Friday, December 07, 2007

Grey Haired Cyclists Running Red Lights

I was walking in downtown when a cyclist put on the act of attempting to run the late yellow light and aborted his mission over the crosswalk I was slated to use when the light turned. True to perp form, like so many vehicles, he backed up and moved in back of the stop line. The pedestrian walk signal went on, and I proceeded to cross on the crosswalk, and an oncoming blonde woman diverted my attention momentarily when I was jerked around to have a look at this idiot cyclist act. What followed was interesting; as I looked at this dude attempting something so stupid, a "reflective" light source "from" a parked vehicle was behind him, first on the left side of his head as I saw it, and then the right side of his head while I was continuing walking. So it would seem, as mentioned in past blog postings, that the blonde woman (favored demographic) reaction was immediately followed by an enhanced lighting on the idiot/middle aged male (unfavored demographic) cyclist. The lighting and reflectance in my proximity is totally controlled, and I would never of expected reflection from this direction at this time of day, and nor has it ever been so bright, let alone, ordered around an operative's head before. Adding lighting to the perp's props seems to be more common, whether the prop is in the form of a gangstalker or object, though this has been the most structured and contained incident to date, "happening" on either side of the fucker's head.

I was expecting to continue the Excel spreadsheet activity this morning, but was sequestered onto cardstock folding again, what I did two days ago. If I was allowed my own observation and analytical capabilities I could of figured out this ahead of time when walking the two blocks. A gangstalking party of two in front of me were packing an white envelope, and within 40' an oncoming gangstalker was also carrying a white envelope, the newest and most portable item for color referencing me it would seem. So all my paper folding and handling activity that I do could be assumed to fit the purpose for whatever plans there are around me with respect to paper.

Another concrete pouring job outside my building, this time it is being packed in 5 gallon plastic buckets and carried inside a building that is perennially being constructed and fitted inside. I also passed a concrete pump truck on my downtown walking route, and it would seem that the perps have a total offensive going on related to me being proximate to fresh concrete.

I put in some 6 hours of paper folding time today at this office I help out. It was apparent that more of the paper and box shuffling was on, all to rearrange colors around me as well as experiencing incremental exposure to a stack of papers that had some red coloration on them, inside a brown cardboard box. I could go on at length as to the feints and other color games as well as swapping personnel, or have everyone clear out at once to then leave me alone in the room. The latter hour seemed to be all about getting a blonde woman to work at the table next to a red-haired woman, part of the specific demographics games, putting an unfavored one next to a favored one and attempting to compare some kind of bioenergetics reaction between the two. That is about as much as I know, but having seen blonde women frequently used as a "introduction" subject/gangstalker bait with follow on members from the less favored demographic groups, the entire process of being an nonconsensual experimentation subject gets very dreary and predictable.

I had my usual freakshow when walking back from the office, and the finale was the dude who purports to be the assistant manager was prone on the couch in this apartment's lobby, his feet hanging off the end where the elevator door is, the one that opened for me. I was obliged to go past his feet, which secures me in the knowledge that the perps have a foot fetish which at least makes sense from the "chi" (accupuncture) energy perspective, with a large number of energy meridians terminating there. It is all too weird that this same dude, who makes himself out to be the assistant apartment manager also acts rather strangely on the street, as if he were partly nuts, putting on the undue staring at me.

The overhead pounding and clunking has "woken up" and the first thing they did was make noise the same instant I bookmarked a website. Which tells me, assuming I am not being spoofed, that the perps have miles to go yet when this amateur game reveals itself like this.

Time to call this day done and see what is in store for me; the YouTube visits are becoming a site for more perp spoofing; pixellations, removing or modifying face features, adding red flashes and a litany of the current partial facial features they like me to see, often only fleetingly.

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