Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vision Assaults Again

I had a 8.5 hour sleep, something close to pre-overt harassment normal, though it was begun with at least an hour of forced head tossing, resting on one side of my head, then the other within a minute or two. Then the bus noise followed each head flip, as if there even were buses after midnight, let alone three inside five minutes, one bus noise after each head flipping.

All the while being awake the perps continue to plant their themes and regular stories and now have begun noisestalking the very thoughts that they plant, not mine. There are many lifestyle and romantic themes they keep bringing on and often re-working the story to make it more appealing. As there is absolutely nothing romantic happening with anyone, and no one could be even cosidered to be a prospective candidate, I have no idea as to why this theme and its associated regular stories and characters have been developed to be planted into mind. Going back over a year ago, I would re-work the planted story into my own words and add various subplots and perspectives, but as far as I can tell, that does not happen anymore. They have me all figured out after hounding my every thought for over five and half years when overt harassment and mind-control was begun.

And today, the game is to mess with either what I am seeing or else what I percieve that I am seeing, the nature of the harassment is getting more complex and intrusive. All I know is that my vision is getting messed with and a head toss or other movement will immediately relieve it. It could be that the latter activity is what they really want, but as always, I am the last to know.

The plasma and maser games have also been active as well; they are constantly messing with lines and colors, often projecting some plasma lines in yellow (over white background) that are a few degrees skewed and offset from the native Windows lines. All manner of colors, combinations of colors, angles and exposure durations are being tested all the time. At gym two days ago in the floor exercise room, they planted a 8'x1" horizontal red plasma display over my black colored pants, and flashed it every two seconds or so for a second at a time, and then moved it 3' further away to have the floor color, a brownish red, as the background of the continued flashing. This game went on for two minutes or so, and was when I was lying down doing some oblique crunches. Naturally, no one else lets on that this, or any of the other more prevalent plasma, masers and hashed looking appearences of objects is actually happening.

Another trend that was introduced in the above gym session was the coordinator was making purposeful mistakes in counting the repetitions, providing the cumulative times during an exercise and other obvious logical errors that he never made before. And no, he was not drunk or exhibited any kind of other behavioral difference. This is just another example of the perps not appearing to need a cover story for all the games that are going on, something that has been plainly evident on nearly all fronts for the past month and is increasing in its audacity.

More vision assaults after I returned from a short shopping trip to the supermarket, getting fucked out of a Saturday national newspaper for the second weekend in a row. all morning the perps planted the notion of getting a newspaper, especially a year-end one, and then they deleted my recall when at the store and beside the newspaper rack no less.

I am getting vision fucked as if it were some kind of transition to some kind of advanced state of being controlled, the same kind and timing as when I was online earlier. It would seem that my vision is being totally controlled, including the meaning and valence of everything I see (my guess, I think), and then they need some "warm up" time to apply this higher state of being fucked with. I want to be left alone, that is all.

And that includes the blatant and claustrophobic gangstalking in the grocery store; they were all over me, starting with one fat black dressed woman who insisted, without any social nicities at all, of passing on my right side after I had moved right (next to the flower display), to allow her to pass on my left side, per normal right-hand drive rules in North America. Then she "showed up" again at the back of the store, getting close in on a left-side pass-by, and then again, outside, with a 24" black plastic platter in hand, seemingly headed for one of the two red pickup trucks parked in file outside the store in the parking lot.

Then a pair of walker using dawdling large negro women managed to get in my way twice after being coralled by other gangstalkers coursing in alternate locations, and then the male ponytail act again (at least one per day now) at the detergent section, and then a five member gangstalker confluence at the kiwi fruit, once a regular item in my diet until they took it from circulation in 2005. There were the geriatric freaks all over me for buying crackers, the first time in at least a year that I have purchased them, all because the perps are introducing the same pate they tried out on me in 2004 and then stopped it. This pate is locally made, and is very tasty, and cannot be found everywhere, and "happened" to be at hand when getting the turkey with my parents before Christmas. My mother never purchases it, and "gave" most of it to me. So obviously it is some kind of big food test, not being eaten since early 2004.

As one casn discern, the perps are taking on more complex dietary ambitions; cracker, pate and kiwi fruit all in one shopping visit. I also got the males-in-file behind me at the checkout; there were no "customers" ahead of me, and it was a straight line from the last aisle to the vacant checkout, the same beat and situation as my last visit a few days ago to this same store, and within a minute five of the fuckers were behind me, the brown coated alrge woman standing aside with the four males all wearing ballcaps lined up precisely in file behind. The cashier put on the freakish purple tinted black pouffy hair for me, a most unsettling color, and I was controlled to be panicked to get the hell out of the store for the intense gangstalking, many of them making reprise stalkings in other store locations. Then out of there, only to find the above fat assed black dressed female gangstalker was on her third weird activity, leading ahead of me with black plastic in hand.

I got "door service" when I got back to my apartment building; after I unlocked the front door, a dude opens it up just then (how convenient), putting on the extra-friendly bullshit with his buddy keeping the elevator door open and with two moving creepers at his feet. They appeared to be functioning together in a moving scenario, even if no moving vehicles were outside, they were to go to the seventh floor, and instead, got off at the sixth floor behind me. And it seems, I am allowed, or more like, planted to notice all these arranged logical inconguities as they are happening all over, in every aspect, even by individuals who never behaved in this way before, per above mentioned gym coordinator. There is a pattern here, and I am now allowed to notice this. Also of note, my typing steadily improved as the vision fucking abated; interesting.

A dinginess has settled over thi apartment while reading a rare comprehensible piece, Cityphilia, on the recent financial markets turmoil. All the while, plasma projections were on my LCD display, and there was intermittent "neighbor" clunking, outside vehicle beeping and a few other select noises, especially when reading financial figures. For whatever reason, the perps wanted me to read these in British pound sterling, and not dollars. More curiousness, while I shut this down for tea and chocolate, and turn on some needed illumination. The more fuckover games putting in the link and pasted article name, all to add my enragement into the scene while being observed by the sickos. Then the overhead ceiling, concrete and steel, was pounded as the "s" word of the previous sentence was arranged in mind, only a second or two befroe I typed it. The perps are totally beserk in noisestalking me whenever I form any reference to them, all the better if it is disparaging. Enough blogging while more noises continue to extend this jerkaround and noisestalking skein.

I was "treated", per perp scripting and mind control, to an odd dinner; the pate my mother gave me after Christmas, the remainder of the cashew nuts that have sat around for months, and a kiwi fruit to finish. All nutritious to be sure, but the pate hasn't been allowed since late 2003, early 2004, and now it is permitted in my cuisine. Cashews have also been curtailed, save the first bag I bought in over a year in the summer, still remaining until tonight. And kiwis, along with most fruit, has been stopped until today. Most odd, these dietary variations after years of curtailment and eating the same food every day with only minor variations. This suggests progress on the diet biogenergetics front, which would include food digestion as part of it along with the color interactions as well. Not a big deal to me, it only means that there will be more integration and complexity testing for the next year at least, given the inanity that goes on with everything I do, think or say. most of which is now planted and not supplied by me.

A hacking jag has started outside my apartment in the hallway; the same noise, projected of course, as the "individual" never gets better and the cough stays the same duration and tone. Just like old times in the last residence location, the putative rooming house where they had me contained in 80 sq. ft. of personal space. The coughing and hacking was relentless, and nearly always the same "individual", presumably for benchmarking consistency purposes.

The background noise and phenomenon has continued for the last three hours in muted from, save the odd jerkarounds with Windows functionality to get me to vocalize my complaint. the big deal the perps are onto is noisestalking me bookmarking various exotic stereo gear at Stereophile, heretofore inaccessible without a subscription until "discovered" today. Another big perp event I noted was when they confused me in looking up a bookmark folder in the Firefox Bookmark Manager, screwing me around as to whether I was looking in one folder titled "computer" versus the one next to it titled "Comsumer Goods", intending to find the "Stereo components" subfolder. While this minutae of confusion was occuring, they scripted trailing noises of vehicles (left side), hallway door pinging noise (right side) and a sneeze all simultaneously. A big event for small minds; or in other words, they have a long way to go, pissing around like this after five years of overt harassment.

Other big events tonight for the perps are particular words, and one that comes up in association with stereo gear is "copper", as in the metal. That I get vehicularly gangstalked with copper colored metallic finish is no coincidence. Other past stunt related to this metal were the two electric motor dismountings my brother and I were working on when I visited him in Kamloops. And lo, if a bright copper colored penny didn't just "show up" within 10' of us working on this motor. It wasn't there when I walked in one direction, and was there only minutes later when I returned. Idiocy borne of depravity.

Time to call this day done; thankfully the evening has been calmer than early in the day, though who knows what will transpire next time I go out, if it was anything like today's coursing farce-like confluencing gangstalkers.

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