Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The 2008 Diary Stunt

My 2008 diary came by UPS today, bringing that squalid ... event to a close. Last year, I finally got one the size and features I needed, the first time in over four years. This year, this size and model, even if a popular line, wasn't to be found at two prominent stationary stores. One was emailed and phoned and still no progress. Finally I ordered one online, and lo, if I didn't get nailed with an extra $5 charge for being an "international order", true enough, but why wasn't allowed to see that charge before completing the order which came with a stated $5 shipping? It was done, and the item arrived via UPS today, over a week later which was way too slack for past experience in having things shipped via them. And so, what do I get? The refill version without the black cover, without the cover as it was depicted online. Unbelievable fuckery all over an appointment diary for 2008. This is but one of hundreds such elaborate stunts that goes down in a year, where most others are gratuitous and inviduous situational jerkarounds.

Which underscores my arguement that I am being harassed and surveilled over nuances of every infinitesimal act, thought, reaction and knowledge meme (fragment) 24x7, as the 2008 diary has to be exactly prepared by the perps as it will sit on my desk for the entire year, a huge strategic consideration for the sickos that maintain this abuse and depravity.

Enough on that bizarre event. I have got two firetruck visits/passbys today, and I haven't even left my apartment today. One was a S. bound siren show, and the other at lunchtime, with the ladder truck arriving at a dead ended street for the road re-construction and keeping its flashing red emergency light operating, it being situated behind the file of parked vehicles that is regularly rotated in various colors of vehicles, many of which are pictured in past blog posting. It would seem that the perps needed some extra flashing red light trained on me, and decided to bring it in closer, only a half block away, following the pass-by at breakfast with the red emergency lights also in operation.

This is on top of three fire truck visitations to this apartment for false alarms in the past three months, all with the same flashing red light show. And if I am correct, the firetruck will be parked outside of the firestation when I walk past it on my way to gym class later this afternoon. These fire trucks are painted yellow, a particular version that is said to be easier to see in inclement weather. And lo, so was the UPS package this morning, still in my garbage can. Must be a coincidence, har, har.

I went to take a picture of the above fire truck "emergency", bringing out the ladder truck to a dead-ended street where there were no tall buildings to need such a fire truck configulation, and lo, if the red emergency lights didn't go off when the picture taking was attempted. Perhaps it was just too plain silly for them to allow a photograph. What is more amazing is how they got such a huge truck turned around in a narrow street. More extra-conventional capabilities speculation.

Just before I got up this morning there was a thud right beside my head, as if it came from within my apartment and a electromagnetic pulse that went through my head simultaneously. Nothing new there, is was only more blatant than usual and there was no plausible cover story for the noise. The pulsing of me and my head has been going on for over five years now, and I usually get two to five per week. None of which is pleasant.

Other recently targetted head areas are my right rear occipital area, where I get some kind of pulsed momentary pain. The other area where the perps strike with their pulsed energy methods is my neck, above my Adam's apple. That should be enough consistency to convince someone that this could all be about nonconsensual neural experimentation and activity research, though I doubt that I will get anyone involved in this harassment to engage in any dialog over the details, as every last one of the abettors and quislings avoids any such conversation, even if they look professionally negligent in a clinical context.

This is Tuesday afternoon gym day, and I reckon the rabid and confrontational harassment escalation will continue there, if last week was any example. They continually disrupted my exercise routine by filling areas or exercise equipment with their shills, and even pulled a bonehead stunt of having one of their operatives put on a snit because I was on the specific piece of equipment he "wanted". I wasn't allowed to call him on being totally stupid by not looking first to see that there were two more identical machines free, and why didn't he sign up for one of them? No, he wanted a confrontation, a reason to invoke vocalization and call me names that were totally inappropriate. Funny, I learned that no one was signing up when there were availible machines from the same gangstalking assholes who are populating the gym when I am there. And, I have never seen anyone else get into a snit, staged or not, by the endemic lack of signing up. The signup "board" is this 3' x 6' panel of safety glass with a grid of lines on it for the equipment and the times. Somehow, I think that also aids the harassment cause, as they like to have me see things through safety glass (with a transparent plastic layer in it), and then not. This ceaseless testing of what I see, be it directly, through varying glass types and tints, in a mirror, in a reflecting window or whatever ever else has been part of the overt harassment show since it all came down on me in 2002.

I have returned from my gym class at the OB Rec. Center. There were the usual swarmers there, and then parading back and forth in front of me when I was on the stationary bicycle. For some reason they like putting on white dressed gangstalkers sometimes, though the featured color seemed to be a burnt orange color today, including transiting time.

I had my street freakshow, though nothing too memorable save more of them. And the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles in formations by color and vehicle type. There were at least two tire skiddings that looked contrived. One postal van, in the Canada red-orange color, turned into a side street in front of me, and then rounded the block again to turn into the driveway in front of me. This is totally strange as he could of pulled into the driveway in the first place, as it is a postal distribution center. But as I frequently have vehicles turning in front or behind me, often within 10 seconds of crossing a driveway, sidestreet or crosswalk, I was not too surprised at this blatant stunt.

The seeming Amnesty International canvassers were at the W. door of the supermarket, but not at the E. where I entered, and there were three of them. As far as I can tell they are there for red color clothing reference, white plastic binder color/material reference, and to constrict egress on the sidewalk, which is easily done, as a "concerned" citizen, this one in a green coat, stopped by to chat, and further block sidewalk egress. There was at least 10 gangstalkers on me when I got out of the store, and some had been standing around on sentry duty outside of the checkout I used, visible through the storefront glass. This was at least the fourth gangstalker on sentry duty on my way back, a 30 minute walk. The strangest one was a woman standing beside a red colored wall with a shopping cart laden with acquired items. It was even more strange as nearest store doesn't have those size of shopping carts, and it was at a drugstore, so how did she come by all that shopping. Never mind that she was in a bizarre "stun-out" state, and did not fit under the cover of being a vagrant, as clearly she wasn't.

And as before, the gangstalkers like to converge upon me when I am at the cable machine at the gym; this is where cables are tensioned to pull up the weights, and it further adds to my theory that stressed metals, even braking vehicles (pads applied to a metal rotor), give off some kind of energy that the perps find highly beneficial, probably because it interacts with the body's own chi energies, if one buys into the Chinese medicine teachings.

As predicted above, when walking past the fire department on my way to the gym, and back again, they had the same yellow firetruck outside that came to "visit" outside my apartment this morning. There was also a strong yellow gangstalking vehicle presence today, this is after being "groomed" on white, silver-grey, grey and black colored vehicles. There were plenty of red vehicles as well, and at least one string of three in file, all were mobile. And some Volvos were in brown; it seems that the perps are getting more daring in exposing this vehicle color to me, and they appear to be starting with the vehicle manufacturer of my last owned vehicle that I drove for over 15 years.

The overhead pounding and rumbling has started up at this post-mealtime digestion period, but as if that wasn't enough, the perps have added an in-apartment rattling noise to go with it, as if something on the ceiling, has "vibrated" because of the applied rumbling. As this never happened until the past week, for all the ferocious overhead pounding, I can only conclude it is another gratuitous add-on noise. Making the chain of plausibility ever more unlikely.

Another forced "forget" to post this last night. Meanwhile, this morning, some intense vision impairment games are going on, typically when I look at an object for the first time in the day, such as this LCD display, breakfast cereal, coffee and when I wrote some keywords in my written journal. This occured with simultaneous outside noise for the most part that went strangely quiet when I ate chocolate, one of my required foods to plant deep brown in my mouth, and in close proximity to my brain, the seeming objective in eating this food. Then also disintegrating toast that was intact to begin with and then fell apart to then paste three fingers with peanut butter.

Time to blog off and start a new posting of this exasperating and infuriating harassment.

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