Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Click, Pop and Howl

The title reflects the introduced sounds that continue in my apartment, with only the wind as a genuine cover story for the lastmost noise. There is no attributable cause to the clicks and pop noises, many of which are scripted to "happen" in my mouth, in my ear, at my shoulders or other major joints), at the windows, from above, from the dresser (made of wood), the headphones (a new sound for them), and a few other locations. It is all part of the escalated harassment and abuse show; conventional reality doesn't matter, on with the freak and fugly show.

Other stunts this morning were to piss me off by foiling my grasp, and then causing me to stutter when vocalizing my complaints. The lose-lose fuckover precept at work, as if there hasn't been enough of that over my lifetime.

The maser and plasma games continue, sometimes in central vision; sometimes a plasma cloud will explode in front of me, with no noise, only a slight visual representation. Yesterday, the perps came on strong when doing floor exercises in the classroom. I was sitting on a mat, with my legs bent in front of me, and at least 15 4" diameter red plasma flashes of one second each were serially displayed over my black track pants for me to see. The suggestion is that they were testing my visual red response with a black background, and of course there would of been my skin and flesh behind these flashes. It would seem, that this was a red response test, with and without additional red plasma added into the mix. The real goal seems to be that the perps are attempting to attain a reliable model of one's blood bioenergetics, but based on my determination, they have a long way to go. They can get a current reading of blood bioenergetics from one's retina where live blood vessels can be viewed, which they do with spot plasma beams sweeping my eyes 24/7 every moment of the day and night, but wish to extend this capability to all of one's blood, even if it is in constant motion. That my skin has recently thinned yet more of late, making my veins more predominant, is no coincidence. And the perps pulled another bleed on me while shaving, and it was not a shaving nick in the least, but yet another round shaped incision which they can inflict remotely. I still get the perps draining the blood from my hands and feet, creating the "pins and needles" sensation, something that has long occured, though I could never understand why. Now, it makes sense; it is remotely applied nonconsensual bioenergetics study, and they need to slow down my circulation. And I am sure there have been many tragic news events that been arranged to continue this study activity, and it is always interesting to note the circumstances; skin color, at depth, at elevation, clothing color, etc. Of interest, and in the news of late, is the airborne torturing of prisoners (aka "rendition"), enroute to a new prison, and the "missing tapes" controversy. I suspect this is more about remote bioenergetics research, which is greatly enhanced by creating duress in the subjects, and that at 35,000 feet elevation, they can effectively reduce building and any earth based energetics from the picture. I don't suppose that news of torture at 3,000' deep will unfold, but I would not doubt that it has been done, perhaps in concert with the so-called "rendition" program. It is interesting to note that the term "rendition" means a translation or variant of something, or else it means the act of rendering, though that makes the inferences moot as there are 20 definitions for this word in

And today was also another setup; my mother was to phone me for more driving help, which I said I would do, and presto, no phone call, nothing. Given the number of shut-in days the perps are scripting of late, and the escalated barrage of "environmental" noise and more extreme weather, (four windstorms this week so far), this does not surprise me any. She has a long history of not delivering on what she says, and that has increased of late. Also part of the mix is that the perps blank me out as to recalling this trait when she makes a commitment to a date and time. I am not allowed to keep my recollections as to how reliable and truthful these players are, at least at the moment when it would be most useful to me.

A rainstorm erupted after lunch, and is still ongoing some 60 minutes later. Earlier, at breakfast, I got the sunlight beams across the breakfast table games again, and a 10 hour sleep to enable breakfast at sunrise time. Why I "need" this sleep is not known, and it is a mystery as to why it continues, and they script me for a 2300h bedtime most nights and don't keep me up later for an regular 8 hour sleep like they normally would in the past (pre-overt harassment).

This has been a wild weather week, and there is some history that the perps like to script differing weather conditions to suit their objectives. All this rain saves sending the street cleaning machines out in advance of me walking them, though I did note that two days ago, the Monday Chicken Run, they put on a street cleaner in advance of my 3 minute walk to the supermarket. For the most part, the perps like to script rain onset just when I exit a store or building, but don't like to have me out in raging downpours. It is all very elegant, though I am less sure about what the wind does for them, as they are highly selective about external wind conditions, often keeping the air still except for a "mini-wind" that follows me alone. It is bizarre, but is has been totally consistent for years, all the past five years of overt harassment.

This must be a big test; the electronic beeping has continued for over a minute, the perps "joined me" for dinner by parking a bus outside on the street below and over-revving the engine at first and then had it sit there for dinner making, dinner eating and doing the dishes. Simultaneously, they laid on extra farts, and "neighbor" clunking as well as pissing me off for some more vocalizations. The beeping is still going on, and I assume that they have given up on having an attributable cause. Now clunking has started up. The cheese grating was the moment they laid on the over-revving. And, most oddly, they turned out the interior lights of the bus while it sat there, likely so I might not identify some of the "passengers". A most irregular activity at a high gangstalking moment, making dinner.

And that is an example of how bizarre it gets; every possible moment of minutae is of intense interest, most often signalled by noisestalking, though other phenomenon are also invoked; plasma beams, maser beams, farts, stunts to "make me" vocalize, voice-morphing, olive oil flicking, and a few others that aren't allowed to be recalled.

Another siren cascade, the third this evening. There is no way this is close to normal, having lived in Seattle for 3.5 years, it was never that busy there, and this city is a fifth of the size.

A second siren cascade to follw the aforementioned one; invariablely, they stop near this apartment block, and I have never seen the police out of their vehicles, attempting to remedy the situation. Meaning, that the sound is projected via remote means, as nearly all are, being enhanced and made louder than normal.

A second bus has come to sit outside and make continued engine noise, and then upping the ante with air pressure release hissings. Another irregular bus stop duration, the second tonight, and this may signal a new round of noise escalation, "busstalking" perhaps.

I just got zapped with a simultaneous tapping noise overhead while reading. Maybe the developmental age traumatizations also included being zapped, specifically, Electro Convulsive Therapy, ECT. If I was taken to the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron when two years old in 1956-7 when we lived in Montreal for an academic year, I cannot imagine what justification he would use to apply this to an infant. It beggars the imagination as to his cruelty if it was such, but I do find it interesting that one of the doctors in the hospital, a locum, threatened me with its use when it should not of been a professional consideration, as it is for depression, which was not the planted "condition" for illegally holding me there.

I gto screwed out of posting this last night, an example of the proverbial juvenile games that pervade my existence.

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