Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Ten Hour Sleep Stunt

I got snookered again, being kept up later and then scripted for a longer sleep, all to get me up at an absurd 1000h, and without enough morning get-ready time to make it to the 1100h Thursday yoga today. Good one, and no doubt long planned, as yoga was at 1130h until three weeks ago when it got changed up. So no yoga today, a piss-off, probably scripted for that alone, though one never knows. This might be part of removing yoga from my activities, as they pulled the Tuesday yoga in 09-2007. And I won't get all those military dressed gangstalkers as I walk through the residential street on my way back. No loss there, just an interesting curiousity that will surface in some other form at a later date.

The perps have me "keen" to get an alarm clock later today, this episode coming full circle after two clock radios were taken out in 2002, and my later battery powered clock also "failed". And the scripted drift is that I should get a new clock with a warranty to prevent more sudden "failures" such as has been experienced on this front. As far as I can tell, it is all about changing the electromagnetic activity around me, and the clocks, in their various forms had to be chucked out as the perps saw it. The clock radios also confered a light source that the perps decided they could not cope with it would seem, hence the later battery powered clock only, no lighted face or display.

The noisescape has been busy today, but on a more generalized background basis, with the odd singing from "neighbors" coming through. The harassment level has been at average, but that will likely change as the perps have changed up my routine today, and for them, that is cause for big excitement and excessive gangstalking and other stunts to promote greater bioenergetics interaction with their planted stooges. No doubt there will be a surfeit of "do-squats" at the gym, those weirds who come to do nothing but sit on the equipment, in my immediate proximity or else in configurations along the windows, or "stacking" themselves in single file, facing me or side on, some 20' away, and having others walk past this to detect some kind of momentary interaction, in me, or more specifically, in my neural responses that they appear to monitor in realtime. And it is also an occasion for the freakshow to continue, planting varying freakish combinations around me, as part of the Favored and Unfavored gangstalking games that are universal in my highly constrained existence.

I am back from my visit to the gym at OB Rec. Center, and had the usual extra "accompaniment", aka gangstalkers and freakshow participants. Part of the street was blocked for no reason, forcing me to follow my waddling skinhead for a block before cutting back across the street. He then paralleled me for another 20 minutes of walking, to then cede his duties to another black dressed hoodie wearer ahead of me. At one location, I had the hoodie dude some 100' in front of me, and between us in lead-ahead gangstalk mode where four white color sporting gangstalkers; one with a white coat and black and grey backpack, a white toque hatted gangstalker, and two geriatrics with prominent white hair. That very few people walk this stretch of road didn't seem to bother the perps any, as having their operative standing out like a sore thumb is part of the present harassment regimen.

I was dressed in my black Patagonia anorak and a blue fleece jacket underneath, with black track pants. This might explain why I had a unusual number of black colored vehicles gangstalking me when I first set off; at least 50% of the first two blocks of road traffic were black colored (approx. 50), and about half that many were white colored.

I had a large contingent of gangstalkers around me at the gym; the four dudes in an escalated social banter who "happened" to follow me around on the equipment, as it would seem that having human voice in my proximity is part of the game of late. One black and white dressed gangstalker with white hair literally stood still for over five minutes while I was lifting bench weights. Until this harassment started, I have never seen so many people at a gym do absolutely squat, usually sitting on equipment in "stunned mode", or else socializing. This geriatric nutter was doing none of that; just standing there in mid-floor, no apparent rationale, looking far away, mouth open as usual for these fucks.

I noted the four dudes per above excessively loud socializing that is gradually reduced, were arranged in a square with each of their backs facing a cardinal direction. The perps arranged the two weirds behind me at the last grocery store visit similarly; they were standing back to back, 90 degrees offset, and unusually close. They must be taking longer to get a certain reading it would seem. Then the one who was closest and in a deep green leather jacket and a fugly beard, "just needed" matches, and walked behind me as I was paying with my debit card, putting on the gangstalking while making a financial transaction, one of the top perp games after chasing me with concrete projects.

The number of municipal or adjacent to munipcipal property projects on my walking beat has increased by one today. There are now six, up from four last week, as one crew is progressively ripping up sidewalks, especially at intersections, and have taken on a new one. They have broken up and removed the concrete at side street/main thoroughfare and this is where my four white color bearing gangstalkers, indicated above, where on me. And lo, if there wasn't an accidental oil or fuel spill on the ashpalt road surface next to this sidewalk ripping job, and lo, if they didn't lay down some brown colored sand-like product to absorb this spill, and have me and my gangstalkers walk on it, as it was the only route on that side of the road. As part of this new project they also cut lines in the sidewalk, preparing to level it in other locations than just the intersection. The wet dust was still on the sidewalk, and strangely, the worker dudes were bringing the concrete cutting machine to the job that was already completed.

I got the same redi-mix truck vehicular gangstalking at the same location as Tuesday when I was making this this same journey, this time looping around to then gangstalk me again at this x shaped intersection that is a continuing gangstalking venue. On Tuesday, they even put a redi-mix truck to pass in front of my apartment building just ahead of me returning there, but not this time.

At one of these projects, a Shell filling station rebuild, right down to installing new plastic tanks in the ground, the crew was paving the filling station's surface in fresh asphalt, and they also poured concrete down as a road base in another part of the job. Before that, I had passed by a continuing street rework project that was also pouring a new road base in 12" deep concrete, 30' wide and some 80' of road. Again, the negro concrete worker was on the job, an anomalous work situation in this city at least.

I was also planted into a swarm of about six ambulatory gangstalkers at one intersection, the one where they appear to have just completed, making new sidewalk sections at an noncontrolled intersection. This confluence was elaborately staged; there was a woman with sunlit black hair on a cell phone who I walked past, and then there was a brown coated gangstalker with a black haired dog oncoming, Then a skinheaded negro dude in a black fleece jacket was converging from the left, doing the tell-tale "lookaway" stunt; walking in one direction and looking out in another. Another black and brown dressed gangstalker had just finished crossing the road and was converging from the right, and as a "consequence" (read, mind-controlled "reaction"), all this forced me closer to the oncoming road traffic that had been rerouted to use only the immediate lane to my right, and it was tightly packed, a silver-grey vehicle being the one that "happened" to be part of this mobbing swarm.

The gym class assholes are doing more of this too; swarming around me, and not making any room for me to get out of this sick little stunt.

I was allowed to purchase an alarm clock today, nothing fancy, like the last one they trashed. With the amount of mind-control on me, they could easily make me "forget" to put it on at night, so who knows what this stunt is all about. As usual, though it was at about 1600h, and it is close to Christmas, the perp swarms were all over me at the store, and as usual, any buying decision is hurried by my "reaction" to this swarm. And again, they were all over me after I got out, putting on another confluence of ambulatory gangstalkers at a pinch point in the pedestrian area. There were at least two tall (over 6') white haired gangstalkers on me in the LD store, the one at the checkout made no bones about having his mouth hanging open anytime I looked. Freaking bizarre.

I got a new ambulatory gangstalking move on me today; at the above mentioned x-shaped intersection on my way back, a mother and about a four year old girl were waiting to cross, and I stood beside them, as we were waiting for the same traffic light. When it changed for me to proceed, the daughter, hanging onto her mother's hand, started running, making every effort to keep up to me for a brief 4' of crosswalk distance. I had a look down at this kid tailing me, and she was ready for that, already staring at me. This is the same intersection where the perps assaulted me, and they are still going beserk over some kind of energy interaction there. It maybe because it is a busy intersection, but what does that have to do with me? The perp's "issues" aren't my problem, so why am I being harassed by every dog and pony show in town?

And there was more kids on gangstalking duty today; they get sprung out of school early just for this kind of activity. As mentioned in past blogs, children and pets exhibit more sensitivity to psychic energies, and that maybe the reason they are getting more stalking time.

I have been listening to a streamed audio feed, another recently permitted activity, though likely more for someone else's benefit. And while doing so, I encountered a reference to Men In Black, aka MIB's, who wear thick soled shoes. To be honest, I have never met an archtypal MIB, thin lips, clumsy moves, expressionless, black suit, whitish skin color. But I have seen at least four incidences of gangstalkers posing with thick soled shoes this week. Usually they like to "feature" them, so I am sure to see them, assuming I have a choice in where my attention is directed, which I mostly don't. This is just for documenting this interesting commonality, and to mention that the perp's shills and quislings often play with their shoes in public, and my father at home, all the time. Interesting, especially when one realizes that there are so many energy meridians terminating at one's feet.

Time to call this one done, and ruminate as to what will be the next big stunt/jerkaround/game.

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