Saturday, December 15, 2007

Electric Clock Noise

My battery powered and recently acquired electric clock began to make noise on a once per second frequency, only two days into ownership. The last one of identical design did not, and my past experience tells me that electric analog faced clocks don't make any noise. At 0330h, I was awakened, and then planted with the notion that the noise "bothered" me, and "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense), pulled the battery out and expected the noise to cease. Not a chance; even though the clock was disabled, the perps planted the same noise at the same frequency for me to hear, and be bothered about until they brought on sleep again for an absurd 10 hour's worth. This is just one example of many hundreds as to the games that go on, juvenile and as pathetic they seem.

The latest annoyance campaign is the escalated planting of crumbs on my food, food plates, mug, and other dishes, before, during and after consumption. Another is an escalation of the "dog-hairs", those "from nowhere" hairs that "fall" upon me after a shower and are often positioned in locations where the activity is of intense interest. I call these "dog-hairs" out of irony, as I don't have a dog, and the hairs appear to be of my hair color and length, save the odd one. Of late, the perps like to plant these hairs on my shaving razor, on me where I am about to shave, and on just cleaned portions of the counter and sink. This game has been going on for at least 4 years, though it is more apparent now, and seems to be an aid in remotely assessing my bioenergetics through these activities that are of intense perp interest, likely because they don't yet have a handle on them yet.

Another stunt that I was allowed to be aware of is bedsheet slitting; making holes in my one and only set of bedsheets, of good quality and only three years old. A string of multiple slits were made next to the sewn hem, and there is no conventional way this could of happened; even washing machine wear would not have occured at this location owing to greater protection from the doubled over hem. Just another stunt related to long standing perp interest, bedsheets and whatever bioenergetics they confer.

This looks to be a shut-in day; no ambition (also controlled I have come to know), to get a Saturday national newspaper has surfaced yet. These Saturday events often follow a busy Friday, which it was, in the judgement of my mind-keepers. They have been active today in planting dumbshit imagery and suggestions as well as increasing my long-term recall associations to a never-before level. So, my mind has become more like a playground for sickos for whom mind-control isn't enough of an accomplishment, which is nigh, based on my reduced noisestalking occurences related to original thought. I get plenty of noisestalking over planted thoughts and vocalizations, particularly specific words. The assholes had me stuttering first thing this morning to rile me up while making coffee, yet another brown food/beverage obsession of theirs, and not just for placing peanut butter and jam on my toast.

The plasma and maser games have been unusually active, interfering with my vision and formeting head movements to shake off the problem momentarily. They even ran a series of horizontal red plama beams in front of my dark green office chair before I sat in it for the first time today. Normally the perps are more bashful about their magnetic energy show (plasma and masers), keeping them fleeting and mostly in my peripherial vision. They are becoming more blatant on all fronts these days, needing to get their gangstalkers in closer, and making them look more obvious, even to the point of plain stupid looking. The wavy white hair on the mid-aged male gangstalkers is playing big of late, and with these traumatization based gangstalking stunts, I can only assume they wish to re-invoke them, even if formed over 50 years ago.

The recent "relevation", a telepathically planted notion to be precise, of me being a shorter term patient of the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron in Montreal in 1956-7 is now the main thought meme around much of the current harassment context. I cannot rely on what chronic abusers and liars have to say, though it does fit the current pattern of the gangstallking stunts and props. Another stunt the perps like to lay on me is to have a gangstalker, usually a male, walking in front of me with white pants on, and then direct my attention to the pants to invoke (or plant) a visceral and unpleasant reaction. This might be an emulation of what I witnessed the period I was an infant in Montreal in a hospital setting, a rich vein of perp related games, stunts and props, even down to the hospital green PVC 30" pipes they moved within view.

That Dr. Cameron and the even more infamous Dr. Mengle may have crossed paths in Montreal in the early 1950's is more astounding, and if true, it would of been the latter's second visit to Montreal, as he apparently visited Quebec before WWII, conveying that this research was long planned, and a world war wasn't going to stop it. The Duplessis orphan nonconsensual research also began in the 1950's in Quebec, with the suggestion (to me at least) that there are wider linkages to ongoing research of children than is usually acknowledged. More food for thought, and to date, my research on the web and by email is coming up empty as to what actually transpired. Perhaps the oddest of all is that the Dr. Cameron material came to light because the CIA "overlooked" destroying all these records as they had intended, suggesting an ever more larger front of manipulation from a shadow organization who has the means to remotely manipulate them. This little conspiracist tangent is all speculation of course, and is based on my opinion that nothing in my life is now, or ever was, unplanned, but in fact was scripted and staged, right down to the level of placement of dust bunnies and even the white colored particles that spin and "float" upward in close proximity (aka "animated dust").

Here is some arranged vehicle color "action" outside my apartment balcony. Normally, I step out on the balcony to avoid the look of the vertical bars, but for whatever reason, "I" didn't. Three parked same colored silver-grey vehicles were parked in file, with one space, one behind a tree, without its foliage. The next two mobile vehicles were silver-grey and white, a very common color combination and nearly the same grey-scale rating. The parked vehicle in the second picture in the lower right corner is also grey, a mid-tone grey, and very possibly placed there for more grey-scale calibration.

A rip in my bed cover, "happening" for no apparent reason or cause, save perp mendacity and remote bioenergetics research. There are no other like holes in the bed cover, and it "erupted" about 6 weeks ago.

The above mention bedsheet slashing games that were discovered this morning. I didn't count how many, but if this were of any wear related cause, even an "accelerated" one, I would not have loaded this picture into this blog.

I am quite sure this entire bedsheet slitting stunt was scripted for me to take pictures of, and to then convey to this blog. The perps routinely noisestalk me making my bed every morning, and in addition, force my fingers to fumble to then rile me up. Every morning, since I began bedmaking in the morning in 2005, having moved to a studio suite. Before that, I never made the bed, usually because I didn't see it, located in a separate bedroom.

Here is a link to a new ability of scientists to look into a rat's eye and monitor the blood flow in realtime. This is a new innovation in conventional technology, though I am quite sure my mind-keeprs have been doing this for a long time. I became aware of this when the harassment started and I saw small point source beams in my eyes and were in constant motion, sweeping a width and interacting with other same beams. I can only assume there were plasma beams, and somehow they could co-opt the "omniplasma continuum" to focus on my retina for their benefit. This might explain the harassment games of cutting me, attempting to get a correlation of the retinal blood flow and the on-skin cut they create, often when shaving, and not from the blade. Once, they created a bleed from my nose that was adroitly placed in my lower peripherial vision and would not allow it to be stopped for at least 30 minutes. When I mention these spontaneous bleeds to my doctor he shows no reaction, surely a managed "response" for "don't want to know".

My tea and chocolate is finished and the noisestalking started up, along with near dusk time lighting conditions annoyances.

The sirens have started up with the overhead rumbling noise, a back and forth rumble that has gotten louder, and is meant to emulate a sliding glass door, though anyone who opens their door with such frequency in the pouring rain is dottled.

More noisestalking and now I am getting jabbed in the back, as if 10" of my shirt had a vertical crease and it was being pressed into my back. The perps cannot get enough jabbings done in a day it would seem.

More reading about stereo components, all armchair shopping as I don't have the financial resources to acquire anything new, and nor can I be sure it won't get sabotaged. I am down three CD players, including an NAD CD player, known to be indestructable.

While reading I got a steady background noise of loud mufflered vehicles, and the ever increasing "internal head noise", planted creaks, pops, clicks, swallowing noise etc. as if generated by head or jaw movement. Though in fact, I don't need to move, as this class of nonaural noise, not heard through the ears, will be generated anytime the perps want. I am sure that there are important differences as to whether the sound is heard through my ears or not, but it is all the same to me; more sick minded harassment.

And a story that has been fed to me, and is here for the record. These are a class of pollutants that are ubiquitous, and even show up in mother's milk. From what I gather, the PBDE's mimic hormonal activity and exhibit unpredictable behavoir at the quantum level. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed and abused for over five years with someone else's issue with covertly reading PBDE polluted brain cells from a distance? No answers for that, save the clunking and faux neighbor water use noise as I type this up and put the link in. I got to tell my barber all about these pollutant yesterday to his feigned interest, meaning it was a scripted topic, and now this story "shows up". Funny how that happens all the time now.

More ceiling pounding of a concrete floor/ceiling overhead as I bookmark a link that has a rather succinct and technical description of what really goes on at the NSA. It it the John St. Clair Akwei document, something of a landmark description of electronic harassment and mind-control activities, though it never went anywhere in court as there was no corroborating evidence. This document only covers part of the entire harassment and surveillance spectrum, and not the extra-conventional gravitics manipulations. It is interesting to note that the document describes PC's being hacked into by remote means, something I have known for a long time from experience, even if not connected to the internet. The one time the perps could not hack into my PC was when I had just put on the cover, and they shut it down right away. I assume this was a test of their capabilities, as the next day, still unconnected to the internet, they allowed me to use the PC and they were running their spyware on it.

I found some reading that wasn't too interfered with, "just" plenty of plasma flaring off the LCD display. No wonder the perps have had me largely off books for over three years now. Time ot call this day adone and blogg off; a few more pictures tomorrow.

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