Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sniffling Onset

A sudden onset of sniffling has started up, and I have no sinus or cold condition that would be the normal cause. (A big siren cascade started as I typed this). Yesterday, the perps even planted a 3" long hanging sniffle on me; it instantly arrived and wasn't due to me not attending to the problem in a prompt manner. And of course this comes on when I have at least one hand tied up when cooking, eating or grasping something. The favorite times to be given a sniffle attack are when eating chocolate (brown color, note), peanut butter (same coincidence), and when doing the dishes. It is a way for the perps to have a cover story for planting a runny nose on me, adroitly timing it as mentioned.

I am still digesting yesterday's "news" via the perp telepathic method, one that cannot be relied upon as they mostly often feed "misperceptions" and other deceits, but there is a long corroboration with the nature of the gangstalking presentations, including one of the all-time bizarre ones, a 1950's style dressed nurse walked across my path and then turned to walk toward me, all for about 5 seconds of viewing/gangstalk time. I also note that the street ripping project of at least five weeks has moved toward my apartment block by a half block, including bundles of the 20' lengths of PVC pipe which has a green color almost the same as what I consider to be hospital green, an insipid pastel color.

I was helping out at an office today, working on the Excel spreadsheet that is in the form of a schedule, something I had done a few weeks ago. Many of the variables have been changed since then, and I had to begin almost anew. I was put on a different PC, one without a wonky cursor this time, and I note that it had a Fujitsu keyboard and a Logicraft trackball, both which I use at my desk as I type this. Funny how it "happens" that way. Their mouse isn't caked in wax that comes from nowhere, or at least not yet.

It was the usual office neighbors coughing, sneezing and shuffling when I was using the select, cut, copy and paste Windows functions in Excel. The noisestalking extended to changing formats as well; borders, bolding, font changes, color fill, etc. Just to think that the many hundreds of hours I put into Excel spreadsheets and all the past work related "reasons" to undertake this kind or work were all perp driven, even though I don't yet understand what need they have to create such noises at the instant I am doing Windows and Excel tasks.

I got screwed over for a 9.5 hour sleep last night, making a late start in the day, and it would seem this is the preferred practice when the perps want to monitor the environment into which I was heading too. They always made sure I was the last one to come into work, no matter how I attempted to get up earlier with alarm clocks and the like.

More of the neighbor noise; back to woo-hoos while I was taking a leak. And plenty of maser and plasma activity in my vision tonight, and it follows me on the street now almost at the same level that pours off this LCD display as I type.

Another thought on the perp games that are going on, particularly the "sentries" or "do-squats" that are posted around me. Today, they didn't even bother with a cover story, they had the male operative leaning on a lamp post at midblock, not even pretending to be waiting for someone or any plausible rationale for looking so stupid. I wonder if past traumatizations have an association with this type of public behavior, what I call shiftless, or is it just to get my goat or bait for me to see and "react" to. The reality is that I don't react to anything, it is also a remote and mind-controlled function, noted by past "reactions" that were totally out of character. Another trait is the "waddling males", ones who lead from side to side as they walk; is this just to obtain more interaction energetics or is a past traumatization re-enactment game? I don't know, as this is a characteristic of overweight individuals if not one of autistics and other instances of reduced mental coordination abilities. This entire possible association to the infamous Dr. Cameron in 1956-7 in Montreal is opening up fascinating and broadly encompassing reasons for the variety in the perps freakshow they serve up everytime I am out in public.

I just finished another blog posting, The Favored and Unfavored; a Summary. This day is done.

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