Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Mighty Wind

A howling wind has been ongoing since about 0600h, and the howls got particularly intense when eating cereal (crunchy noises in mouth) and when eating chocolate (brown colored food item with positive connotations). I was even "compelled" (aka mind-controlled) to get out of bed and deal with the air leak at the bottom of the sliding door, as it generates a reed instrument-like howl that can be abated with drafting tape. This is the third instance of doing this "howl abatement", and I am sure that there are some properties of drafting tape or its adhesive that make for energetics interaction research, especially with the wind still raging.

And that I am doing my laundry this morning also makes for an excuse to port the wind howl into the central hallway, something I didn't think was possible, to hear other apartment's wind howling noise. Regular readers will know about the perp's intense fascination with laundry, possibly to the level that they had my out-of-brother buy and run a commercial business, which became my tour when I saw him in September.

The wind is still howling, and lo, if there wasn't extra wind noise when I bit into the leftover tortillas, a brown colored sprouted wheat. And extra wind noise was also added when cleaning the dishes; there is soap and/or solvent fixation the perps have, and this maybe the common theme for their interest in laundry, showering, face and hands washing, household cleaning and ....
It should be noted that water is a mild solvent, so perhaps that is part of their fixation too; not my problem, so why am I being screwed over when undertaking any of these tasks everytime?

The answer to that won't be known to me, and I suspect they may have done considerable lab work in this respect, though they made sure I never got far in chemistry. It was the practical labs that were the worst part of it, and in hindsight, it would seem that I was dithered to forget the sequence of activity in conjunction with being purged of knowledge as to why. I always wondered how my lab class confreres were so on top of it, but it now seems that there may have been a rehearsal, which is what I supect is the case nearly all the time. Excepting for me of course, I am managed to be the perpetual lab klutz, though the perps did relent some for my winemaking hobby in later years. But they wouldn't let me understand the difference and relationship of total acidity to pH, an all important wine making concept.

And I won't be going to my parent's place today, disrupting the usual Sunday routine, which is fine by me, as all they do is gangstalk me. My mother has a cold, but seems certain that she will be well enough to use my driving services on Wednesday, the other day my father goes to his putative adult daycare for dementia patients. I have seen enough of his likeness in the Monday and Wednesday gangstalkers to seriously wonder if he hasn't been morphed over into a slightly different look and comportment. Invariably, there is usually an older white haired male gangstalker as a prominent location, e.g. doorways, street corners, elevator lobbies etc., and one (or more) just may be him in shapeshifted form. Not that I can prove it of course, as normally I don't get the slightly modified version any more, but wholesale morphovers which are undetectable as to who is really behind it.

And I suspect that morphovers are more common than I realize, as it would be more advantageous to have the same individuals who I associated with in the past to then gangstalk me without detection. There are some fundamental human interaction energetics that the perps seem to be chasing down, and having a whole new look, demeanor, physical shape etc. would dispense with whatever personal attribution I assign to someone's looks, even if one of the Favored demographics.

On a whole new note, here is the story of Ralph McGehee describing how he and his wife are being gangstalked and followed in public. He is a 25 year veteran of the CIA, and even recieved a medal for his services. In retirement he became a public critic of that agency, but without releasing any classified information and adhering to his lifelong oath of not revealing state secrets. This was written in 1996, and I don't currently know what has happened to him, but it is clear example of someone who is rational, logical and even commended in his lifetime of work to be then harassed, not unlike me and other Targeted Individuals. Being gangstalked and harassed relentlessly can happen to anyone, though I would not term him a whistleblower, a particular category that is frequently selected for full time harassment.

It is annoyance by a thousand clicks; mouse clicks, bathroom clickings, strange hallway clickings from the right side and window clicking from the left side. And when a perp keyword is typed, today it is "bathroom", the overhead pounding of the concrete ceiling starts up. Meanwhile, the wind is still making its howling noise, and this is a very long windstorm for this location. The dusk like lighting conditions are also being manipulated and messed with as I type this, and over-revving loud mufflered vehicle noise starts up.

A sardine on toast dinner tonight, not having the "energy" to edure a Chicken Run, a shopping visit for hot cooked chicken that would take all of 10 minutes round trip. Call it mind-control, as in motivation, as it seems to play a big part in my existence. And tonight's a rare exception to chicken, all the games were put on; the sardines and toast would flip and flop on the plate if the knife and fork were anywhere nearby, and the toast pieces would tumble over the fork from one side to the other.

Another first was the perps allowing me to eat with a knife and fork; the usual tortillas don't need any cutlery to eat with, and my only regular exposure to these implements, which seem to be a big deal for the perps, is at my parent's place on Sunday nights. Today is Sunday, but I am staying at my place tonight as my mother has a cold. Call it same-day-of-week testing for cutlery energetics research. It just might be important, as it would seem that any contact with metals are a big deal for the perps. As this post-dinner digestion period begins, the overhead noise has started up, this time in the form of music, though muffled and indistinct.

I am made to feel undeer the microscope currently; very selective noises are made when I shift my attention to something more relevant or I reject so of the planted thoughts as utter tripe, which is usually the case. I have never had such an overactive mind as in the past two months, and that tells me it is planted thoughts, and not my own.

Another harassment over the use of this keyboard; the tray won't project as far as it did, confining the keyboard to a smaller area, and having a portion of it under the desk. I wonder if this is because of me using a Fujitsu keyboard at the office I help out at, and it also had the same Logitech trackball mouse, without the red lighted panels that mine does. It would seem that the perps have persuaded Logitech to put these silly lights on the mouse when it is entirely unneccessary. Or at least for most people, but not for nonconsensual human experimentation. And would that not be funny if this red ighted mouse was foiling their red color games that go on everywhere in public. In the past, the perps have had me toss out brown colored shirts, and they put some green dye on my brown pants I had in storage, ruining them.

Here is the Victoria Fire Department sending out their yellow ladder truck one morning down this closed street. It is on the right side, btween the two balconies. The four parked cars are what I would call a "sample pack", one of each high gangstalk color, though to be fair, it could look like any parked cars and not ordered in any way.

Same scene as above, only a few seconds later, the fire truck still backstopping on the closed road, and more vehicles are in motion, the one that exited the parkade has now turned 90 degrees and is proceeding down the street, parking lights on, meaning an intended vehicle light selection, as headlights turn on with the ignition in daylight here in Canada.

Time to call this day done, and post this blog.

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