Thursday, December 06, 2007

Post Yoga Class Military Gangstalking

I finished up my Thursday yoga class, now rescheduled for 1100h instead of 1130h, and walked through the residential street of North Park St. and lo, my regular military gangstalkers were there again, likely batting 0.700 each time I walk that street after yoga. As mentioned in past blog postings, there isn't a base within 5 miles, and yet they keep showing up there for sundry reasons. Sometimes it is shopping (white plastic bag in hand), smoking cigarettes outside of a house, or just plain streetwalking. Today, they turned the corner in their black civilian Nissan Altima (or like), proceeded W. bound on North Park, pulled a mid-street U-turn, drove through the empty parking stalls along the curb for 40', and then stopped at the curb 10' in front of me, and later got out of the vehicle, where a commercial laundry is. And of note, they have changed their time to be seen in this vicinity to coordinate with the changed time for the Thursday yoga class, just like last week.

I cannot imagine what they are doing here on a residential street in mid-day, far from their base, and undertaking sundry activities, making sure that I see them. And their timing is impeccable, always after yoga, no matter the end time, always on Thursdays. I usually go the entire week without seeing any military personnel, except in these once per week circumstances. That rather stunning consistency ought to be the last I hear of any clinical issues that are said to be causal by certain denier parties. Of course there won't be an opportunity to tell them as they are all so avoidant of getting into conversations that might disrupt their staged disbelief.

Anyhow, I got my usual ambulatory swarms after class, and there were four brown colored vehicles in my proximity immediately following a lead black colored vehicle. The first brown colored vehicle was the same as that of a brown Volvo once owned some 8 years ago, seemingly attempting some kind of color referencing/interaction leverage for the remaining brown colored vehicles. These nutters chasing me down with color coordinated gangstalkers, in both in vehicle form and ambulatory form, have a long way to go if I was to interpret their progress as to these games they put on.

During yoga class I also got my usual crumbs and other strange colored debris materializing around me; first a 1/4" diameter black crumb some 12" beside my blue-violet colored yoga mat, then some smaller brown crumbs followed, placed 2" from the mat, then later a 4" brown thread "arrived" on the mat, coming from nowhere as I don't have any garments that have this thread color. All my brown colored garments have been tossed out as they all developed accelerated wear and became unusable. Funny how that happens, and over four years later the perps are now getting "bold" in planting brown colored threads close to me for limited exposures, less than 20 minutes.

As with last week, there were two yoga class members who came late; one dude from last week who made his second class, (no excuse) and a large blonde woman coming to her first class. This guy came in a loud yellow T-shirt, and I can only assume that he is resuming the yellow colored clothing gangstalking that is widely apparent of late.

Yesterday, when arriving at my building at nightfall, around 1630h, the yellow shirted manager was outside talking to a white coated dude, and as soon as I arrived they split apart and the manager entered the building behind me and continued to follow me into the elevator. This time he put on the friendly and talkative schtick, having put on the didn't-know-me act for the most of the past six months. Go figure, but it is not the first time this alternating friendliness for no causal reason has been played. This is the same manager with whom I helped with moving fridges, cupboards and other items in the first week of residency in this apartment block. No big deal, all part of the "behaviorscape", meaning other's behavior, not mine.

There were the usual plasma and maser beams flitting around the yoga classroom just like last week, and like anywhere that I spend time. I swear I saw a plasma beam emanate from the instructor's torso and toward me, athough only a fleeting glance was allowed. She was in an all black outfit with a olive green shirt underneath. It was a high cut top, and there were no cleavage shows allowed, something the perps also like to manage for me for reasons that are unknown. And hence no coughing erupting just as I saw her cleavage like last week. If nothing else, it was a good workout and flexibility toning.

I am back from Thursday afternoon gym class, and my 30 minute walk in each direction to get to the OB Rec. Center. I had my usual parade of color coordinated gangstalkers doing their back-and-forths in front of me when on the stationary bicycle. There was an increase in the red shirted gangstalkers today, especially on the men. I got my one orange shirted gangstalker doing the "do-squats", as in nothing, and had at least four of them converging in constricting the aisleway when attempting to get by. Nothing new there, as well as the three time "visitor" to the signout board who took off after two visits and then "changed his mind" to take a stationary bicycle next to me. Funny how that works, having already positioned himself in my way once.

There were two newbies in the class today, and strangely, only one was introduced as new. This guy is named James, and he is the second person to join the class with that name, the first one lasting only two or three weeks before he dissapeared. It is most strange how there is a rotational basis to the class members when that attendance profile is discouraged. But as I view all events as scripted and organized well in advance, I operate under the notion that they are all operatives and are drawn from various demographic groups for their looks, size, bioenergetics and whatever else the perps have deemed to be of importance. Thankfully the gangstalking wasn't anywhere near as bad as last Thursday when they were pumped over the new yoga venue earlier in the day.

Two of the four street works or construction projects enroute were pouring concrete when I was on the return leg, 1530h to 1600h. Another had poured a concete median yesterday, as it wasn't there the day before. As the perps have a total obsession with presenting me with concrete trucks, concrete both unpoured and recently poured and varying ages of concrete, today's concrete pouring activity fits this intense area of perp research. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

I am also harassed over asphalt paving projects as well, and have even had the perps plaster my fridge wtih tar the day before an ashpalt paving job "happens" outside my window, that being the last residence, the rooming house with 80 square feet that was my own.

On my way to yoga this morning I had an ambulatory gangstalker on plastic wheeled tote duty, hauling a large grey one with a large blue one, and tailing me over this stretch of sidewalk that is half concrete and half asphalt. These same plastic wheeled totes are used to collect garbage in the opposite apartment's courtyard, and sometimes the gangstalker will even pack the tote container on his back, foregoing the use of the wheels most oddly. Ditto at gym class; the garbage pickup with a grey plastic wheeled tote is timed to occur when I am there, and most often passes in front of me on the stationary bicycles.

Two members of my gym class were on lead-ahead gangstalk duty after class, and they sure get a fast start, making for a longer catch-up time. One of them has a regular shift doing this stunt. And in the other case the perps planted a cyclist on the sidewalk between us, who then appeared to go elsewhere, only to "show up " a block away, just standing over her bicycle on the sidewalk in the familiar broadside pose, seemingly dumbstruck. It was at the location where there was a traffic constriction owing to the sidewalk rebuilding and the pouring of fresh concrete.

A third member of the gym class managed to arrive at the local supermarket ahead of me, with the bus or a vehicle being the only way she could of possibly passed me. Funny that she went past one supermarket and ended up at the one I went to.

There were the usual long trains of gangstalking vehicles on my 30 minute walk each way to the OB Rec. Center, 600 to 1,000 vehicles coordinated by color and vehicle type. There wasn't anything particularly outrageous save the number of vehicles that now turn the corner in my face, or right behind me.

I am getting more ambulatory gangstalkers on my transiting; there was one in a lead-ahead situation after doing some kind of bizarre send-off of his seeming girlfriend, each going in opposite directions; this dude had a red tennis racket that he just had to wave around as he walked. I caught up to him at the traffic controlled intersection and crossed the road so not to have him on my tail, and lo, he crossed the road by jaywalking so he could then again continue his racket waving act in front. And I can assume, the red metallic color of the tennis racket was duly planned, as there were plenty of metallic red gangstalking vehicles coursing about, though not at first when they put on more white and silver-grey colored vehicles.

The number of jaywalkers coincident jaywalkers has increased today; often they are crossing the road at the same time as I am, some 100' to 150' away at certain locations. In one location two jaywalkers were crossing the street, and one rudely in front of me (2' away), and the other no more than 8' behind me, effectively collecting the perp's energetic data from a 90 degree angle to my direction, and of course from crossing on the ashphalt onto the concrete sidewalk. And no less, the jaywalker looks at me as if I was the rude one; outrageous bullshit for cutting in front of someone, needing to get closer than normal social street-side interaction. Or, at least, that is my take on why the gangstalkers need to get in close after crossing at an unusual street location, especially when placing one in front of me, and the other behind in a tag team-like jaywalking pair. It is likely that this gangstalk pair also crossed over yesterday's poured concrete median for good reason. It is interesting to also note that I cannot figure out why they pulled the existing median out and put in a new one of identical form.

I also noticed more of what I call "Cheers-ing", the street act of gangstalkers "happening" to socially meet in my proximity, cluster together for a short while, and then split apart, often when I am getting closer. This can extend to an social interaction that might be expectable, e.g. common apartment dwellers, or to the absurd, where one clearly is not in the social orbit of the other, e.g. vagrants and well dressed women in high heels. There is also a clothing color component to this; experimenting by putting one color in front of the other, and then swapping araound. But as all this kind of activity has increased of late in my proximity, I regard all of it as staged and faked for some purpose. The interesting part of this is that it seems to be a test; placing incongrous types together and see if I notice.

I stopped in at the local supermarket on my way back from the gym, and was treated to a supreme freakshow at 1600h, a little early for the working person exodus, but that doesn't bother the perps anymore. I got the freaky and abhorent corded or dreadlocks hair in a ponytail on a dude in a suit, putting three demographics together; corded hair, ponytail and suit. Perhaps my mindkeepers are attempting demographic complexity, putting all the unfavored demographic defining criteria together in the body and clothing of a single gangstalker. And worse, the perps had me in a highly reactive state to these unfavored demographics and/or colors, which I can assume is from being jerked around by their mind-fuck games. I never knew I had such a vast array of unfavored demographics/colors/features until the perps started parading them around in front of me on a consistent basis, then the freakshow became more predictable.

I had at least five gangstalkers around me, passing by or on sentry duty when picking up the sprouted wheat tortillas, a few more than usual, as I nearly always get at least two posted at this section of the cooler. These are a brown colored sprouted wheat, and I am sure the color of them is the central reason for such a high gangstalker count on this one food item. One gangstalker was in a motorized wheelchair, seeming to have positioned himself in the corner and not be concerned as to how he would move forward. This was the sixth or seventh motorized wheelchair that was on me today, in keeping with Thursdays being a major gangstalking day owing to the above mentioned activities/outings. I cannot stand the sight of wheelchairs for some reason, and it might also be a factor in their prominence today, baiting me, as if I needed any more.

I have been the recipient of mild but persistent jabbing sensations in my ass and crotch area the entire day today. And no, it is not my underwear as I did not have this problem until the perps decided to escalate these sensations for me about four weeks ago.

The overhead rumbling noise has arrived to take me from musicland of YouTube to the act of blogging and winding up this posting for the night. These transitions, especially when wearing headphones (read, magnets at my ears), seem to be all important to the perps as they are keeping me in a densified electromagnetic field, having measured it once at 200 Gauss in 2002. I am sure it is much more than that, and my withered gums in my mouth seem to be the most obvious consequence. (Same for ionizing radiation, gamma rays and the like).

Time to call this one done for the day and blog off, and hope no more 10 hour sleeps are scripted for the morningtime sunlight games the perps pull.

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