Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thought By Thought Mind Intrusions

The degree of planted mind notions is at a near 99% level IMHO, leaving at most, a 1% likelihood that a passing notion is actually mine. There are way to many associations that "I" am "remembering" of late, and way too many stupid notions "occuring", and they are getting way too much consideration time.

After the "usual" two hours of left side to right side and back again forced head tossings, I was finally allowed sleep. Then, a number of strange and seeming real life like dreams started coming on, and I couldn't back out of them, I was kept in this disturbing situation for far longer than any (rare) bad dreams that I have had to date. Finally, the perps let me out, and then forced another round of life like dreams on me, culminating in me throwing a soft puch at at "person", though to be real, but who was in "my" dream. The tap of my hand on the headboard was the permitted event to signal wakeup; I am hesitating to say "reacted", as it was clear that my reactions are managed. I have never, ever before "mixed up" my perception of reality in my dreams before. Never; it can only be planted and manipulated. I am getting in worse "mental condition" on account of these depraved incursions into my thoughts, even in sleep.

And another jerkaround on "forgetting" to ge the laundry when done in the dryer. Just like last week, an extra forced 30 minutes of sitting in the dryer was brought on. This was preceded by enraging me by the perps forcing the wrong webpage to display in my browser when I clearly made no mistake either time. They wanted me to know this, all to crank up the enragement factor. Then, a faked "neighbor" water usage noise, an annoying whine set up, and lo, if this sound didn't carry through even louder in the hallway when I set off to get the laundry from the dryer, was still heard in the the closed laundry room some 30' from the "source" apartment, and was still going when I returned and then folded and sorted my laundry, with a few more enragement games thrown into the mix. I call this noisetracking; having the same noise track me through a number of activities, even if spatially dispersed, all to keep continuity across activities in the course of remotely applied realtime neural and body bioenergetics interaction.

As doing laundry is no end of fascination for th perps, the above scenario is common, and the only thing that is different of late is how unabashed the games and stunts are. I am "treated" to over a hundred faked touchings per day now; anything that is remotely close, even within 18" can be "assigned" as the "cause" of it touching me when I am not specifically looking at the putative moment it "happens". For example, when walking through a doorway, and despite all my precautions of getting "banged", my hand "somehow" gets touched as if it hand contacted the door jamb when it clearly had not. Extrapolate this to how often we use our hands or feet, and that makes for infinite harassment possibility for that alone. Then, when attempting to open the laundry room door with the key, the perps wobbled me onto one leg, and then imbalanced me, causing me to have to interupt what I was doing, put both feet down, and start again. The harassment is getting worse, instant by instant, it is getting more invasive and blatant (faked "cause" all the time now), and is totally fucking depraved.

All because they won't front for themselves while engaged in nonconsensual remotely applied human experimentation. This could of been over years ago with any kind of negotiated cooperation. This same tired refrain of lament and annoyance is also likely planted in mind, going by the increased number of concurrent noisestalkings, typo sabotage and me yelling at the assholes while being prevented three times in succession in typing a common word. Enough for now.

More light perception games while on a relatively engaged read about Ken Russell the film director. The light levels get messed with, there are plasma spots mon y LCD display to change the contrast, and I am sure there are other means to serve as te backdrop for another intense round of noisestalking; clunking from overhead and outside vehicles making all manner of repetitive and unusual noise, most often trailing off into the distance for 5 to 10 seconds. Most often these are scripted for when I am allowed to read an article at length, something that is not always permitted.

And I should mention this site, a blog site of a kind; it was developed from an appeal of other TI's to make their case to government officials and all their stories were posted here, at Mind Control Victim. I haven't read them all because my reading was being intensely messed with at that time, but being harassed by organized entities on some depraved quest cannot be the figment of imagination or mental conditions when there are so many, and are profoundly common in experience. For all the quiescent clinical cause corroborators, read the victims' stories on this site and lets talk about how this could every be anything but depraved and relentless abuse through remotely applied and organized means. My story is posted there too, but also on this site here, a little bit cleaner in form, but otherwise the same.

Though for the record, anyone in my family, or the rare Ms. C of the story interaction that I now have, never broaches the "clinical cause" bullshit line like they did for the first year after this outrage began in earnest, overtly that is. Uniformly, they all clammed up at the same time.

I am due to go to my parent's to stay over tonight, meaning I get to be gangstalked there instead of in public. This time they want me to go by bus, so there must be some more complexity the perps are testing out, and I will get my collection of weirds to travel with me. Blondes are more rare now; it seems they aren't needed for "introductory aura", and are often place behind or beside other Unfavored demographic members; e.g.middle aged males, vagrants (males usually), wheelchair acts, chinless individuals, and redheads. See the Favored and Unfavored blog posting for the full cast of ambulatory gangstalker demographics.

Time to call this day done, and lo, if it isn't brightening up as I about to blog off, also a often noisestalked event.

Another round of circular web references to update my anti-virus software; the pages are deleted or missing, and even the FAQ are absent of what I need to do; make a payment for more coverage for another year. This is only one more example of what goes on in a TI's life; one can never know what item will next be the topic of juvenile depravity run amok.

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