Friday, December 28, 2007

Tis The Season for Social Isolation

As this is the run-up to lunch, the perp's first major silly moment of the day, this is just a brief posting while the noisescape escalates, and I note a confluence of glass bottle bashing outside my door, outside garbage truck activity, more glass bashing, a low rumble while logging into Yahoo Groups, and more clicking and pinging noises while I dispatched my spam mail, the only kind I am getting of late.

It is quite apparent that my already highly circumscribed social activity is being managed for even less interaction over this past week, and will likely continue into the New Year, until everyone is back to normal. Even my volunteering was stopped a week before Christmas; there was the expectation of an activity, but as it "happened", they did not have the letter written to then me photocopied en masse for inclusion in a mail-out package. Bizarre, and as there is so much more of this of late, I can only assume it is managed for me to "notice". And it should be mentioned that my ability to notice anything is totally mind-controlled, something that the perps have been steadily encroaching upon all of 2007.

Before the above noise flurry, the perps had me reading a headphone review that was interesting, and while reading it, the hallway voices started up, as did other loud mufflered vehicles outside. The reality is that this is a culmination of the ongoing noise for the last two hours while being online, and having a more focused web page reading session than was allowed yesterday at the same time, when they kept me from reading more than the first sentence or two from each paragraph.

And a deliberate focus on many things Indian in the past few days, and continuing today in the news. Meaning, of the Indian continent, and not only the tragic news from Pakistan yesterday, but also being allowed to watch the first movie in over three years two nights ago on TV, and it was based in Indian culure, titled "Kama Sutra". And I note that the Indian looking Miss France was in the news today, admonished for being too provocative, though it takes much more to earn that acclaim in France than elsewhere, and yet it was a news item on the first news page I look at each day, the BBC news. Anyhow, there will be more on this topic it seems, at continues to be promoted this week. And I also note that the Roma of Romania, aka gypsies, are getting a rough deal from the the authorities there, especially after a number of them were kicked out of Italy some months back. As it "so happens", they are of Indian descent, an tribe that emigrated from India in .......

Related to this topic, is that Indians nearly always have smooth black hair, lovely to look at, and this hair color on Caucasians has been "featured" in a number of TV commercials I have watched at my parent's place while there for the past five days. Nothing new there, but I did note that my gangstalking asshole father got into a coughing jag while we were watching this very commercial at the same time. I should also note that the family had two, and I had one, black Newfoundland dogs at various times, which a have long black shiney coat. And I always thought it was curious that my ex-wife would never comb the dog, deliberately leaving it up to me, no matter how bad the dog needed to be brushed. The "habit" was to leave the dog's coat until it looked bad enough to need combing, and then take multiple brushings over days to conclude the task. All this past staging of long black straight hair, going back decades even, on dogs, or on humans, in pictures or on or with gangstalkers is still playing out, and I have no idea as to what it is about. There have been more than one female gangstalker who has planted herself in my view and flicked her impressive long raven colored locks for me to see, some of them repeating this exercise if there was a cover story of habituating the same location.

Other comparative exposures to colors, fabrics and materials have also been noted in recent blogs, one being a red anoraked (Gore-tex, meaning teflon membrane) gangstalker passing by while we were set up to wait in the vehicle by my mother who was taking inordinantly and inexplicably long while dropping something off at her friend's place. The red-headed gangstalking games are still occuring, but at a much reduced level than the current black hair hair exposures the perps are scripting.

The darkening down games are starting up; these are when I am somehow manipulated to percieve a oncoming dimness in my vision even if the outside sourced ambient lighting remains unchanged. These light perception manipulations have occured nearly every day, typically at dusk time, but of late have been increasingly earlier to suit some kind of perp research agenda. Or, it maybe to make me turn on a light, even better than training headlights on me from afar. Just another routine jerkaround that is as predictable as the games to enrage me with faked touchings, typo sabotage and the rest of the mind assault they continue with.

Another outrage; a long section of this blog posting was deleted for no reason except malevolent excess. I had a paragraph over the enforced social isolation, more than the usual, and the perps stripped it out. I am fucking pissed.

the post tead and chocolate yawning imposition has started up; this is a regular event that never occured before the harassment began. Also, the loud mufflered vehicle noise has begun in earnest, so I suspect that I am being scrutinized for residual brown (from the chocolate) energetic interactions. The pouring rain began about 30 minutes before teatime, and the perps duly rage-ified me while having the tea and eating the chocolate with the fake touchings, planted brown colored crumbs, skin jabbings, foiling my motor control of my fingers, and other stunts to piss me off, their play of first resort. I am also getting continuous seagull noise, something that is also a now common event. I have never seen the seagulls actually create this noise, they are always out of sight when this particular noise games occur.

The post-dinner time noise flurries have begun; the fake "neighbor" water use noise has started up from the bathroom (right side) after the same in the kitchen when doing the dishes. I was rage-ified through making and eating dinner, and then also during doing the dishes. The usual harassment games; planting faked noises and touches, flicking tapenade across the stove and stopping me from cleaning it up, perceptual perturbations, then creating tap dripping noise, a new stunt here, and time-honored one at past residence locations, and a few other jerkarounds to keep me ranting most of the time. Nothing new there.

Before that, the perps allowed relative peace and quiet while looking at web sites that documented catastrophic history, Velikovsky and others, seems to have some interesting archives. all the while, the perps arranged clunking sounds, loud mufflered vehicles trailing off into the distance, hallway cell phones ringing and hallway voices chatting. Based on the number of bookmarkings of these kinds of webpages, caused because they won't let me read these in one pass, it seems that catastrophic origins and events of history are going to be a significant noisestalking subject for the next two days. Like most anything of interest, the perps won't let me read or view a webpage in one pass, but incrementally increase my ability to attend to it over the course of three or more visitations. This is entirely consistent with most everything else that is new; small introductions at first, and getting progressively longer. The helping out at the office was one such similar managed encounter with graduated increases of exposure.

And as I bring up a web page someone calls out from the hallway and a simultaneous smacking sound inside my mouth went off. It could be hard to call that a coincidence anytime, let alone that it occurs so often.

This is the mind-control abuse that is going on now; I am reading a webpage on Orson Welles' later works, then I get stiffed with the planted thought that the article is about Alfred Hitchcock and then the perps delete that image and name out of my mind and then pose the telepathic question as to whom the article is about, still keeping the subject deleted from my recall. This is fucking outrageous mental abuse and never, ever happened before in anyway shape or form before the sickos went overt on me in 2002 and have kept up this unrelenting depravity. Then as I review this paragraph, they plant noises in my mouth. When will this fucking sick-minded abuse ever end?

And my reading is still getting hacked with endless perceptual "misreads", of the same kind that have been going on for the past year. Total mind abuse.

The above assault on my mind's rationality was all to wind me up into a fury to then have me attend to a "diversionary" exercise, listening to music with my headphones on. Translated, that means having magnets at my ears with simultaneous neural aural activity.

Time to call this shut-in day done, intermittently ugly as it has been, including deletion of what I had written.

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