Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blog Posting Takedown

I just got totally screwed; I had at least one page of details on today's gangstalking action and other stunts, and the perps blew it all away. I had these text deletion assaults constantly in 2002, but they since backed off for the most part. In over 500 blog postings, I never had one forced delete until now. Having spent over 40 minutes in putting it together, I am totally pissed, and it will not be re-keyed from recall as I am getting severe typing sabotage right now.

I also found an older blog posting where a phrase had been ripped out; I cannot be sure how that happened as my inclination to edit these, the normal approach to having one's thoughts messed with, is also being dithered.

I got the two hours of head tossing before being allowed to sleep, a relatively normal 8 hours total time in bed. As mentioned before, I never miss the reduced sleep hours or get tired or need to make them up. The extended Monday awakeness games have been mentioned in past blogs. As part of the entertainment while being kept awake I got noises of a woman wailing, street hollaring, heavy duty vehicle noise, continued bus service past midnight (seemingly), loud mufflered vehicles trailing off into the distance, about 3 per minute, and often serially, overhead rumbling with a simultaneous zapping and probably a few more games. It seems that many of these planted thoughts and scenarios are now the object of the noisestalking, and not any thoughts of my own as they have all be quelled.

The perps got me going for a constant rage-ification while making, eating and doing the dishes. They have a need to keep my vocalizations going along with ensuring that I am pissed off. It was the usual provocations; pulling objects from my hand, burying food under my fingernails, flicking olive oil about, augmenting anything I do with extra noise, foiling the removal of guacamole from the fork being dragged over the tortilla, foiling other finger coordination and a few others to let me know that I am being jerked around.

I have been telepathically informed that the reason the perps keep presenting Scottish accents to me, and middle aged male white haired gangstalkers, is that I once suffered the imposition of meeting the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron in Montreal in 1956-57. My father attended McGill University then and we all lived in Montreal for the academic term. I had no other brothers at the time; my next oldest brother was born in 10-1957. I have no recollections of meeting this infamous psychiatrist/torturer, and it could be that my recall was purged shortly afterward. But some kind of traumatizations remain, as there are no end of (gangstalker) Scottish accents presented to me, middle aged white haired males as well as arrogant loud personalities. All which are reputedly characteristics of his nature. I also have an aversion to hospitals, hospital colors and wheelchairs. Which begs the next question; what harassment and torture did he perform on me? Was he was prone to lay on the electroshock even for children of two years old? There is more to be discovered on this front, but there is a relief there was something genuinely traumatizing in my early childhood development.

The perp also made sure I was threatened with such an electroshock device in 2003 when illegally incarcerated in hospital, and they even made sure I saw the device once. My mother didn't get too concerned about this threat when I mentioned it to her, and nothing ever became of it. But I do get routinely zapped by the perps most days, at least once, and I cannot tell you how much I loathe that harassment technique, usually administered with coincident noise like last night when in bed.

A few years ago, the perps had me read A Nation Betrayed, and In the Sleep Room, both stories related to that infamous episode of CIA sponsored abuse led by the above mentioned Dr. Cameron. It does make me wonder how this story came to light and most of the like CIA sponsored "medical research" files were destroyed.

So one can get a good perspective on the mental makeup of the perps; possibly electroshocking children, but at least seriously traumatizing them for life, monitoring and surveilling them all their lives, and then harassing the absolute shit out them for over five years, per current practice. What is the matter with the perps and this relentless sick streak they are on, and not just me, but all TI's as well as the disasters and massacre events that has their mark of handiwork?

Time to call this day done, having been screwed out of blogging all that happened today.

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