and was smirking, making no bones about seeing this extra conventional fuckery for the first time. I told him to sign up for harassment and that shut him up, but it is what I am controlled to say everytime, and it is getting fucking tired. The perps won't let me effectively defend myself.

Later, after he gangstalked my ass going out to the vehicle with my parents, and I reamed his ass out again, he stood on the other side of the vehicle aiding my parents in their orchestrated protractions over getting in the vehicle and unsnagging seat belts and the rest of the feints and fuckery that they go through in getting inside a vehicle, getting worse all the time. It was interesting that he didn't follow us out the front door to the vehicle, but effectively reversed his girlfriend's stunt of coming out through the side door for no rational reason.

The on-off left hip pain in on again, the instant I lean forward to type, and that might be the reason the perps have planted it, and and have extended th incidence of pain to be whenever they want, not just at bedtime when it first started. I was walking for 25 minutes per above abortive yoga class trip, and there was no hip pain whatsoever; it is selectively applied like most incursions. My coat zipper has been "assigned" a clicking noise, when in fact it does not swing or move very much. And of course it only started up today, and "took over" from my first time swinging zipper noise of my suitcase when driving into downtown today. I suspect the noisescape will be a significant perp incursion front in 2008, projecting what has gone on for the past few months.

More sirens that somehow penetrate my hearing protection and then groans outside my door in the hallway again. These soft groans seem to be the latest in getting my atttention, usually with some other accompanying sound.

I got sucked into going to the window to take a picture of three clustered red vehicles the perps had arranged for me to see, as two of them have been parked all morning, way past the allowable parking duration for this neighborhood. And as it "so happened", I walked past these very same vehicles when coming back from the yoga class cancellation. And lo, if there weren't more arranged vehicles closer to the window when I got therel five white vehicles and two silver grey vehicles, one black vehicle. If I am allowed, I will put these on this posting, but right now, an enforced laziness has taken over, the sure sign of being fucked with.

I put a sweater on and am warm, then the perps decide to chill me down again, as if being tested with a new garment color by way of thermal changes to invoke bioenergetics differences. The wind is still howling, and I just got my regular hallway hacking noise by the same person who hacks in the identical way each time, and never seems to get better. It is amazing that this same "feature" aka characteristic, was identical among the neighbors in my last residence location.

The perps are into high annoyance incursions today, and are having me over-react to all of them, and while doing so, they script simultaneous noises from outside; vehicle horns, excessive wind howl, loud mufflered vehicles and so it goes. This is a combination of a Thursday and returning from my parent's place from the so-called "holidays", and these kind of new juxtapositions is what they crave; disrupting my routine activities, sometimes everything, and sometimes only one thing, but it is as expectable as maser and plasma games on this LCD display; all day, all the time.

I am getting more smells jammed up my nose as I am about to depart and go to gym class, and it might be a day to take the bus instead of 30 minutes of the new zipper tapping noise my jacket now makes.

I am back from gym, having walked there in the gale, but bussed back owing to threatening rain. I had my thuggy-buddy gangstalker/fellow traveller, the name I assign to those who get on and off the same bus stop as me. He also spent half the ride "Cheersing" with the driver, the term used to describe odd incidents of chatting, where there is a distinct lack of logical congruity as to how the individuals became associated in order to chat. Again, the perps aren't engaging in cover stories that are convincing anymore, when the games aren't blatant that is.

After taking the bus, I went into LD store to get some items, and a woman was behind me at the checkout, and the one ahead of me was in "bend-over" form, where they have some fabricated need to bend over, ass facing me, This happens all the time now, and so far, I haven't been fucked into kicking anyone yet. As always, transacting anywhere, online or at a store, is of immense perp fascination, and this time was no exception, save the blatant gangstalking. The woman behind me must of been there for "Favorable aura" for a minute or so, and then her "pal" a male in a disgusting brown jacket plants himself between me and her. And as I am about to enter my data into the debit card machine, he gets closer. I look up, he looks away in pretend mode, and I mouth something unheard as to why he needed to get so close, the cashier is totally unfazed by this bullshit, and then I continue to pay. This is not the first time they have pissed me off at the cashier at or near the moment of payment, but it better be the last time. Whatever they want to find out is not my problem, so why am I being fucked around everytime I pay for something?

Anyhow, I had my usual gangstalkers at the gym parading around, and they were putting on a colorful show. Mr. Ethnic Gut, a large gutted Middle Eastern dude in my class who has been hanging around me like a fart in a sleeping bag was in a bright yellow shirt today. That is, I found the color assault even more offensive, but it would seem that he knew this and kept out of my view for the most part, and didn't pose, or "feature", himself very often. Funny how that goes; the perps need to introduce offensive colors (to me) very slowly, especially if they are on offensive looking individuals, selected from the Unfavored demographic groups.

The post-dinner overhead concrete floor pounding has started up with faked "neighbor water use", always louder than my own.

There was more harassment in taking a shit before dinner, with the shower to clean up fuckover stunt, something they haven't pulled for a few months. They rage-ified me in the shower with provocations of jabbing and poking, forced mis-grabs and the like, all to rile me up for making dinner which came with its own round of provocations to get me even futher enraged. The perps folded the cooked tortilla under itself while I was extracting it from the frypan with the same fool-proof method that has worked fine for the last 8 months. But only in December, since the assholes ramped up the harassment and abuse, the tortillas can now "flop" and spill their contents on the cutting board at the moment of removal from the frypan. Just another example of the juvenility and pathetic nature of these assaults.

I am getting a noisestalking of clunking, faked "neighbor" water use, and pingings off door knobs in the hallway as I am reading about the travails, even murder, of those involved in the alternate energy field at Wade Frasier's page here. I was reading much of his writing before Christmas, and was routinely noisestalked at the time, and by blanking out my recall as to even having read this material only a short time ago, the perps appear to be performing a repeat noisestalk as if the material was "new" to me, something that has been increasing of late. These total mind blankings of my recall never, ever happened before.

The above mention walk to the gym class covered three construction projects enroute, something I have mentioned in the past along with the perp's obsession over the bioenergetic interactions with concrete, and these projects have each poured major quantities. And after not walking the route for a week I see thate there were some new pourings, about 120' of sidewalk with black poly plastic strewn on it in places. I suppose this was the big test for me on new concrete, poured within the past week, and having plastic about at the same time. The perps have a like obsession over my bioenergetics and plastic, as it would seem that there are pollutants in me, possibly in key brain regions, that they cannot yet model by remote means. These would be substances that are of average population intake, I have never worked with plastics at a vocational level to have any undue quantities in my system. One summer I worked in the Yukon, hundreds of miles from any roads or cities, so this might have been their attempt to sort out their problem they created for themselves, and jerking my life around as part of it.

I recall when I was five or so and "I", or more like the mind-controlled me, had an interest in burning plastics then as a discovery process about materials and their reaction to heat and flame. It could of well been all about the perps attempting to address the problem then, about 1960. And it was about that time that my mother started up beer making, and I was helping to create suction on the plastic pipe then, pulling suction to draw the brown liquid through. So it would seem that the perps were working on the color (brown) and plastic problem in another way at this time. Later in adulthood I made beer and used the same materials and methods and then they shut my beermaking down and prevented fermentation completion. I tried everything, and the advice of experts, all to no avail. It was the perps fucking me around and closing off my activities with making brown colored beverages. From then on, it was winemaking only.

And today's event of the brown dressed male dude (one Unfavored demographic characteristic in one disliked color) making a sudden move to get close to me for no fucking reason at the debit machine today, and other like events, tells me that all the Unfavored demographic characteristics (thought to be associations from early childhood traumatizations), the color games, especially with red, yellow, orange and brown, and the various plastics they are testing are all interrelated; that is, the perps will often put these colored plastics in my proximity (e.g. Goretex anoraks, a teflon film) on Unfavored demographics, shiftless male dudes, and this is somehow related to whatever else they are chasing me for besides total mind-control, which is nearly complete. So in other words, if they are harassing me for determining the psychic energies of paying for something, this is somehow dependent on the perp idiots figuring out the brain and pollutant damage they caused or allowed to happen over my lifetime. It is not my problem, so why am I constantly being fucked over for some idiot's abuse that was deleted from my recall in my developmental years?

Onto somthing more diversionary, today's photos, few as they are, as I am screwed out of "remembering" to take my camera with me anymore. The perps decided that this would end with the street assault episode, "because" someone didn't like their photo been taken when they were behind the glass window of a vehicle some 25' distant. All these photos were taken in one short session from inside my apartment, looking out, as the door is currently sealed with tape to stop the imposed wind howl noise coming through it.

The meter heads have been pulled off for months now, so it is a parking free-for-all, meaning that the perps have some semblance of a cover story to leave these vehicles here all morning, and sometimes, through the night and into the next day. I walked past the street parked pair on the abortive yoga class walk. Then, later, they decided they did not have enough anisotropic (different physical properties in different directions) variation, and so they had the SUV sit in the loading bay of the LD store for an hour or so, headlights on all the time. There is nearly always at least one gangstalker/operative jaywalking across the street everytime I look out.

These two photos are of a blatant convergence of same colored and paired size vehicles, totally arranged as photographic bait. That is five white vehicles, one silver grey vehicle, one black vehicle, and one deep metallic red vehicle. Note that the rightmnost SUV and pickup truck are paired side by side, and the rest appear to be generic sedans of similar size. The furthest row of vehicles are parked, and the closest line of vehicles is waiting at the traffic control. Stopping over top of the stop line is routine in this city, it seems to be a means to have a white reference color underneath one's vehicle. And seemingly, even that isn't good enough, as the perps are now having stopped vehicles encroach on the crosswalk to get and additional broad white line under the vehicle while stopped.

Here is the same photo, just without the railing in the way, avoided by holding the camera high, likely another perp variation they wanted. Again, everytime I look, that is, everytime I am mind-controlled to look, the perps have arranged operatives to be seen in this courtyard of an apartment building. It is a most curious architecture, being so devoid of purpose or design. Though, I have noted that that entire expanse of grey painted concrete just may have been arranged just for their purposes when this was built in the 1970's.

As best as I can tell not counting the postal van on the left foreground, that is four black colored vehicles, two silver grey vehicles, two red vehicles (one a deep burgundy, both on far side, parked) and one mid-grey vehicle behind a tree. As it so "happened", an identical looking postal van parked mid-street outside my parent's place this morning, just when I "happened" to look outside for a second, when getting my belongings before driving down to my apartment. And for some strange reason, the postal vans at my parent's place are stopping in mid-street when they always used to drive up to the delivery box.

That should cover the today's bullshit and fuckery, and serve as evidence that the perps are totally fucking beserk, even as they pound the concrete floor overhead as I typed that very defining word.

The fuckery isn't over; all the labels got cleaned out by the perps.

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