Monday, December 03, 2007

A Triple Header

I have returned from staying at my perp abetting parent's place and having seen the television news last night, it was a rare weather event in Canada. Three simultaneous storms; BC, Ontario and the Maritime provinces. The meterologist could not recall this ever happening before. We got rain in Victoria, and Vancouver got the snow. Ongoing rain is expected this week for this region. Maybe it was a manifestation of global warming trends, though regular readers will know that there is often a local weather coincidence that is strangely consistent.

It rained all night, then stopped when I was having breakfast, and true to form, it begain raining when setting off driving my parent's vehicle, with my mother, to downtown Victoria where I live. I cannot count the number of times rain onset begins when I begin driving their vehicle on Mondays. It is getting as consistent as needing to take a crap on the same weekday, a 8 week long coincidence so far.

A repeat of last Monday's shopping action; the acquisition of a hot cooked chicken, my major protein source, following being dropped off from my parent's place. Last Monday only half chickens were availible, which enabled the perps to schedule another Chicken Run a week later in similar circumstances. And of course a full-on gangstalking phalanx was in place, begining with the putative manager and the maintenance dude, artfully setting themselves up in the lobby such that the only sensible route was between them. They had a too-short aluminum stepladder in place as well, one of the perp's very favorite stalking props. And they were still there some 10 minutes later when I returned, a semi-legit excuse, save the seeming maintenance man sitting on the couch for whatever reason, still chatting with the manager about non-work related topics. No big deal.

In the grocery store it was nuts again; this time putting on the wheelchair act to keep following me, and also the big yellow coated brown skinned dude also paraded himself in the store, the checkout, outside attending to his grocery bag, and then proceeding only 6' ahead of me and bringing out his yellow umbrella (different shade of yellow) among a swarm of at least ten other ambulatory gangstalkers converging from two directions.

I even got a MIB like gangstalker departing the grocery store to proceed me across the intersection, returning to the store at the same moment at the W. entrance while I entered at the E. entrance after dropping off my letter in the mailbox, and then he swept by the hot chicken counter some 6' ahead of me. He was dressed in a long black coat with a stiff brimmed black hat, way too austere for this hikey-bikey town. Funny how he timed his entrance at the exact moment as I did, making an excursion outside the store that was exactly timed to be the same duration as my posting my letter. Anyhow, nothing new about the blatant nature or strangeness, but it does suggest that there are important and fundamental energetics issues related to time, and to location with respect to the same event. e.g. entering a store.

I was glad to get out of there with the wheelchair act that kept reprising, a method to place spoked wheels in my proximity not unlike the bicycles that are transitting the sidewalks even where there are ample cycling lanes, another perp civic improvement/imposition. Regular readers will know that the perps like to place stressed metals around me as much as possible, and with the wheel spokes in constant tension, and the bicycle movement presenting constant loading change to the spokes, that just might be the reason.

While outside I got my red dressed gangstalker in lead-ahead mode, as it seems that the perps cannot get enough of this color close to me for long enough. Only four days ago they had a crimson red poncho wearing woman trail me for 300'. This time it was a male gangstalker wearing bright red fleece, so perhaps there is a gender association to the energetics research they are undertaking and that it is independent of the favored and unfavored demographic groups they like to draw the gangstalkers from. As I typed that I got the overhead pounding, a coincidence that may have some bearing on the deemed importance of this concept to the perps. Who knows, as it is not that important to me. It is the ghastly freakshow that I get tagged with that is more annoying, not to mention the ongoing typo sabotage.

And a new never-before mind-fuck event the perps let me in on today; they planted the perception that I was at the end of reading a sentence when I wasn't. I was totally jerked around, and it is also likely that they controlled my cognitive abilities such that they also controlled me in noticing this latest variant of mental sabotage.

It must be a photonic testing day; my apartment got especially dim and I was obliged to put the lights on to see properly, or else be the subject of various light/dark perception games. There is no end of strange goings on lately with this line of investigation. Getting nailed in the eyes with a surveyor's laser transit four days ago is only one such example. It makes me wonder what else is going on that I don't know about.

The plasma and maser enrgies coming off the TV at my paren'ts place last night was getting severe. Then the perps combined this with what I call "emo-trashing", creating and planting an emotional reaction to the news that is totally out of character, as if deeply moved. This is an example of being jerked with in concert with extra magnetic energy games, the plasma and maser beams. At the other end of the spectrum, they caused me to be totally disassociated when their operative was jaywalking among moving vehicle traffic three days ago. I have never experienced either of these emotional ranges until all this fucking harassment started, and the perps are cranking me up all the more of late, still on their relentless quest that requires subjugation, and no consent to this horrific and sick-minded abuse that is their stock in trade.

It strikes me as odd that something so fundamental doesn't make the news, especially when it is an entirely new way to look at the universe, and that includes us mortals. This is the topic of dark energy, thought to be prevalent throughout the universe, and its related form, dark matter. In fact, these two forms of energy are postulated to make up 96% of all energy and matter, with the known forms making up only 4%. That means in essence, these "dark" energy forms are all around us and we cannot see or directly experience them. If one should suggest that this could be construed as etheric energy, further approbation is attached. And what if some party could manipulate this energy by remote means, and if such manipulations had an effect on gravitational energy? Sounds like a plausible plot line to me, especially after what I go through in any given day, but I am not going to promote this concept, as I cannot, or am not allowed, to retain this kind of knowledge. I am kept at the level of being an assembler of facts it would seem, hence this blog. But it does strike me as odd that this dark energy detection and assertion is now 10 years old, and not much of it crosses into the public realm. Just one of those "random" thoughts, which really a means a scripted and planted notion in all likelihood.

Here is another item to chill one to the bone; there are 16 spy agencies in the US, and I reckon that some must operate in Canada to aid the operatives that are harassing innocent citizens here. The CIA was created to coordinate all this intelligence and not to have any operational arm, and yet that never happened, and the 9/11 tragedy is said to be a failure of intelligence coordination. I suspect that there is way too many odditiies about 9/11 that could be ascribed to coordination problems, but I do find it alarming that these are in effect stand alone entities, each with their own mission. My "out there" speculation is that they are proxies for the covert harassment operations, the ones that apply extra-conventional gravitic forces and other games like dematerialization to make objects dissapear "by themselves" without need of a breakin or physical presence. Anyhow, more fodder for the speculation mill, something I won't go into at length here, as this blog is about the nitty gritty of being harassed in all the details, especially the depravity of it all.

My 9 week track record of being forced to take a shit on Mondays has continued; this time I was forced to clean up in the shower owing to more of this particular stunt that has abated for almost as long until tonight. That makes for a foul mood for the rest of this evening, the thought that someone is monitoring and harassing me in taking a shit. And only 5.5 years of this by now, and still no relief in sight, especially with the escalated and blatant gangstalking and harassment stunts going down.

The faked touches harassment is increasing; this is where the sensation of touching something is remotely applied, usually when my hand or foot that is not directly observed that is within 12" of a putative source. The reality is that I am not that clumsy, and every time I look to evaluate the circumstances my limbs are well away from the seeming cause. It used to be about 3" tolerance, that is, if my hand or foot was within 3" of another object and when I was not directly viewing it in peripherial vision, the sickos would often apply a faked touch. Now, they are under no such constraint as to make the nominative cause look as close as it was. Needless to say, this sensory incursion is fucking annoying as one cannot trust one's sense of touch or proprioception to be accurate. Call this a debased reality by way of depraved sickos. And they got me enraged more than once while making dinner, still their number one play. And with voice morphing, my voice not sounding the same about every ten seconds or so.

I was allowed to be lost listening to Roy Orbison on Youtube, even if there was background noise of clunking, loud mufflered vehicles and the usual noise lineup. Watching music videos isn't without the hazards of being harassed; sometimes the image will suddenly get garbled up to convey one's favorite performers as freakish. All part of the goings on, new and wondrous image manipulations among the many others.

Time to call this done, and expect my ructions from overhead to send me off to sleep, perhaps in two hour's of it.

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