Monday, December 17, 2007

Keyboard Games

A 10 hour imposed sleep again, all timed to have the rising sunlight beams coming across the breakfast table and also serve as an excuse to create light flaring on the back of my glasses. This "phenomenon" began in earnest when the harassment started, and has slowly been ratcheted up. These are the faux reflections from the coated lenses, green and a pinkish color predominate. Very often there is no actual source of light, but as mentioned in past blogs, the perps seem to know when the "arbitrer of reality" is looking. This is of course a fictional version, but it seems that they will back off if I relentlessly question the authenticy of their introduced noises, light games, extra-conventional gravitic stunts and whatever else they throw at me, sometimes literally. I still ponder the question, who is looking or judging the the genuine causal of events, and casting a determination as to conventional cause or perp ehancement or outright fabrication?

My keyboard tray has been stopped from full extension, casusing the function keys, the top row, to be under the desk surface, and constraining finger motion. Given the number of plasmas and maser games that go on over and beside my keyboard, I am not surprised. Just another pain in the ass prank to deal with, when I am allowed to remember, as there has already been three forced "forgets".

It was a Chicken Run today, the much gangstalked event of acquiring a hot cooked chicken which then serves as my protein source for the next three weeks, usually in the form of being chopped up for use in a tortilla. After two days of shut-in, I was let out, and they were all over me, and even had the street sweeper come and sweep half of the short 3 minute walking route, and they also wetted down the parking lot that I walk through. I even had a grey on grey gangstalker in the elevator, and the perps even greyed in his eyes when I had a look. Earlier, when in the bathroom, they fucked with the light on my skin, making my underarm look yellower than normal, and my nose more red than normal. As soon as I yelled at them for being fucking idiots, they backed off and returned the appearence of my skin to near normal tones.

While at the grocery store the perps seem to have prepared me to be extra aware and jangled anytime they presented something freakish, particularly with respect to any of the characteristics that form the Unfavored demographic groups. I had a regular checkout woman who appeared to make her hair extra red (and vile to me), and this time it wasn't enough, as they then had another cashier with the same vile red hair circulating behind my back at the same time. There were representatives from other demographic groups; the white haired, wheelchair bound, the chinless, the limping, and a few others. They even put on the red and black dressed Amnesty International sentries outside the W. door only, and when I returned, they added an extra all-black dressed member of this group that strangely won't cover both doors. These have been mentioned in past blog postings, and I can only assume that they are doing color reference duty as wall as waving their white plastic binders, adding some vinyl into the mix. Other TI's have indicated that Amnesty International will have nothing to do with these kinds of harassment and torture, pretending it does not exist. It could well be that these dudes outside the grocery store are all fakes, and are salaried operatives.

As part of the Chicken Run, there is ongoing noisestalking as I remove the chicken skin; this seems to be of huge importance to them, and I have no idea why. Also, they made sure that there was no whole chickens to be had, all were half chickens, and no separate pieces. I assume this was to simplify the later energetic comparisons that they must surely make, and who knows, given the perps interest in right-side pass bys, they could all of been only one side the chicken. The influx of used left-hand drive Japanese vehicles in my proximity is thought to be part of this particular research objective, whatever it may be.

I did some more office help, and it turned out to be doing a mind-dump for the new person who is assuming a course registrar role. We worked on the spreadsheet side by side, so I am sure all that plastic on the keyboard and the red-lighted mouse were all great games for determining energetic differences, as she will be assuming the role that I contributed to. As part of the show, I get the color and clothing games, she eventually getting out of her red workout jacket for a black shirt. Her supervisor had a black shirt on, as did I. And as there was a ending slide show with more of the new hires with the three black shirted individuals were aligned, her boss between us.

Prior to that, I got the tour of parading individuals when waiting in the office reception area lobby, one dude in a brown shirt who came from the same direction twice, without being seen to have reversed his steps. Either I was made to be zoned out and not "notice" his return trip, or else he was teleported, and there was no other way around. I am made to be like a freak there it would seem, others asking about me in obviously uncomfortable tones, which I can only assume is the plan. Anyhow, I did my bit to pass on my tribal knowledge to the new hire, and that is the best that can be expected.

It is odd that I got a zit on the left side of my nose today, and the woman at this office for whom I have built the spreadsheets for has a metal ring through her left nostril.

Other weirdness was relatively minor, though the street scene was also rigged with a swarm of gangstalkers, some on the Coffee Corps duty; lounging or waddling around with their coffee cup in hand, leading out in front of them. And more combinations, one being a brown skinned native Indian with his (brown) coffee. The perps are a long way from done, and I can only imagine it is going to get extra freaky, especially with this morning's Chicken Run. They either have me react more to the freakshow, or else have turned off my moderating neurological activity/ability, as the perps are making sure that I am jangled and/or repulsed by the freakshow members all the more.

Another game they have escalated is imposed "perceptual lapses"; in one instance a red and green anoraked couple were in oncoming ambulatory gangstalk mode, and the perps planted the notion in my mind that they were holding hands, which forced a re-look, and they were not. Which means that the perps planted a wholly erroneous scenario, first after setting it up with the couple walking side by side, and then caused me to re-ascertain this planted supposition. I have never had any perceptual "mistakes" of any kind until they got a handle on doing this kind of fuckery in late 2004. Now, it is common, and likely part of the "forced errors" scenarios they constantly create.

More reading or Wade Frazier's site; one doesn't believe of a conspiratorial cabal around the topic of so-called free energy, this story should set one strainght. A whole trove of learning about the real world is on this site.

Time to blog off and call this day done, as I am getting chilled somehow.

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