Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Day, Feral Style

The reference to "feral" is my take on how others would percieve a family that gives their children over to party that conducts constant surveillance, harassment, scripted events, early childhood traumtizations, impairment of normal brain development (imposed learning disabilities), ruinous financial control and then, after 47 years of this, participates in accelerating the harassment and mind control in intensified overt form to drive that individual from his job, wife and children in order to address all of this party's fuckups along the way. That individual is me, and the family, or feral family as they are to me, are my parents, two brothers and an ex-wife. The fuckups appear to be the
  • traumatizations they attempt to recreate with gangstalkers and other props and stunts,
  • ingestion of various plastics and other pollutants for which the effects at the electromagnetic and hormonal level are unpredictable, and the third and most grevious obdurate intransigence, is to
  • attempt to detect all these bioenergetic signatures remotely in attempt to remediate their past colossal mistakes.
This intensified harassment has run for over five and a half years, and still continues, and only of late, has developed more complexity in the form of adding different colors together, placing one object in front of another, and less use of cover events in favor of unabashed fuckery.

My brother came in his white trades van to pick me up and take me to my parents place in advance of Christmas, and he took his usual putzing route. Along the way, a pedestrian "kid" threw a full (plastic) bottle of Coca Cola on the road 15' in front of us, and it would seem to be some kind of "brown color test", forming a foam on top as a lighter color brown as the bottle rolled across the street when I expected it to bounce. Regular readers will recall that a large brown bird splat landed on his windshield in front of me, sometime in the spring this year. Only two months ago, a fast cyclist "happened" to take the same residential route were were taking, and led his vehicle the last few minutes of road travel, dressed in a track outfit the same aforementioned brown bird splat color with black panels. Funny how this theme is of constant interest to the perps.

It is just another day for me, and the only seasonal interest I have is in determining how this time of year suits the harassment agenda in more public displays of colors, objects (often plastic ones), and gangstalking activity (extra busy public areas as a cover). And I am here at my parent's place, and watch all the their gangstalking moves, such as coordinated coughing, encircling me, standing over where I have just sat, sighing and other like non verbal vocalizations, posing in doorframes to present repeated poses of partial body form, and other feints that are identical to what transpires for a normal gangstalked day in public.

Yesterday was largely a repeat of last year; get the turkey at a specialty grocer, take it to my ex-wife's for her to cook tommorow, and entertain the gangstalkers in both ambulatory and vehicular form. They even put on a former work colleage as a parking lot sentry, having what I call "Socratic debates", where individuals cluster as a happenchance congregation for discussing something. The trouble is, these "discussion groups" are breaking out all the time wherever I go, and have reached proportions of being totally absurd in how often this "happens". He and a few others were standing in the parking lot in deep discussion as I drove by with my parents, and I parked some 40' away. No big deal. About five minutes later I get dispatched to go outside the store to get some nuts for cracking over Christmas, and there he is with his debating group, all of them having moved to stand over the store's nuts display. I grab a readied plastic bag of them and then go back in the store. And lo, if a grey dressed MIB like dude hasn't arrived to gangstalk ahead of me into the store, and then he starts shopping. No big deal. Then when heading to the cashier, he is still where he was, taking the bulk display bins apart, turning it over, and appearing to study it, looking at the top, bottom, sides etc. I can only assume it was for me to be exposed to this kind of plastic, the rigid kind, and the colors of it, transparent and black. No customer that I have ever seen, takes a store display apart and pretends to be studying it in earnest.

Last year, it was a total crush in this same store, and I was glad the gangstalking intensity was turned down some, as it can get to the level that one doesn't know where to go as they are in a confluent swarm all around me.

Then it was onto "stop by" at a friend of my mother, which really meant that she was going to vacate the vehicle while my father and I sat in the front seat as some kind of test to jointly witness a deep red anoraked ambulatory gangstalker pass by, after we passed him when drivng. and a few minutes later, a pair of gangstalkers, one in red hair. As indicated in the Favored and Unfavored blog posting under Essential Introductory Reading at the right, the perps are always putting red-haired gangstalkers on me as they know I dislike it. It is just a personal preference, and does not change how I interact with anyone with this hair color. But as all my proclivities are under constant surveillance, and my reaction to everything I see or do is under such scrutiny, it makes perfect sense that they would want to test my father and I side by side in the same lighting and energetic conditions through a safety glass windshield, which has a layer of transparent plastic embedded in it.

Anyhow, I had my usual contingent of color coordinated vehicles around me when driving, and at one location they ran a pair of identical red colored and sized sedans side by side with and intervening white colored vehicle and more of them packed around me and behind me. Just another drive around town, as it can only be in my parent's vehicle, and usually with them.

Last night, the perps kept me on their sleepless head tossing routine, and even put on an impressive sparkler show for a minute or so; I was in the middle of these 3" streaks of white light, coming down as if it were pelting rain, though without any felt sensation.

It is a lounge around day today, and I will post this now as I may not get to it with all the Christmas plans and goings on.

My mother has changed her sneezing sound; now she adds a vocal component into it, bringing on a trailing "choo" sound that I cannot stand. This sound has been replicated in the past at my work and apartment where there was excavation digging and foundation butressing using airpressure injected concrete that would finish with this similar noise. At work, they were building a 40+ office tower across the street, and next to my apartment, they were building a 26 storey residental tower. Imagine the planning this must have taken to have two simultaneous highrise buildings at the same stage of construction, one located next to my worksite, and the other close to my apartment. This was when I lived in Seattle, 2000 to 2003. It boogles the mind as to how deep and how totally nuts the perps are. I am sure there was more to it than just having the noise; all that steel and concrete being erected,- two big perp interests there.

Boxing Day, a statutory holiday, though it now could be called Big Box Store Day for all the discounted merchandise sales that have become the norm.

My in-town brother finally arrived Christmas Day afternoon, and the desultory effort to make Christmas giving seem genuine was duly begun. I got 5 pounds of cookies from my ex-wife which I promptly gave to my brother to dispose of, as he often frequents charity stores and can also take them to work.

It was the usual feints and dodges for everyone else to get up and down from the table unneccessarily, putting on the over helpful act, or the extra doddled act in the case of my father. He has changed it some, but overdoing his "dementia" is still part of the script. The scissors with the orange plastic handles were brought out from the kitchen to the dining room table to cut off the string that "somehow" remained on my father's rolled steak, and lo, if the orange plastic handles weren't the same color as the cooked yams on the table. And "somehow", the scissors were left on the table for the duration of dinner, as some kind of orange color reference.

This morning, my mother wasn't up when I was, but my father was back to his posing and gangstalking activity, and stood beside me while I was having cereal. Per mind-fuck script, I got pissed at him for stalking me, while crunching down on the brown colored cereal in my mouth, and about one minute later, before the cereal was finished, he pulled the same act again, and I reamed his ass out for the second time, and he scuttled away upstairs, only to be posing in the door frame when I later arrived to close the bathroom door. That was the "trigger" for me to bail out on staying there another day, though I will return there tonight to fulfil driving duties after having dinner at my brother's place. A day away from this intensified gangstalking of my father and the rest of the extra-conventional gravitic harassment games is much needed. And the perps like me to yell at them louder which I do in my own apartment living by myself.

I noted at Christmas Dinner that everyone's knife and fork were hammering the plates harder, and as soon as I looked at someone's dining activity to see how they suddenly managed to make more than the usual noise with their cutlery, the noise abated. I tried this at least three times with the same result. Even I was getting tagged with extra cutlery on crockery noise, and when I examined how this was possible without actually contacting the implements, it too stopped. In other words, extra dining noise was created and planted for everyone at the table, whether or not there was a genuine causal event. The vegetables were also dispersing in small chunks up and down my knife, another new "trend" that started on Christmas Eve I noted. And if I attempt to clean it all off there is some that "stays on". My brother's knife also exhibited this newfound ability to attract vegetable fragments up and down the blade. A Merry Christmas from the perps one could say.

And no sleep last night, the entire night; I was beseiged with all manner of scenarios that they have supplying me for years. These relate to heroic sports roles, romantic and domestic themes, and a few others, and then by early morning the noisestalking started up while these played at least for the fifth time that night. They also have me chop and change them, not spending more than a minute on a planted imaginary theme before they insert a new scenario, often with new recall associations that I never had before. I expect that I will not suffer any for the lack of sleep, like any perp created sleep loss, there are no after effects.

I was jerked into extra driving for my mother to drop a 'forgotten" check off at my ex-wife's, intended for my daughter. And lo, if I didn't have the same color and kind of check from her in the back cargo area for that excursion. At one intersection they had a tractor trailer and pup gasoline tanker beside me on my right, three same color red vehicles on my left, and three white and three silver-grey vehicles packed fore and aft. The perps have a ongoing major fixation with having me exposed to grease, oil, gasoline and bitumen (asphalt), and with both my parents in the vehicle with me, this was prime vehicular gangstalking time.

I complained to my mother about the vehicular traffic being organized around us per above, and then she tried to make it out that I was talking about the traffic light colors, a totally purposeful blow-off. Then when I told her that she purposefully re-directed the conversation, she then claimed she wouldn't notice such organized vehicle colors. Blown off again by ditzing me. Then I told her that anyone would notice something odd, and they would not have to make any effort to do so. This was almost a copy of a conversation I had with my shrink once; constant smoke screens by planting deliberate confusion and misunderstanding as to what I said, then they play dumbshit and then suddenly clam up. My ex-wife pulled this off for 20 years in her managed passive aggressive state.

Later on this in-town travel junket they put a boom box vehicle beside me for three successive red traffic lights with two cool dudes in it with shades on, a large brown box in the back seat, and one of them coughing and hacking at the open window beside me. Regular readers will know that "coughstalking" as I call it, is a very common event, and I had plenty of it, all faked, from both parents for the last two days. (They did not have a genuine cold or viral conditon). The timing is always impeccable; while handling plastic objects, while seeing today's obituary picture of Oscar Petersen on the front page of the newspaper, and many other timings related to materials (plastic), color, faces, eating and now driving. I get this coughing sound routinely outside my apartment door, at least five times per day, and I can only assume that these nonverbal vocalizations are a big harassment vector for the perp's continuing neural energetics research, attempting to reach a specific part of the brain while I engaged in an activity of associated interest.

And while at my ex-wife's and going through my mother's inanity of dropping the check off after wandering around the place when no one was home when it appeared there was by way of the vehicles in plain view, my mother managed to pass her anorak past my ear while I was bending down to pet the cat, and the perps created a long scratching sound at the same time. This was an amazing perp coup; getting someone else's teflon lined garment (PFOA, and endemic pollutant in everyone, including polar bears), to travel past my ear and creating a noise at the same time. Nothing that I do can be taken for as unplanned, and almost without exception, there is a perp objective based diabolical plan to every moment that I am existent that is wholly consistent with the observations in the Essential Introductory Postings to the right. And that includes the typo sabotage to wind up this journaling for now.

And I suppose it was no secret that the above anorak was "featured" by being hung on a prominent kitchen door knob in my parent's house for the last two days instead of being put in the closet where it always is. And I had to contact the garment more than once to get behind the door it was hung on; its all very deliberate but is made to look like the omissions of proverbial klutzes, them, not me.

I just got zapped with an simultaneous overhead pounding noise, somehow "created" with concrete and steel floors. And do I ever hate getting zapped; there is a sustained planted suggestion that I was treated to ECT treatments when I was young, (and a totally inappropriate patient at 2 years old), and the perps are attempting to re-create this traumatization in order to determine how they damaged me at the time. Also known to me as "fucked up" per above, as they have been creating a number of hospital-like stunts and illegal incarcerations over the past five years in an attempt to detect these at a deep neural energetic level in realtime. Again, the source of the information is suspect, telepathic though insertions from the perps, but they have been consistently on this theme for weeks now. Perhaps the ECT zappings at age two were an attempt to eliminate the traumatizations they must of known they created with respect to colors, certain faces, hair colors etc. per Favored and Unfavored posting at the right.

I have been given a sore hip today, though it has been brewing only at nightime when I went to bed for two months. But, today, my walking is impaired, and a pain sensation oftem comes on when I am undertaking something of interest to the perps; turning off the computer or other electrical switches, grasping brown colored objects and like events that relate to color or material type.

And an annoying reading "style" has been imposed upon me; they will only let me read the first sentence of a paragraph and then have me skip to the next one. I have been nailed with this before, and the instant I catch on, I rant at the assholes and they have often backed off. Now, they can control the fact that I notice this imposition in irregular behavior, and keep making me do this for much longer than I ever allowed. Proof to me that the perps now control my sense of me; what is normal, and what is not.

As mentioned above, the perps went totally beserk in placing a specific air pressure release "choo" sound both in my work and living environment. And lo, if the assholes didn't have the recycle garbage collection scheduled for morning, 0800h, when I was still in bed and continue this same stunt. This infernal "choo" sound was "somehow" made by this truck, and it even passed by twice, turned in mid-street outside my parent's place where I was sleeping, and noisetracked me for at least 30 minutes before I got up, and then again afterward. Which suggests the perps are getting more serious about introducing more annoying sounds more often, especially if they aren't interested in keeping a cover story of sneezing the same way over their lifetime. Which goes to say that the perps know better what noises annoy me the most, and will re-use them when they can defeat my abilities to tune these out over time.

More games; my anti-virus software is due for renewal, and all the links on the site, even after chasing the obscure ones, are removed, making it a logistical tie-up to renew. Nothing is allowed to be simple, everything must be at least twice as much effort, if possible at all. No doubt this is "sampler", where they have me go back to the same site or activity later, in the expectation that they can detect some important differences as to this time and last, besides pissing me off. A "new idea" will come to mind, and I will follow this when it is planted on me.

And while in this intensified state to understand what web page mean what, the motorcycle noisestream has started up again. It is Harley Davidson 2 cycle motorcycle noise day today, as well as Boxing Day, and this started up at about 0600h this morning when staying at my parent's place in a residential area. The noise "followed" me downtown, and seems to be near exclusive all afternoon while on the PC and having tea and chocolate. This is another noise I cannot stand, and it would seem that the perps are attempting to make me "like it", or "not mind it". This would not be the first time they have changed my likes, dislikes and abilities and they tend to make them permanent I have come to know.

I see we had a hailstorm just now, and it is the dusk onset silly "season" of the day for the perps, and as I will heading out to catch a bus soon, after being de-pooed twice today with the usual timing with respect to eating brown colored foods, I suspect the ambulatory gangstalkers will be all over me when out on the street. There is no Christmas as a TI; it is just another day for being harassed, and even treated to the latest escalations of noises, mind control, disruption of routines, speech impairments, typo sabotage, lies, perceptual "errors" and other sick minded impositions from the supremely invasive cowards of all time.

Time to call this done and blog off for the day; enough rambling on about the inanities of the gods of juvenility.

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