Friday, December 14, 2007

PC Takedown Planned

The PC rebooted at least 8 times before it stayed booted up. There is this little game with the perps where I re-boot, they shut it down within 5 seconds, then they boot it up (remotely) and shut it down again, then it is my turn, and this little juvenile jerkaround can go for close to 10 times in succession, like this time, with my in-town brother phoning me at the end of it. Funny how I get these same timings of phone call, i.e. post PC rebooting vexation. So I suspect that the perps will be taking out my PC and having me get the switch repaired, or else have a new case.

He "needed" me to email on his behalf as he claims he cannot work his new PC that was said to have been bought for him. All part of the game, along with the red-orange plasma beam that crossed in front of this very text as I was keystroking.

I did more Excel spreadsheet time at this office I am helping out; it was the usual cough and sneeze stalking when making select, cut, copy, paste, fill, unfill, etc.commands with the mouse. There are endless permutations that are possible, and the perps are still working on this it would seem. There is also the overheard name-dropping, where someone I know by name, sometimes perjoratively for tailing me so close, is mentioned for obscure or trivial reasons. These are "overheard" by me, and this is consistent with past experience everywhere, though it cannot be wholly ascribed to harassment activities directly, as this is usually everyday conversation material. It looks like my Excel work is done as a new hire will be taking over the job. More paper shuffling, folding and collating next week.

And there was a huge swarm of gangstalkers all over me on the street at 1115h, a little too early for lunchtime crowds, but it appears that the perps aren't always using a cover story as they can now co-opt my abilities to notice anomalous public behavior, and substitute their version of what I am to observe and detect. The big black long coated MIB of last week, replicating me in entering the local supermarket at exactly the same time as me was on my tail again, was one block removed from his putative work site. I figure this might be my out-of-town brother in morph-over, as he gets "featured" so often, usually at more critical events. He has this absurd black fedora-like hat on as well, and gave me the stare when I was on the sidewalk, crossing paths at 90 degrees.

The siren cascade has begun just as I start this posting paragraph. I was being lulled into a near sleep while looking at the LCD display only minutes earlier. I had a doctor's appointment and then a haircut followed, all duly gangstalked, at least vehicularly, even if I took the bus for the first time in some four months. There has been rain most of the day, as I would of walked otherwise.

After the haircut the perps were all over me, having one of their kind loiter over top of the bench I had just vacated, when he had just arrived as the bus came and didn't need to enter the bus shelter at all. There were three more arriving "bus passengers" incidents on my bus travels today; they "happen" to need the bus just as they are sauntering along the sidewaalk at the bus stop. In one such event, the driver stopped the bus for a sidewalk sauntering gangstalker when he wasn't at the bus stop, an exceptional piece of telepathic charity, as the individual did not flag the bus in any way. I was dressed in yesterday's outdoor wear, and today seemed to be a repeat along the same beat, except via a bus. The usual freakshow applied, never mind the shiftless males who seem to be out of work, though in fact they have a real day job called gangstalking.

The doctor's visit was its usual pointless exercise; an Asian of his likeness was gangstalking me downtown today, and I wonder if it was him in morph-over form. The gangstalker had the same degree of brown colored skin, and was the same height. Last month's doctor visit was preceded by the same doctor gangstalking me at the LD store the day before (or of?) the appointment if I recall correctly. Another time he was observed running for the bus along my regular walking beat when I was coming back from gym once. Who knows, it is all very strange to say the least, as one never knows who is exactly who.

The post dinner wall tapping has started up; so far, about three minutes worth, and has occured after each dinnertime meal in this apartment. Strange how that "happens" each evening, as if I really did have neighbors, the conventional kind that is.

Now, a round of pounding the concrete ceiling/floor has started up; as an "extra", they add an vibrationary noise of no seeming cause from the other side, as if it were caused by the pounding. This must be a big moment for the perps, attempting to get a handle on the bioenergetics of the digestion process, especially that of brown colored food. Since dinner, they have run a series of loud mufflered vehicles, about 5 per minute with 5 second sound trail-offs, consecutively often. Just another day under the microscope.

I see that they are also working over James Marino, (Dec. 14 posting) especially now that he is moving house, though I know very little about him apart from his blog. And moving is when the perps like to create extra chaos and harassment, as it means the unusual juxtaposition of one's household effects, something that they constantly manage for. And as a bonus, the perps go wild over the profusion of brown colored boxes and the color based energetics interaction that means. Past blogs have detailed the intense obsession that the perps have with this color, and have introduced this into my life from the first moments of begining this overt harassment in 2002.

An evening spent chasing down web sites related to the infamous Dr. Cameron of the Allen Memorial Institute of McGill University in the 1950's and early 1960's. But no much accomplished as to sources to find out if I was an inductee at age two. Thankfully, the abuse, if it occured even, was not on the level that Carol Rutz suffered in A Nation Betrayed, eventually becoming a Disassociative Disorder patient, with multiple personalities. But, I learned something fascinating; that there are many reports of an even more infamous Dr. Mengle of the Nazi death camp prisoner experimentations having an association with Dr. Ewan Cameron in Montreal. This might explain why the perps saw fit to plant a loud German speaking individual nearby when I was helping at this office. He went on for hours, often lasping into German and back again, and followed the time-worn pattern of being loud at first and slowly reducing the volume over a duration of two hours. And then he went at it again two days later. I did not hear any of his "chat" the last two weeks of helping out there, so this German language planting is most curious. I cannot think of any reasons why the perps would do this, excepting for the general case of having me hear speech, but not be able to detect the words.

That would apply to tonight where there was at least an hour of kids wailing, yelling, and other escalated emotional tones. Just part of the background for me, along with serial loud mufflered vehicles all evening.

Time to call this one done for the day, and blog off.

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